Best Heated Cat House Reviews 2023

Staying warm is a challenge even in the best of circumstances for humans. We encounter cold on a daily basis, whether it’s drafty floors, unexpected air conditioning, or a cool breeze we didn’t see coming. As a human, we have the benefit of adding on additional layers of clothing or blankets when we get chilly, but our cats don’t have that same advantage! If we want to keep them warm, we’re going to have to turn to an exterior heated solution. These are the best-heated cat house for keeping our feline friends, cozy, warm, and comfortable year-round. Whether you’re facing chilly seasonal winters for your outdoor cat or an indoor air conditioning system you just can’t seem to fix, a heated cat house will likely be the perfect solution for you.

Unfortunately, a cat’s fur is not always enough to keep them comfortably warm no matter the season. Heated cat houses are a great solution for cats who have trouble regulating their external temperature or who need extra help in staying warm when you’re not home to snuggle with them. Heated cat houses and pet beds can be the perfect snuggle companion for your furry friend as well as relieving pain they might be experiencing in old age and keeping them comfortable and content.

While searching for the best-heated cat house or electric cat bed it’s best to check the descriptions of multiple products, read through their reviews, surf through multiple sites, and make sure the pet beds you’re drawn to actually have practical benefits. These best heated cat house reviews provide all the most important information in a nutshell so you can make sure you have everything you need to make the right decision for your pets!

Best Heated Cat House Comparisons

Best Heated Cat House Comparison
K&H Pet Products Outdoor Kitty House18" x 22" x 17"For outdoorAll sizes4.6
K&H Pet Products Outdoor A-Frame House35.1" x 22.2" x 2.8"For outdoorUp to 4 kitties4.6
K&H Pet Products Kitty Sleephouse17" x 16" x 13"For indoorAll sizes4.3
Petyella Heated Houses For Outdoor Cats17.3" x 13" x 17"For outdoorCats and dogs under 25 pounds4.6
Extreme Consumer Products Indoor/Outdoor Cat House22" x 18" x 17"For indoor and outdoorCats and small dogs4.7
Naconic Electric Heated Cat House21.7" x 13.8"For indoor and outdoorCats below 15 lb and small dogs4.3
Petfactors Kitty House22" x 18.5" x 16.5"For outdoorAll sizes4.3

Best Heated Cat House Reviews

K&H Pet Products Outdoor Kitty House

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Looking for a simple yet effective heated cat house for your favorite feline pet? K&H will be a valuable and comfortable heated addition to your house. It’s the perfect cozy house that provides heated warmth and safety for your pet as well as other cats. This also features weatherproof durability, making it perfect for outdoor cats who live in areas where the weather can drop a bit lower than you’re comfortable with.

Key Points

If you live in extreme weather conditions (especially sub-zero temperature) then this one is the perfect choice for you. With a comfortable 20-watt plush heated pad in the house, your kitties will stay warm and happy.

There are removable clear door flaps for your cat’s safety. Your cat won’t have to deal with harsh elements of winter and the temperature will be stable with cat flaps on the door that protect heat from escaping or cold from entering.

The heated pet house is approved by MET Labs, ensuring that the electrical elements aren’t a risk for fire hazards. Regular tests have been conducted to check whether this house is completely safe for your pet or not. With K&H, you are guaranteed a one-year limited warranty. Even if there are any problems in the years after, your kitten’s home is guaranteed safe and secure.

With dimensions of 18 x 22 x 17 in inches, cats of any shape and size can use this heated house comfortably. It’s easy to assemble and all the parts are simple to clean and sanitize, including the heating pad. If the heated pad gets dirty, you won’t have to replace it with a new one. Simply wash it, being careful not to oversoak the electrical elements, and it’s ready to be used again.

This cat home is made using 600 denier nylon and vinyl backing, making it completely waterproof and element proof. Come rain, cold, snow, sleet, or hail, your cat’s home is completely and utterly protected and heated.


  • MET safety certified
  • Waterproof
  • 2 doors
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Removable flaps
  • Washable heated pad


  • Best for one or two cats maximum

K&H Pet Products Outdoor A-Frame House

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This comfortable K&H Outdoor A-Frame home is the perfect neutral outdoor heated home for comfortable living and play by your beloved feline pals. The A-frame allows your cats plenty of room to stretch, scratch, or play around in, and since it’s a little bigger it’s also a great fit for multiple cats to live in. Available in heated or unheated varieties, whatever you choose, this K&H home will help keep your pets protected and insulated comfortably.

