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By MPLI • Updated: April 24, 2023

Is this the first time you are buying wet cat food? Are you aware of the major benefits associated with these types of food items? We promise you that by the end of this article you will get answers to all your queries. That’s the reason we have come up with best-wet cat food reviews in detail.

Wet cat food has high moisture content as compared to dry cat food. So one of the major issues with a cat, which is dehydration, is certainly dealt with.
If your cat is hydrated then it won’t suffer from some of the major health issues like kidney stones or constipation. Plus, this type of food makes it easier to drop some cat vitamin supplements.

You can even confirm the same from a veterinarian and it will give you the same answer. Here, we are not saying that you should only feed wet food but you should definitely include it in your cat’s diet. If your cat is old then it would be difficult for it to chew dry food. So you will have to switch to soft cat food for older cats.

In order to help you with choosing a good quality wet cat food, we have tried and tested multiple brands. Unlike other reviews lists where there are over 15-25 options to choose from, we have zeroed our list to only five.

It’s because we want you to be very clear about your choices with only the best and limited options. Our focus was on keeping the nutritional aspect of the food at the top. There might be a bit different in the texture of wet food but the quality will be excellent. To keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy, we recommend using the best cat toothpaste and brushes.

Our Top-Rated Wet Cat Food Picks:

Purina Pro Plan Wet Cat Food

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If you are looking for top-rated wet cat food then Purina pro plan is the right choice for you. With thousands of people giving it the best rating, you can trust this product for sure.

When you buy a food item for your pet your focus is mainly on nutrient value. What if you get a product that is highly nutritional and is also a health formula? Wouldn’t it raise your interest in it?

We had a similar reaction when we came to know about the Purina’s urinary tract health formula. Just in case you want to save more and buy a combo then you can even opt for its dry and wet food bundle.  

Key Points:

  • Purina is the best wet cat food for urinary health as it matches the urinary pH. Also, it provides low dietary magnesium to make sure your cat doesn’t have to visit a vet for urinary issues.
  • In every serving the food provides a combination of about 25 essential vitamins and minerals.
  • It comes with taurine an amino acid that is known for improving overall health and wellness. This recipe is specially formulated to support your cat in its overall development and boost the immune system.
  • Here, you will get 24 cans with 3 oz of wet cat food in each. So you won’t have to worry about keeping the food safe as wet food is at high risk of spoilage. It is quite affordable so we would recommend going for this one.
  • If you will scroll through the variety you will be surprised by the wide range available. It starts from chicken, beef and chicken, classic salmon, ocean whitefish and multiple others.


  • Wide range of flavors
  • Available in over 9 different size packages
  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Provides extra nutrition
  • Low dietary magnesium


  • It has wheat gluten so some of you may not prefer buying it

Sheba Perfect Portions Gravy Wet Food

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Do you want to save money without skipping on your cat’s health benefits? So probably you are looking for the best inexpensive wet cat food. A pack of 24 wet cat food portions with a total of forty-eight servings for your cat to get proper nutrition in every bite.

This wet cat food is convenient to open with food available in the form of twin trays. If was less or a number of trays then you can opt for a 12 or 36 pack of twin trays respectively. With such a yummy wet cat food in the bowl, your cat won’t be able to resist it.

Key Points:

  • The Sheba wet cat food comes in chicken and tuna, chicken and turkey, salmon and tuna, and other options. So you have an option to choose your cat’s favorite main ingredient.
  • Coming to the details of the pack of 24, it has 12 roasted chicken entrée, 6 tender turkey entrée, and 6 gourmet salmon entrée.
  • It ensures your kitten’s growth as it is made with real protein and additional vitamins and minerals. Also, it is a grain-free wet cat food that doesn’t include soy, wheat, or corn.
  • A convenient option to choose with a simple snap, peel, and serve formula. There is no messy leftover and still, every meal is fresh to serve.


