Best Cat Cages 2023 Reviews

Buy One Of The Best Cages For Cats To Use Indoor and Outdoor

If you have cats, you would well know how they own you, not the other way around. Cats and cat enclosures don’t seem to go along, as they like to roam free. Mainly because they do not rely on the refuge offered by cages.

Though, every now and then, animals need a sense of private space. A place that they can call home and seek refuge, that is where the best cages for cats come in.

Having said that, a cat crate or kitten cage comes handy in various situations. Do you have friends and family who aren’t comfortable around your kitties? A right cage gives the kitties a safe haven from harm and frustration. It is highly useful when litter training your cat too.

It all depends on the cat’s personality and how you wish to use it. There are lots of varieties available suiting every need. Whether you need it for a shelter or to place it in your humble abode. Different designs and enclosures can make choosing the perfect cat cage very tricky.

I know cages are often synonymous with shelters, all in all, they do not give off a good vibe. But it all is a matter of perspective. Cages have various uses, from pesky time outs to recovery.

In the following article, I will help you in picking out the best cat cage for your kitty. Through my thorough research, I have narrowed down the following ten enclosures that shall suit your cat perfectly. These include indoor cat cages as well as outdoor units.

Quick Overview of Best Indoor & Outdoor Cat Enclosures:

Best Cat Cages Comparison Table

Best Cat Cages Comparison
Amazon Basics Large 3 Tier Cat Cage Playpen Box Crate KennelYes37.4-Lb35.8" L x 22.4" W x 50.6" HNo
Midwest Cat Playpen With Adjustable PerchingYes40-Lb36" L x 23.5" W x 50.50" HNo
Prevue Pet Products Premium Cat EnclosuresYes35-Lb43.5" L x 25.5" W x 44" HYes
Aivituvin Large Cat House For Outdoor And Indoor UseYes68-Lb31.5"L x 31.5"W x 70.9"HNo
IRIS Wire Pet Cage and Cat PlaypenYes48-Lb24.80"L x 36.61"W x 70.08"HNo
Petsmatig Wire Cat Crate With HammockYes40-Lb35.4" L x 23.6" W x 51.2" HYes
Best Pet Playpen Kennel Cat CrateNo38-Lb34.8" L x 23.2" W x 66.5" HYes
Songmics Multi-Tier Cat Playpen CondoNo34-Lb42.5"L x 28.8"W x 48.8"HYes
Yaheetech Large Cat Cage And Kitten CrateYes40-Lb25.2 L x 17.2 W x 51.65 HNo

Our 9 Best Cat Cages Picks For This Year:

Amazon Basics Large 3 Tier Cat Cage Playpen Box Crate Kennel

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Amazon Basics 3 tier playpen comes in with 35.8 by 22.4 by 50.6 dimensions, enough to room more than one cat. This playpen is the best cat cage due to numerous reasons. One being its vast space, enough for the kitties to roam around and play.

The three sturdy supported tiers act as resting stools and come with a great view too! More cats mean more chaos. So, this bad boy is formed from sturdy metal wires that are made rust-resistant with an E-coat.

There is also a maneuverable leak-proof plastic floor pan, best for litter training. If you wish to take your cats along, this playpen can easily be folded.
Not only that, but it also has 4 wheels to move the cage around freely. Its two swing-open doors at the front with secured locking hatches make sure these furry jerks are not set loose. The upper and lower doors allow the user to place cat food, litters and remove or put in cats.


  • Portable
  • Less storage room and easy to assemble
  • Leak-proof sliding base pan prevents mess and can be easily cleaned.
  • Spacious for adult cats or kittens.
  • Latch locks secure exit.
  • Affordable


  • Space taking
  • Paws can get stuck in corner panels.

Midwest Cat Playpen With Adjustable Perching

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Second, in line is another 3-tier kitten cage sized 36 by 23.5 by 50.50. This remarkable large cat wire cage comes with adjustable shelves to line perfectly with your cat’s moods. If you have more than one cat than this is the cage for you. It allows your cat to play and rest comfortably.