Key Points

This heated cat house is also available in an unheated form. If your cat already has a preferred heating pad or heated bed that they’re familiar with, you can swap it in easily into this unheated home for comfort and easy living. Outdoor cats will also enjoy this spacious home as it provides protection from predators, the elements, and a place for them to nap in peace.

The K&H Outdoor A-Frame Home is perfect for cats that sleep in barns, porches, or even inside but enjoy playing outside as well. Using just 40 watts of power to energize and heat your cat’s home, you will get an amazingly energy-efficient home for your kitty. If there is more than one cat in your house, they can share this house easily as it is designed to accommodate up to four of them. There are hook and loop fasteners on the house that ensure easy assembly without tools for comfortable set up and tear down.

For cleaning the house, you just have to use a damp cloth and gentle dish soap to get any and all stains, dirt, or bacteria cleaned out right away. Regular cleaning is the best way to ensure your cat’s health and hygiene and ensure that your kittens are content and happy in their new outdoor home.


  • Heated or unheated options available
  • Two exit doors
  • Warranty included
  • Tested and verified by cat owners
  • Accommodates multiple felines


  • Could be susceptible to drafts or windy weather

K&H Pet Products Warm Kitty Sleephouse

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Not everyone is ready to commit to a giant, stand-out outdoor cat home. For people who want delicate, comfortable, and unobtrusive heated cat homes, the K&H Pet House is the perfect solution. Appearing as a simple chair from the outside but actually a full-service heated cat house, this is the perfect comfortable solution for you and your feline friend.

Key Points

This fun and funky patterned cat home is a true cat’s kingdom, offering an attractive and stylish leopard print on the top and a comfortable and heated interior to keep them warm and protected whenever they’re snuggling down for a nap.

The electrically heated cat house is a great hideout for any cat. Requiring only 4 watts, this takes minimum power to heat up and heats to your pet’s normal body temperature, specifically formulated to provide a natural and comfortable sleeping arrangement for your pet that is warm, comfortable, and designed to help them feel at home.

Easy to assemble, a simple zipper and some support bars help keep this heated cat house in top shape whenever you’re ready to use it. You can also clean it easily by removing the interior bed and wiping down the outer surface with a damp cloth. Your bed can be unzippered and thoroughly spot or dry cleaned if need be to help ensure that your cat is living in total comfort and hygienic happiness 24/7.


  • Unique leopard print design
  • Great hideout for one or two cats
  • Optimum warm body temperature
  • Easy to assemble and clean


  • No door flap to seal off entrance

Petyella Heated Houses For Outdoor Cats

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This adorably designed and carefully maintained heated house for outdoor cats is designed to create and maintain the perfect heated home for your furry friends. There are windows, flowers, bricks, and other things painted throughout your new cat’s home, giving it the look of a proper house and making it a cute and functional home for your pets no matter the season. By gifting the perfect miniature home to your pets, you’re making sure they’re taken care of just as comfortably and functionally as you are!

Key Points

This outdoor heated cat house is definitely near the top of the charts in terms of beauty, innovation, quality, and use. Your cat can stay warm even during the rainy season as the shelter is water-resistant and designed to withstand tough storms or light showers. You can use this comfortable home for multiple cats that weigh under 25 pounds.

If you know someone who owns cats, and especially outdoor cats, then this waterproof outdoor cat house with heating is definitely going to be the perfect gift for them.

There is a heated pet mat inside the house that provides warmth, safety, and comfort for your cats and kittens when they need a break or when the temperature outside is just a little too cold. Worried about the heated mat’s safety? We all know cats love chewing and unfortunately, power cords can easily fall prey to their chewing habit. Luckily, the 1m cord on the heater is designed to be perfectly chew-proof and features an extended length of 4m for handy plugging in. The heater is also self-timed for efficient energy use.


  • Innovative product
  • Water-resistant shelter
  • Perfect gift item for cat lvoers
  • Extension cord included
  • Plug-in heating self-timer
  • Genuine home-style design


  • Open flaps that don’t close or seal well during heavy rain

Extreme Heated Indoor/Outdoor Cat House

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Not all cats are created equal. Many cats have varying thicknesses of coats or fur that either keeps them warm or helps cool them off. However, at night every cat that sleeps outdoors might be struggling to self-regulate their own temperature. In those moments, it’s key that you provide your furry friends with a warm and insulated shelter. This Extreme Consumer Products Cat House provides insulated and heated shelter that helps your cats stay warm and fits more than one cat, making it a good choice for multi-cat households or outdoor homes that cater to strays.

