12 Best Cat Breeds to Have as Pet, An Easy Guide

Are you looking for the best cat breeds to have as home pets? From Asia to Europe to North America, there are so many cat breeds that make for fantastic companions and for gorgeous pets to cuddle and play with.

There is a saying that reads “a home without a cat is just a roof on your head”, or something along those lines. I think it’s true. From legends that want cats to be energy purifiers to naughty playmates, taking care of a cat is an adventure that will give you plenty of happy days and certainly plenty of cuddles.

The best cat breeds to have as pets in your home

Maine Coon

Image: Maine Coon cat breed

Don’t let the cuteness of Maine Coon kitties mislead you too much, these babies can become really huge. But apart from that, owning a Maine Coon can somehow give your home an aristocratic look. These gorgeous cats might seem cranky because of their size and “wild look”, but they are actually very sweet, cuddly, and playful all their life. Their long fur might as well be considered one of the most efficient destressing tools currently existing, but don’t forget to use some good cat hairball remedies to keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

One of the oldest cat breeds in North America originating from the state of Maine, after which it was named. Its price ranges between 500$ to even 1500$ depending on the age and its health. A Maine Coon typically lives for around 14 years and can become as big as double most cat breeds.

Persian Cat

With a face that somehow looks squashed, the Persian cat is another of those beloved luxury breeds that don’t lose popularity despite their high price. This beautiful cat breed is long-haired so its lucky owners would better equip their home with an excellent vacuum cleaner for cat hair.

Even though their muzzle might appear slightly cranky, their personality is actually sweet and patient. Meaning that they won’t be scratching you straight away if you bother them, but I wouldn’t get too far, either. Pretty much like all cats, also the Persians enjoy cuddles, toys and playtime but also tranquility and sleep.

The price range for Persian cats goes from 300$ to up to 1200$ for a kitten, much less if the cat is already adult (up to 5/600$).

Image: European cat one of the best cats breeds


The features that make the Ragdoll cat breed popular and beautiful looking are its velvety white coat and blue eyes. Their docile personality adds to the distinctive traits that make them irresistible pets. Even though they are longhaired cats, they don’t shed as you would expect because they have a thick coat. Of course you should keep hairball remedies handy, but great help will come by combing and proper grooming.

These beauties will keep you in sweet company for about 15 years and their weight can range between 4 to 9kg. You will make them happy with your cuddles and some nice cat toys. Their price ranges between 400 to 800$ for a pet and between 1500 to 2500$ for a show breed or for a breeder-quality ragdoll.

European Cat

All the cats that I have owned so far were the European breed. From my first female black cat to my second “Felix-type” cat to all the others I have either owned or did foster care for, they were all extremely sweet and loved cuddles, both the youngest and the oldest ones.

My cats were very playful and thankfully I bought a nice and large cat scratcher otherwise my couch would have paid the price for it. They don’t get overly sick but like most cats, they don’t drink enough to avoid kidney failure when older. This is why it’s always important to feed them with the right cat foods and if you can, purchase a cat water fountain that will stimulate them to drink more.

Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are a beautiful, short-haired, chatty breed. While their frequent meowing might worry the owners with fussy neighbors, Siamese cats are fantastic companions because they love to play, to give love, and to receive it. They would absolutely love a multilayered cat condo to use as his castle but what they cherish the most is your company. So if you are smart working, a freelancer, a work-from-home mom, or similar, both you and your feline friend will have a great time.

Since they are short-haired, they don’t shed much, so while you won’t be needing an extra-strong vacuum cleaner, you should still groom him and, if he goes out and about into your garden, roof or to have a walk in the neighborhood, don’t forget to use good-quality flea treatments or, if he lets you, to thoroughly wash him from time to time. The price for a Siamese kitten can reach almost 1000$. If you are looking for a top breed, expect to pay 2000$ or more.

Scottish Fold

You know the Scottish Fold breed, I’m sure you have seen its pictures all over the internet. You don’t remember? Think chubby muzzle and tiny, “folded” ears. That’s right, they are the cute cats that might look a little cranky but are sweet, playful, and love to display affection for their owner and their kids, making them fantastic companions for large families.

They are short-haired cats and don’t shed much but they love to scratch both to play and to polish their claws, so a fun scratching post and maybe a good cat nail clipper are something you should invest in if you want to save your couch and furniture.

Among the favorite cat breeds as home pets, the Scottish Fold is not even among the most expensive: its price ranges between 200 to 500$. Obviously, this depends on the age of the cat, usually, kitties are more expensive, on their health, color, and breed.

Image: Red European best cat breeds

Birman Cat

Just like the Siamese, the Birman breed is believed to have originated in Asia, but somehow their Asian origins are fuzzy and its first recognition happened in France. The two breeds even look a bit similar with blue eyes, a soft pointed coat, and usually light colors, but the Birman cats are long-haired and have sturdier bodies. This can also mean that people who are allergic to cats will share a room more easily with a Siamese than this furry Birman breed.

Even though their beautiful look gives them an aristocratic air, they are very loving, playful, and friendly. Their gentle personality makes them great companions for families with children.