There is also an added cat bed, which is a plush ultra-soft chenille, to lure in those lazy felines. Other features include swinging open front double doors to aid in cleaning and changing cat food and litter. The doors come with lock door latches securing your cats. They may be easy for you to open but not for them felines.

When not in use, it is designed in a collapsible way. Simply fold the cage to store or transport it. This cat cage is built with long-lasting metal wires. They are E coated, so rust does not eat away your feline’s throne.

Furthermore, the wires are widely spaced (5.5 inches) to let your regal cats enjoy their view while they lounge. This cat metal cage also comes with wheels to let you roll them to the suitability of your cat.

If you wish to train your cat or kittens, the plastic sliding base pan will make your life so much easier. That is why these are considered some of the best cages for cats.


  • Easy to setup and store
  • Spacious, so cats can roam.
  • Free thick, soft bed for cat
  • The sliding base makes cleaning easy.


  • Expensive as compared to the first one.
  • Needs zip ties to keep panels stable.
  • Cats get their paws stuck in the corner panels.

Prevue Pet Products Premium Cat Enclosures

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Prevue is one of the indoor cat enclosures that takes third place in the line of best cat cages. The sleek design compliments your décor. Its dimensions are 43 ¼ long, 25 ¼ wide, 44 7/8 high. That’s over 3 ½ feet tall! You might think that a cage with such dimensions would be a nightmare to put together.

Trust me, it is not like IKEA furniture that takes hours to put together. Simply slide in the panels and snap them together for stability. The cage is a heavy-duty rust metal made beast. Your kitty will not get their paws stuck in the nook and crannies.

There is enough space for two to three cats, along with their treasured accessories. This cage also comes with two lock-in platforms and an additional hammock for the chosen one. The platforms are covered with washable pads to keep clean.

Not only them, but the plastic base is also washable to get rid of stinky odors and stains. Lastly, there are attached wheels to convert this outdoor closure to an indoor one. Simply wheel the furballs to their liking or convenience. This one of the indoor cat cages is perfect for playtime or rehabilitation.


  • Rust-resistant, perfect for outdoors.
  • Wide panels prevent injury.
  • Spacious for many cats and their chew toys.
  • Easy to clean and assemble.
  • Washable pads, hammocks, and base make litter training bearable.


  • Metal snap-in connectors are hard to place in.
  • The base tray cannot be sun-dried.

Aivituvin Large Cat House For Outdoor And Indoor Use

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If you have cats like mine who run away the first chance they get, then this cat crate is for you. Cats enjoy the outdoors, they love to bask in the sun and feel the wind. But if there is a flight risk attached, then letting them out may not be an excellent idea.

The Aivituvin Cat condo is perfect for feasting their wild side without requiring constant surveillance. It is a wooden cat cage with metal fencing. The dimensions of one being 31.5” L x 31.5” W x 70.9” H. Here clever engineering comes into play.

If you want added space, simply detach the side panel and add another unit. It may be of wood, but the roof is covered with asphalt to make it waterproof. The cat condo also has two swing open front panels that hook into place securing the exit.

You won’t have to fish the shifty devils through a narrow opening. The cage also has two access doors, these come in handy when there are many cats. As it prevents them from escaping during an exchange. The outdoor cat cage is tall, but the inbuilt wooden platforms allow cats to rest and play.

The top one has a covered resting house. This allows the cat some privacy from its inmates. There are wheels with brake casters to anchor the foundation. Furthermore, there is a bottom PVC layer to aid cleaning. This outdoor cat enclosure can also house other pets.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Space is adjustable.
  • No metal wires to risk pinching of paws.
  • PVC bottom makes cleaning super easy.
  • Wheel bracers provide anchorage.


  • Simple hooks aren’t secure enough.
  • High humidity levels destroy wood.
  • Pricey
  • Not suitable for birds as they chip off the wood. Which is not safe

IRIS Wire Pet Cage and Cat Playpen

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If your residence or shelter already has crammed up space, but a cage is must, then opt the IRIS pet enclosure. This white beauty comes in two varieties of tiers; two and three.