  • Affordable option
  • Twin pack trays with varied varieties
  • Multiple flavors
  • Premium quality food
  • No messy leftovers


  • Flavors are only available in combination

Purina Pro Plan Kitten Canned Wet Food

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A lot of cats deal with bad vision issues at their early stage. This might be hereditary or due to nutrient deficiency. Cats prone to such diseases need to be fed with food high in DHA that helps in brain and vision development.

Your cat will get those nutrients through Purina’s pro plan healthiest kitten wet food. Although the brand doesn’t claim it, a few pet owners have found that even deals with gastro issues perfectly. This wet food has a more appealing taste and texture.

It will encourage your cats to finish their meals and leave the bowl squeaky clean. We could have included other brands of food too instead of adding Purina’s variation but trust us these are best. You can try other brands too but you are sure to come back to this one.

Key Points:

  • The Purina Pro kitten food is available in only one size. You can choose whether you want a whole pack of 24 cans or two packs of 12 cans each.
  • When cats are young they are more prone to harmful diseases. So you need Purina’s wet food to develop the immune system.
  • The wet cat food is specially formulated for kittens to support their growth during their first year of life.
  • Purina’s cat food comes in chicken and liver, natural ocean whitefish and salmon, salmon and tuna, and other flavors.
  • The best kitten wet food brands know how to earn the trust of their customers. Purina offers a money-back guarantee for the customers who think they are not satisfied with the quality of food.


  • Best for growing kittens
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Wholesome goodness
  • Good for brain and vision development
  • Made with real chicken


  • The smell of the food is quite strong

Blue Buffalo Gourmet Healthy Wet Cat Food

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As pet owners, it becomes your responsibility to feed the most nutritious food to your little friend. That’s exactly what you can do with just buying food items filled with protein and other nutrients.

The first ingredient of this healthy package is real chicken. Packed with powerful protein is straightaway a health booster that will satisfy your pet’s cravings. The wet food is filled with naturally sourced omegas that makes your cat’s coat lustrous with amazingly healthy skin.

You can serve it as a complete meal or use it as a topper on dry kibble for added benefits. All in all, it is a high-quality wet cat food that received lots of good reviews.

Key Points:

  • Blue buffalo gourmet is made with protein-rich ingredients to ensure strong and healthy muscles.
  • For cats with food sensitivities or allergies, it would be a great option as by-product meals are not part of it.
  • Just like animal protein, it is very important to include veggies in the cat’s diet. Here, garden-grown veggies are added to the food that includes cranberries for overall health.
  • If your cat’s digestive system is healthy you are sorted. It is filled with the right blend of natural fibers that help in pushing hairball through the digestive system. So you can get also get rid of the litter box odor.
  • You can choose from sizes like 3 oz, 5.5 oz, 12.5 oz. and 5.5 oz based on your convenience and budget.
  • It will provide tasty moisture-rich food from real broth to keep it hydrated throughout the day.


  • Protein-rich recipe
  • Good source of omega-3
  • No by-product used
  • Supports weight management
  • Promotes healthy skin and coat


  • The high amino acid may not be suitable for some cats.

Hartz Lickable Wet Cat Food

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Searching for cheap canned cat food options? Try this palatable wet food and your cat will keep wanting more. The food brand is one of the first ones to combine tender, real chicken with nutritious veggies.

With four purr-worthy textures, you get exactly what you want. We served it to one of our cats and trust us the bowl was left clean. Our cat couldn’t stop licking the bowl. When you watch your pet enjoying its food the happiness goes to just another level.