Just like all breeds, also the price of a Birman cat depends on its age, health, and breed quality, so you can expect to be charged anywhere from 500$ to over 2000$.

American Curl

The fluffy ears curled inward are the distinctive trait and what gives this cat breed its name. You are going to love the American Curl if you like a cat that does like to be next to you and that likes to keep you company but that is quite independent and doesn’t really care about spending hours on your laps.

The American Curl is a cat that loves to play and the human presence. Like all cats, also the American Curl enjoys taking a break from all the playing with some good quality resting and sleeping or, in the alternative, peek at the outside world from the window.

This breed doesn’t shed too much but you still need to take care of it by cleaning its ears, its teeth and shortening its claws. The price for a pure breed American Curl can reach between 1000 and 2000$ but as usual, it depends on several factors, including age and health conditions. Also, if you are OK to adopt one, prices go down a great deal.

Balinese Cat

Let’s say you love Siamese cats but you want fluffier. The Asian Balinese breed might be a fantastic option because can easily be taken for a long-haired Siamese. So it retains the beauty, the velvety coat, the blue eyes, and plus it’s soft and furry.

Just like the other breeds, also the Balinese enjoys some good sleep, but maybe more than others they like to play and appreciate some fancy cat trees and different types of cat toys.

Depending on the age and the breed quality, the price of a Balinese cat can go over 1000$, while if you wish to adopt one, you can do so with some 100$.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Muscular, athletic and gorgeous, the Norwegian Forest cat is a natural European breed that doesn’t have any wild cat ancestors despite what its fierce look might lead you to believe. They have a lovely personality for a pet cat: sweet, playful and curious, so fun to have around when you have a family with children. They enjoy playing with other cats but they also love to stay close to humans, making them fantastic home companions.

The Norwegian Forest cat can cost between 6/700$ and over 1500$ depending on the age, its health conditions and pedigree. They are pretty long-haired so they do require medium to high maintenance and some good daily grooming to keep them healthier and at ease.

Bengal Cat

Sleek, agile, and very friendly, the Bengal feline breed makes for a great house pet. This beautiful cat is very vocal and loves to play and to get its owner’s cuddles and attention.

A hybrid between the Asian Leopard cat and domestic felines, the Bengal cat doesn’t shed much but still requires good care, so make sure you always feed him with the right, high-quality wet and dry cat food.

With a price that starts from well over 1000$ and can reach around 3000$, always depending on age, health and pedigree, this is a pretty expensive cat. But if you want your own leopard at home, I guess this is worth it!


I’ll admit, this is not my favorite cat breed. However, if you are allergic to cat hair and want a low-maintenance pet, the Sphynx is the pet you should go for. Originating in Canada, even though it does look a little grumpy, this cat breed is actually friendly and loves cuddles.

The result of years of selective breeding, the Sphynx is one of the most expensive cats you can find, with a price, for a quality pedigree that can reach 5000$.

What is the easiest cat breed to take care of?

Image: European kitty

This is really up to the single owner. Do you have a big house with a garden or a small flat that requires a smaller pet that doesn’t shed too much? How much do you reckon you want/can spend to buy a house cat?

Whatever is your preference, always keep in mind that even if you get an easy cat to take care of, you should always opt for good quality foods, necessary gimmicks and remedies to avoid future issues, and of course, provide them some toys to use their energy (and nails) with to save your furniture.

What is a good cat for first-time owners?

Cats are very independent and don’t require to be taken out every day a few times for their physiological needs. They clean themselves, even though they do require some attention such as hairball and flea remedies.

What I found to be some of the hardest things to do to a cat is to cut their nails, apply eye drops and wash them. My husband managed to do a proper bath to our cat and cut his nails even though the poor thing didn’t really look very happy. I applied plenty of eye drops to stray kitties I did foster care to, but probably because they were kitties.

The first cat I had was an adult stray cat and let me tell you, she was the sweetest but didn’t really allow me to clip her nails. Probably a first-time owner is better of with a newborn kitty that ideally would be given to you after a month a half or two months after he was born. If the cat is with you from the beginning of its life, it’s more willing to trust you so it’s more likely he will let you take care of him more, which is important especially if he gets sick.

Image: Felix cat European breed

What is the friendliest cat?

Don’t believe who says that cats are not friendly and don’t like to show affection. They might not be jumping and licking all over you when you come home, but they do manage to show you love and affection. In their way, terms and time, but they do.

I have only had European cats and they all were sweet and cuddly. Probably a Norwegian Forest Cat will be more fun to hangout and play with than the American Curl, but in general, all cats enjoy to play. You can always find a cranky cat, whatever the breed, so it really is a matter of single personality, but usually cats are friendly and sweet.

Are 2 cats better than 1?

This might seem a question related to space, convenience, and budget, but while these are all important aspects, they are also very personal and subject to each owner’s very situation. As a matter of fact, if you consider the cat’s perspective, yes, owning two cats is better than owning only one. Why? Cats love to play and especially when they are young, they like to hang out with other felines.

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