The narrow design, with its robust molded base, holds the wired cage effortlessly. The metal wires heavy-gauge powder coated to avoid rust buildup. This multi-level cat cage has two well-stabilized perches for the felines to rest. These perches have swing-open doors right in front, to fish the felines out when needed.

Moreover, the cage is supported by 6 wheels to move the cage to your liking. The whole metal frame is secured onto the movable base through the easy clip-on fasteners. For anchorage six casters are also given, so that the cats don’t budge the cage when playing or moving between perches.

Cats are secured in this pet enclosure through pin latches, attached via a metal chain. This compact pet enclosure is perfect for groomers and shelter workers, making their life oh so simple.


  • Compact design, yet spacious perfect for small spaces.
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Long-lasting metal wires and base.
  • Quite secure thanks to pin latches


  • The tray is not removable, so it’s hard to fish litter out from crevices.
  • The metal chain in latch attracts cats endangering security.
  • Perches don’t have any padding.

Petsmatig Wire Cat Crate With Hammock

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Petsmatig indoor kitten cage is one of the best cages for cats simply because it delivers the whole package. This one of the indoor cat cages has everything to make your cat happy and feel safe.

Starting with the bottom plastic sliding tray makes cleaning easy for the messy litter rejectors. The tray is thick and can withstand the weight of the cat and litter box. There are three adjustable platforms and three added ladders. These ladders fit perfect for senior or disabled cats.

The whole metal frame along with the ladders and the perches are made from metal wires. The 0.3 to 0.5cm wires have 2.9 cm gaps and are powder coated to fight off rust accumulation. Highlighting this cat indoor cage is the polar fleece hammock and grooming gloves, that will make your cat adore you more.

It is super easy to put together, there is a guide with clear instructions for you to follow. Petsmatig lets you access the cats through three swing open doors. One near the base, in between the perches and another side entrance.

The size of this enclosure is 51” H x 23.6” W x 35.4” L, ideal for 2 to 3 cats and their accessories. The cage infrastructure is supported by 360 degree moving wheels to wheel them anywhere in your house.


  • Easy access to your pets through multiple doors.
  • Sliding pan is leak-proof and easy to clean
  • Spacious
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Very portable


  • Corners, where panels join, have narrow spaces that can hurt cats.
  • Uncomfortable unpadded wire perches.
  • Needs padding as cat’s paws dive through wire gaps, especially kittens.
  • Ladders cram up space.

Best Pet Playpen Kennel Cat Crate

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If you have a super active cat who loves to bounce around and be naughty, then they obviously need more space. One of the tallest of outdoor enclosures is perfect for active adult big cats.

Its dimensions are 67H x 33L x 22W suitable for promoting exercise and playtime. Its yet another metal cage with perches and ladders. But what is different is the spacious enclosure offering room to breathe.

The cat cage playpen comes with a free hammock and comfortable soft beds to allow cats to rest. You can access the litter box and cats through 3 oversized doors in front that swing open. Two in the front and one at the side.

When done putting things, secure the door with a slide-bolt latch. Coming towards the base, The plastic pan is supported by a pan stop. This outdoor cat crate can also be used for other small animals.


  • Powerfully built, long-lasting.
  • Easy assembly requires no tools.
  • Covered with environment-friendly paint.
  • Soft padded platforms
  • Bolted latch not outsmarted by cats.
  • The detachable plastic base pan, easy cleaning.


  • High height is not suitable for injured cats or tiny kittens.
  • Shaky foundation, ladders and perches not fit for kittens.
  • The attached base pan is difficult to clean.
  • Incorrect directions provided for setup.

Songmics Multi-Tier Cat Playpen Condo

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Cats are regal beings, and they do deserve something rather special. The Songmics kept the royalty of felines in mind when crafting this cat the condo. This not only lets your cat lounge and relax, but it also provides them the opportunity to keep things interesting too!

This cat condo with two hammocks is equipped with a base and an attached balcony with a breathtaking view. The design caters to all the moods of many cats you have under your roof.

The Playpen is spacious for all of these furry devils to play and relax while having a private space to their own. Though don’t try to move in yourself, its for the masters.