Key Points:

  • It includes 6 pouches of 1.4 ounces each. So you can tear and open a pouch whenever you need to serve food to your cat. So it’s convenient and you don’t even have to keep the packet in airtight container separately.
  • With a delicious wet texture, your cat gets a meal with fish and juice altogether. So your cat will eat the whole meal rather than licking sauce to leave the meat behind.
  • The food is mainly targeted towards intermittent and supplement feeding.
  • You can add it to your cat’s regular meal up to three times a day.
  • The delectable are available in 5 pack, 6 pack, 10 count variety pack, up to 32 tubes package variety. A variety that satisfies the regular customer and the new ones at the same time.
  • The flavors are immense from tuna and whitefish to tuna and veggies. Also, there are packages targeted to a specific age group. So get your hands on senior wet cat food too.


  • Satisfying taste
  • Grain-free
  • Delicious wet texture
  • No preservatives
  • More than 10 flavor combinations


  • Lacks additional vitamins

best wet food for cats

Buyer’s Guide To Top Wet Cat Food On The Market:

Buying healthy wet cat food is quite tricky. The brands may highlight one or two benefits so that the customer gets attracted to them and immediately buys the product. Although we know all the considerations for buying the best quality wet cat food we are sharing this guide just for you. We want our readers to be aware of the factors that help them make their purchase wisely.


We, humans, follow a different diet from childhood to old age. Similarly, we cannot treat them as just cats and feed the same food all the time. Kitten needs more strength and immunity support so you will need food with high calories. Similarly, adult cats need moderate calories as there is a chance of overweight gain.

Coming to the older age groups they need very few calories but more taurine to ensure smooth heart function. So look for labels to check the calorie levels of high-quality wet cat food. You should be confident about your cat’s food requirements.

High-Quality Protein:

You must always look for high protein wet cat food of good quality. Now, you might be wondering how will you recognize the same. Firstly, the brands do mention it as it’s a major plus point.

Secondly, you can look for direct protein sources like chicken, salmon, or tuna rather than fish or poultry. If the protein source is named indirectly you should definitely look for other alternatives.


Do you know the reason behind the longer lifetime of your food items? It’s because of the preservatives. Companies want their food items to last as long as possible as they have to deliver it to varied places. A packet may take a long time to reach a certain place and then even longer to be sold to the customers. Here, the requirement is even more as we are talking about wet cat food.

Wet food is hydrated so there are more chances of spoilage. When it comes to preservation there are two different methods. One is natural and another is artificial. Both of them perform the same task but the effect on cat varies. Artificial preservatives may have an ill effect on cats so try and avoid it. Some of the artificial preservatives include BHA and Propyl gallate.


Are you interested in buying a general good wet cat food or there are some dietary needs? You have to answer this question before making a purchase. Some pet owners may need wet cat food for sensitive stomachs while others for a diabetic cat. If you are doubtful then consult a veterinarian for the same.

For example, you buy the best wet cat food for kittens and you overlook the factor that it is allergic to an ingredient. Now, you will come up with the conclusion that even after buying from the best cat food brands you didn’t get the required result. There are tons of varieties available so analyze your cat’s needs and then purchase.

Avoid Fillers:

Some cat food packages are labeled with ingredients that are added as fillers. Manufacturers smartly add these fillers as they are cheap to increase the weight of the cat food.

These fillers are in the form of wheat, soy, corn, and more. Cats do not need these ingredients in their diet so go through the ingredients list to find out the same. In fact, your carnivore friend might not like the taste of food that is not meant for them so avoid using them.

Net Weight:

Wondering, how will the weight of the wet cat food help you to select the best wet cat food for cats? We serve food to cats in a certain measured quantity according to their dietary needs.

So make a list of the packages with their weight. Now, analyze which food will provide you with the maximum number of servings. In this way, you will find the most cost-effective food for your cats.

Additional Vitamins and Minerals:

A little extra amount of nutrients is a good way to support your cat’s overall growth. Due to the addition of multiple vitamins and minerals, wet cat food may be costly. So this criterion is an exception for those who are not worried about spending a bit extra for added benefits. These additional minerals are known for promoting brain development, improved skin health and much more.