Key Points

This comfortable home is the perfect choice for cat owners who want to provide their furballs with an indoor and outdoor opportunity to play or rest in peace and heated comfort. With this comfortable and luxurious heated electric pet bed, your pet can cozy up whenever they’re ready for some extra warmth or walk around if they need a chance to cool off.

With an attractive black-colored roof and red base, it is a cute and functional design that’s both warm and fun to look at. As an outdoor house option, this heated outdoor cat house is also a reliable selection for constant temperature protection because the comfortable bed will provide the perfect level of warmth even during winters.

This heated outdoor cat enclosure comes with a luxurious 20-watt heated pet bed that’s easy to plug in and assemble comfortably. The home itself builds with relative ease, meaning that you can follow just a few simple steps to construct your favorite structure, attach the roof panels, raising the side panels, and insert the heated bed pad for ideal comfort.


  • Assembly instructions included
  • Improved collapsible design
  • Multi-cat sizing and structure
  • Easy to maintain
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor cats


  • More expensive model than other options

Thermo-Kitty Warm Playhouse & Duplex

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This comfortable playhouse and heated duplex is great for one or two cat households that need space to play and a scratching pad for extra fun. Made with warm interiors and designed for drafty basements or other areas where the heating is less than reliable, the Thermo-Kitty Playhouse & Duplex is designed to be a comfortable, padded, and engaging play palace for your kittens no matter where you put it.

Key Points

This fun cat cave is made of durable scratching material that provides an engaging texture and surface as well as separate rooms for cats to play in. The divider that separates the interior rooms is removable, so if you want to open up the palace for one luxurious resting spot for your cat you simply need to lift out the divider.

The cave design of the cat house is intended for the utmost comfort and privacy. Your cat will feel comfortable and safe, especially if they’re smaller and just getting used to the idea of a play palace or condo that’s designed just for them.

The heating element is MET Lab tested to ensure heat safety and certification, so your cat can rest comfortably inside at their optimum temperature without worrying about fire hazards or overheating. The material is also repeatedly tested and warranty protected, so if there’s ever a problem with the functioning of this cat palace you can simply return it or ask for a repair.


  • Cave style duplex with two entrances
  • Engaging scratching material and texture
  • Removable room barrier
  • Certified heating element


  • Not waterproof
  • Not designed for outdoor use

Petfactors Warm Heated Kitty House

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Give your feline friend a warm and safe place to lounge in this top-notch heated cat house designed by pet owners, for pet owners.

People who own pets know exactly what the best features of heated cat homes are. Years of experience and first-hand knowledge of what cats love contributes to building the perfect pet home. With a comfortable double entry door and spacious dimensions of 22 x 18.5 x 16.5 in inches, all kinds of cats will love this comfortable Kitty House.

Key Points

This comfortable heated cat home is rated as top-notch and safety certified by MET Labs, one of the top benefactors and approvers of quality home electrical products. This product comes with three operating modes, helping you choose the best option for your pet. You can choose from standby, constant, and heating temperature modes. If you want to increase or decrease the temperature then it can be done using the up and down button. Each time you press the button there is a change in temperature by 5 degrees Celsius, making it easy for you to cater it to your pet’s needs.

The heating pad is made from PVC fireproof material that is also dustproof and waterproof so it will save your time that would have been spent on cleaning the door regularly. With picture-based instructions, assembly is simple, functional, and efficient.


  • 7 level temperature range
  • DC low voltage safety feature
  • Easy to assemble
  • Two exit doors
  • Thermostat for control of power


  • Not very weather-proof, so better for indoor use


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy a cat heated house?

Yes, it is totally safe to buy a cat heated house. These are designed in such a way that the temperature settings only go up to a level that is safe for your cats and for local power sources. Many designs also often feature two exits in some of the doors in order to ensure your beloved pet’s safety.

How can you train your cat to use a heated cat house?

Are you worried about getting your cat used to a new home? Has your cat never tried out a heated cat house before? Getting your cat used to its new accommodations is not nearly as hard as you might think. Start by feeding your cat near the new house with either dry cat food or wet cat food. Your cat will likely notice that there is something new nearby for them to explore, and with the tempting smell of cat food nearby they will likely want to enter on their own. You can also start by directly placing the food bowl inside the house. Make sure you do not crank up the temperature the second your cat is in the house, but rather wait for your pet to get used to the house and then slowly increase the temperature. The longer your cat tries out the house, the better they’ll feel about it!

What are the benefits of buying a heated cat house?