The collapsible design is fun to set up. Many metal panels are joined in with segmented plastic connectors, and added zip ties (150 of them) cater to add stability to panels and staircase. The doors can be secured to enclose the cats in when the need arrives, through a security lock.


  • Collapsible design, less room in storage
  • Fun DIY project
  • Differently styled cages can be made.
  • Anti-skid mats avoid budging of the condo.


  • All wire and no padding make movement difficult.
  • Takes forever to build.
  • Complicated design and too many components to take care of.
  • These portable cat enclosures take a lot of space

Yaheetech Large Cat Cage And Kitten Crate

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Last but not in any way, the least, this two-tier large cat crate is also a keeper. It comes in 47.6” H x 24.3” W x 36.1” with the ability to withstand heavyweights.

The base can hold up to 55.1lb, whereas the top perch can hold 22lb. This solidly built cage is made from high-end PP and Iron components. The heightened and broad structure sits perfectly for 1 to 2 cats.

Yaheetech large wire kitten cage has the easiest and convenient lock system. No longer do you have to deal with clinking chains and unreliable hooks. Another sense of security is how it is laid out.

There are plastic connectors at the base and at corners that add stability to the iron structure. For entry, there are three entrances, one at each level and another on the side, with swing open, user-friendly doors. Kitties who are in the habit of dodging you can easily be fished out from this cage.

Lastly, place the cage to the cat’s liking by maneuvering the cage through its 360 spin wheelers and your cat will love the comfort of one of the best cages for cats.


  • Connectors add stability.
  • Affordable
  • Easy to manage lock. It secures well too.
  • Portable
  • The collapsible design takes less time in set up
  • Easy assembly.


  • The base pan is fixed, cleaning becomes a nightmare.
  • 3 tier cages are available in a similar price range and added features.
  • No ladder to reach the top perch
  • No added padding

best cages for cats

Tips And Tricks To Know When Buying The Best Cat Cage


With so many brands offering similar models, it gets challenging to select one. There is no one size fits all situation that can cater to every cat. There are indoor cat cages as well as outdoor ones. When buying a cat cage, make sure you have the following factors in mind, as this will be key to selecting the best cat cage for your feline friend.


This factor is hugely dependent on the personality of your cat. Usually rescued or recovering felines lack movement, so buying them a huge 3 tier cage will not be suitable. The cat enclosures depend on your cat’s activity, movement.

It also is dependent on the number of cats. Here the multi-level cat cages come into play. As I said, it is difficult to find a one size fits all cage. As needs differ for the sick, adult, and kittens.

Kittens require extra attention, care, and loads of training. Sick and tired of cleaning when kittens are done playing with their litter instead of pooping? Then the pet cages for cats should include a sliding base tray.

This makes it easier to clean. Cages with stairs and bars will also aid in their growth. It’s better to nurture their initial days in a contained space, rather than raising havoc in your whole house.

Another key element to design in separation. Often sickly cats need to be quarantined form other or when wild felines need to be kept away from harming its fellow mates.


Here you decide where the cat enclosure will be placed. Cat cages for outside with wheels play a very essential role here. As they are portable, you can simply wheel them indoors or outside.

If you plan to leave your cat for long periods, it is better to buy a covered cage rather than an exposed one. Cats who love to bask in the sun won’t sit well with shielded ceilings and vice versa. Placement and design are interlinked with need. Home and shelter cages are somewhat different, and their cages must be too. We have included several large and small pet cage with wheels.


I, for one, can vouch; my cat despises closed spaces. Cages that cave in are a big no for him. Whereas my other cat is more of a shy being, who loves to snuggle and have some alone time. Make sure you are well-informed of your cat’s routine and nature.

Size also plays a huge part when you have more than one cat. Cat condos that have numerous tiers are perfect for them to rest and indulge in interactive playing when they are not busy devising some evil plan. Cats need their space, so don’t go greedy on size and let those souls have room to be evil in peace.


The most crucial factor. Cats can raise hell, especially when more in number. So, you ought to make sure the cage can stand their level of energy. Indoor kitten cages are usually metal, so rust easily. Get one that has a protective coating.