Sustainable Supply:

People often treat animals badly to fill their pockets with more money. These suppliers tend to supply low-quality ingredients so look for companies that do not support such suppliers. There are companies that source their ingredients only from suppliers who keep cage-free animals.

Manufacturer’s Reputation:

Do you know why some of the food items go out of stock really soon? It is because of their brand’s reputation. For example, if you plan to buy a new dress there are 90% chances that you will buy from a popular brand.

People trust popular brands with a good reputation easily. So when you look for food items and you have never heard of that particular brand always research it. If you get to know that it is a good brand and people are satisfied with its service to go for it.


This is one criterion that is common in all types of products. Even if you find all the above criteria in a product and the price is double your expectation you won’t buy it. So always compare the prices of the different products along with their key features.

If you find a product of high-quality with a price little more than your budget, just go for it. Your complete focus on price can ruin your cat’s health so look for an intermediate of dealing with all the criteria in a simple way.

Benefits of Wet Cat Food:

The benefits are many so it is difficult to decide where to start from. Let’s start with hydration. Many pet owners are unaware of the fact that cats do not like drinking still water which is why you should always use one of the best ceramic cat fountains.

So you have to use different tricks to keep them hydrated all the time. Now, what if you don’t have enough time to invest in doing so? Here, comes the wet cat food as an amazing alternative.

This doesn’t mean you should stop feeding water to them but in case of emergencies, the wet food is a savior. Water is an essential element for each one of us. It regulates proper digestion and prevents multiple diseases.

If your cat doesn’t digest food properly then it will excrete it in the form of foul-smelling feces. This is clearly the worst thing you would want to experience after coming back from the office.

Cats are quite picky eaters. You cannot feed them just anything and they will eat it up. They love the variety and wet cat food has it. The first thing that you can do is buy wet food that comes in more than one variety.

It will satisfy their desire of eating new and delicious food. Another method could be a mixture of dry and wet food. It will also serve as a variety. With so many flavors to taste your cat will find it an adventure to have a meal. That’s why the best tasting wet cat food is a must-have.

Wet cat food is highly digestible and highly nutritional at the same time. With magnesium, amino acids, protein, and more, your cat’s overall health is taken care of. High protein wet food supports muscle growth.

With age, cats tend to lose lean body mass. So you have to look for alternatives that can cover up their loss of lean body mass. Wet cat food does exactly the same. We highly recommend it for senior cats as they find it difficult to chew hard food.

Cat Food FAQ

Is wet cat food bad for cats?

There are a lot of people who believe canned dry food is best for their cats. This isn’t true as they are heedless about the advantages associated with the high-quality wet cat food. Wet food has 70% water content. If your cat doesn’t like drinking water this would be the best way to keep your feline hydrated. Hydration helps in relieving cats from issues like urinary tract problems or kidney diseases.

Which ingredients are considered bad in cat food?

Feeding premium wet cat food will help in preventing diseases that will increase their lifespan. On the contrary, bad ingredients will have a harmful effect on their body. The list is diversified but there are few that are mostly used by manufacturers. They are Vitamin 3K, soy, sugar, wheat, BHA, BHT, Carrageenan, rendered fat, and by-products.

Can I feed both dry and wet food to my cats?

Yes, you can unquestionably feed both types of cat foods to your pet. In fact, this could be the healthiest canned cat food combination you can include in your cat’s diet. Some cat owners do find it difficult to maintain their pet’s hygiene with wet food. It is obvious as the wet cat food bowls need a proper clean up on time as compared to dry food. Also, dry food lasts longer without much risk of spoilage. So we recommend feeding the most nutritious wet cat food while you are home to boost their hydration levels. On days when you are too busy, using an automatic cat feeder with dry food will be a savior.

Can you keep wet cat food out all day?