With age, it becomes difficult for your cats to maintain their body temperature. In these cases, having a heated house helps them balance out and maintain their body temperature. It can also provide a quiet and heated location for your cat to rest in private whenever your cat needs a break from their environment or your guests or family members. Allow your cat to rest in total comfort and luxury with a heated cat home.

What is a heated cat house?

A heated cat house is essentially a small house that works as a shelter or miniature home for your cat during the winter season that features a heating pad or heating element that helps provide a comfortable and warm environment for your cat to rest inside of in peace and comfort. These are fabulous options for outdoor cats or cats that simply need a temperature-controlled warm house to allow your cat to sleep comfortably.

Important Points to Consider Before Buying Heated Cat Houses

Appearance and Function

Make sure that you’re keeping in mind the appearance and function of your desired cat house, as well as the location of your home where you’d like to place it. If it’s designed for the outdoors, consider a miniature house model or one that’s comfortable and useful for your pet. If it’s indoor bound, look for soft materials, fabrics, or edges that make it comfortable and a natural inclusion for the interior of your home.


Picking the properly sized heated house is essential for all kinds of pet owners. Of course, you will need to know beforehand where you are going to place the heated cat house for winter. After that, carefully measure the area and match the dimensions of your chosen location with the product’s dimensions. There should be enough space to keep it comfortably protected within that open area as well allowing your cat room to enter and exit the house with room to spare.

Ease of Cleaning

A home that detaches or disassembles easily so that you can get a vacuum cleaner for cat fur or other cleaners inside is an absolute must. Heated cat shelters are just like other cat homes in that you need to keep them routinely clean and comfortable so that your cat will enjoy using them as a safe space to rest and relax.


In most cases, heated cat houses come in pre-assembled form. However, some models, especially outdoor designed versions, require extra effort and maintenance to assemble or install, including additional power tools or other things they can use to assemble them quickly and cleanly. If you prefer a quick and easy install, this may not be the best option for you.


A heated cat house should definitely have a warranty to help protect its own heating pad elements. A majority of heated cat homes are made with extra care, caution, and quality, but heating elements can sometimes experience unexplained electrical failure, and having a protective warranty option to cover your expense helps guarantee your investment and ensure that you won’t be penalized for a faulty product.

Entrance and Exit Options

The best heated houses for outdoor cats or indoor cats are available with single door and double door options. Having an additional exit or emergency exit door available makes your pets even safer in the event of an approaching predator or an electrical malfunction. it also helps provide additional ventilation and support for your pet as they sleep comfortably in all weather.


Your first priority should be to invest in a high-quality product. A heated cat house is often an expensive investment for most of us, so it’s better to go for the best heated cat house for outdoor or indoor use. If you are going to keep it inside, then a delicate or softer fabric material will work perfectly for you. The heated cat houses for outdoor use need to be strong, protective, and weatherproof to stand up to weather or predator threats.

Power Requirements

An outdoor cat house with heating facilities often needs power for operation. With a varied range of warming temperature options come varied power requirements. Some of these heated cat homes will need 5-10 watt of power while others will need far more. Ensure that there is an appropriate power source for the heater to help make sure that your cat house operates smoothly.


Of the many top heated cat houses on the market, there was one brand that stood out among all the reast. K&H’s products continue to be high-quality and high-performing, allowing cats of many sizes to comfortably sit and rest no matter when they’re using it.

The price range on these heated cat homes vary from 20$ to 50$, something that is quite affordable for many pet owners. The additional expense is largely due to the heating factor that comes as an addition in these houses, but these are strong and safe investments that provide your cat with a warm and comfortable bed and you with the peace of mind to know that they’re being well taken care of.

We hope you find these reviews helpful and find the heated cat house that works best for you and your feline friend. If you like these cat houses and want to share your experience then feel free to contact us. We would love to know about it. For more articles on cat’s essentials like interior cat doors or more, you can check our site.

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Best heated cat house!

We have reviewed the best heated cat house for outside and inside. From cave-shaped to house-like there are tons of options available for you to choose from. We personally liked the K&H’s products and that’s the reason we have listed multiple of them. There is no fancy cat house in that range but they are apt for use and stick to what they are meant for.

K&H Pet Products Outdoor Kitty House
K&H Pet Products Outdoor A-Frame House
K&H Pet Products Kitty Sleephouse
Petyella Heated Houses For Outdoor Cats
Extreme Consumer Products Indoor/Outdoor Cat House
Naconic Electric Heated Cat House
Petfactors Kitty House
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