Any cage made from cheaper materials will perish under their tactical planning. Cats are sneaky little jerks who love to defy whatever you wish to impose. If you buy something that they can destroy or overcome. Trust me. They will.


The best cat beds and cat cages are easy to clean and access whilst being secure at the same time. The best cat cage must also be easy to clean. Apart from enclosing them, keeping their health optimum is also a must. A cage challenging to clean is a cage prone to harvesting diseases and unwanted odors. This may not sit well for your cats or your family.

It is better to have more than one door in a large cat cage. Imagine sticking your hand through, and the stupid cat slips away to the farthest end. Adding to it, collapsible designs are user-friendly as they are so easy to set up or store. They take far less room when not in use as compared to the permanent based ones.

Cats are quite smart, so much that they will outsmart you many times too. I am certain of it. Your cat cage should be secured with latch locks. They should be easy for you to open but not for the devilish felines. Not just them, when you place your adored devils out in the open, the cat cage should be robust and secure enough to not let them loose.

Expensive or Cheap?

It’s the main underlying question that surrounds all our purchases, does it not? But are cheap products really worth it? Cat owners, especially new ones, need to understand the essence of long-lasting and durable goods associated with pet care.

Pets are a huge responsibility, and the vet charges are enough to scare anyone from investing any more money in the other basics. Though an expensive, better-quality version ought to last longer and will require less maintenance than the cheaper versions.

As a rule of thumb, expensive cages are usually some of the best cages for cats. You need to keep an eye for the best for value kitten cage. Cheap material made cat cage will not only frustrate you but your feline friend too. Also, if you are looking for cat cages for shelters, I recommend durable ones such as Amazon Basic 3.


Make sure the cat enclosures you buy fit perfectly in the environment you plan to place it in. Some cages cannot bear high humidity or continuous exposure to sunlight. Cages with maneuverability are best at dealing with such situations.

For outdoor use, I recommend you consider an outdoor enclosure for cats. These cat cages with wheels often are rainproof. We have included several large indoor cat cage and outdoor cages. But if you are going for a walk or jogging, you can take your cat with you by putting on him a comfortable cat harness.

Last Word on the Best Outdoor And Indoor Cat Cages

Cats like to roam free, but when an unusual situation presents itself, you need to be ready. Cat crate and cages are ideal at providing safe haven to your furry little devils.

They come in handy with rescued or shelter cats, recovering felines or simply during travel – especially if you have indoor cat cages. In addition to this, it also allows your feline mate to explore the outdoors without getting lost in the city wilderness.

Buying an appropriate cat cage is tricky, no doubt. But with the help of my article, you will instantly decipher any cage put in front of you. So, if your cat needs training, is a flight risk, or if you simply wish to contain those high energy kittens, wait for no further and purchase a cat cage today.

It certainly is better to have them safe and contained, before your eyes. Though keep in mind, not to get carried away with banning their freedom. With my well-researched instructions and the universal cat laws, which can only be blessed on you from the cat, you will make no mistake in acquiring the best cat cages.

10 Total Score

Buying an appropriate cat cage is tricky, no doubt. But with the help of my article, you will instantly decipher any cage put in front of you. So, if your cat needs training, is a flight risk, or if you simply wish to contain those high energy kittens, wait for no further and purchase a cat cage today. It certainly is better to have them safe and contained, before your eyes. Though keep in mind, not to get carried away with banning their freedom. With my well-researched instructions and the universal cat laws, which can only be blessed on you from the cat, you will make no mistake in acquiring the best cat cages.

Amazon Basics Large 3 Tier Cat Cage Playpen Box Crate Kennel
Midwest Cat Playpen With Adjustable Perching
Prevue Pet Products Premium Cat Enclosures
Aivituvin Large Cat House For Outdoor And Indoor Use
IRIS Wire Pet Cage and Cat Playpen
Petsmatig Wire Cat Crate With Hammock
Best Pet Playpen Kennel Cat Crate
Songmics Multi-Tier Cat Playpen Condo
Yaheetech Large Cat Cage And Kitten Crate
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