The answer is no. Wet cat food has a short lifespan whether you keep it in package or out of it. If it is in the packed state then you can view the expiry date on the packet. Once you pour wet food in the bowl keep, check whether your cat has eaten it or not. Due to high moisture content, wet cat food is a breeding ground for bacteria. So you cannot keep it open for long hours. If you leave your home with wet food in a bowl then be ready to be welcomed by a bad smell at home.

How to serve wet cat food?

Cats do not like eating cold food. So the first thing you need to do is remove wet food from the refrigerator 20 minutes prior to feeding. You can directly serve high fiber wet cat food or add some cat treats at the top. Do not forget to keep a check on the calorie count while making a combine cat food recipe for your pet.

How to store wet cat food?

This particular question has its answer in the type of wet cat food you are buying. If you are buying high quality canned cat food then you can use its lid to seal the container. In other cases, you need to store in an airtight container. Also, it is very important to refrigerate the wet food once you open the package. Always read the label for further information on the storage method.

Which ingredients should I look for on wet cat food labels?

The first thing you have to do is make a list of ingredients you need to include and the ones that need to be avoided. This will simplify the process for you. The best healthy wet cat food would be the one with real animal protein. It could be in the form of chicken, salmon, tuna, shrimp, lamb or any other animal. These are rich in protein so include some carbohydrates in the form of zucchini or berries. All this combined will form the healthiest wet cat food.

How much food should I feed my cat?

The amount of food you need to feed your kitty depends on its weight. On average a cat needs about 25-30 calories per pound on a regular basis. So you can calculate it accordingly. This doesn’t mean we can serve a full bowl of calories in the morning to keep the cat going all day. You have to divide the total calories count into 3-4 meals in equal measure. For example, healthy canned cat food measures 150 calories and you have to serve a total 450 calories to your cat. So in total, you need 3 tubes per day and 90 tubes per month. This is how you calculate and keep the stock ready.

What is the healthiest cat food?

The healthiest cat food is the one that is filled with all the required nutrients without any additional fillers. If your feline friend is old then the low-calorie wet cat food is healthiest for them. Similarly, if your cat is allergic to high protein then low-calorie wet cat food will be best for it. In the above list, we have already mentioned best wet food for cats so choosing one won’t be a tedious task for you. 

How To Make The Final Decision When Buying The Best Wet Cat Foods?

Such a troublesome task to choose one from a number of options available. Should I go for the canned wet cat food or the one in pouches? Is this brand the best for my cat or not? We know how difficult this process is as we have gone through the same. It was quite a headache as there are tons of competitive brands fighting to be number one.

If you want an affordable option then we would suggest going for Sheba wet cat food. Similarly, each one of them has some key points that make them better than others. In the end, it is solely a pet owner’s decision to buy the best one. We would personally suggest consulting a veterinarian for a cat’s allergies before buying any of them.

If your cat stays mainly indoor and moves less than cats that go out in the streets, you might want to prefer the best cat food for indoor cats to help them keep healthy, fit and with a balanced diet.

If your cat is not allergic to any ingredient then you can go for anyone from these top-rated choices. Wet cat foods for picky eaters, weight loss, constipation to urinary crystals we have covered all of them. We hope you are able to find one for your pet and do share your comments or reviews about them. We keenly await them.

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Such a troublesome task to choose one from a number of options available. Should I go for the canned wet cat food or the one in pouches? Is this brand the best for my cat or not? We know how difficult this process is as we have gone through the same. It was quite a headache as there are tons of competitive brands fighting to be number one. If you want an affordable option then we would suggest going for Sheba wet cat food. Similarly, each one of them has some key points that make them better than others. In the end, it is solely a pet owner’s decision to buy the best one. We would personally suggest consulting a veterinarian for a cat’s allergies before buying any of them.

Purina Pro Plan Wet Cat Food
Sheba Perfect Portions Gravy Wet Food For Cats
Purina Pro Plan Kitten Canned Wet Food
Blue Buffalo Gourmet Healthy Wet Cat Food
Hartz Lickable Wet Cat Food
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