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By MPLI • Updated: February 13, 2023

When picking out food for our feline friends, we mainly come across wet and dry options. It mostly depends on the cat’s preference, but you cannot purchase every available option out there!

Dry food is favored as it saves major bucks and does not go rancid quickly. Moreover, a cat eats a smaller share of dry food as compared to wet food, making the dry cat food last much longer.

With a picky cat at home, it may be challenging to choose from the vast array of options available. We picked the top 10 best dry cat food and cat food dispensers that will make your cat healthy and happy. And if they are messy and drop pieces of their kibbles around the house, with an efficient cat vacuum you will keep everywhere clean.

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Best Dry Cat Foods Compared

Our Top 10 Picks Of Healthiest Dry Cat Food

#1 The Blue Buffalo Wilderness

It is the best dry food for adult cats in the market, stocked with real chicken to fulfill your feline’s protein needs. This cat food does not have the byproducts of poultry and is free of any preservatives or artificial flavors. It also has added carbohydrates, the sources being peas, and sweet potatoes for healthy skin and a shiny long coat.

The Blue Buffalo is free from protein grains and instead comes with LifeSource Bits that deliver all the essential antioxidants, minerals, and other nutrients to keep the cat’s metabolism up and running.

It ensures the good health of your cat and on it, you can even add some types of cat hairball remedies.


  • It has all the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help build a solid immune system to fend off any ailments.
  • Omega 3 and 6 reinforces the development of your feline’s muscles for added strength. 
  • It comes with Taurine that aids in maintaining the proper functioning of eyes and pumping of the heart. 


  • The Blue Buffalo is at the pricey end of the market and may not be for those who are on a budget.
  • If it does not suit the cat. It may cause urinary retentions with associated vomiting.
  • It renders the cats limp, lazy, and unhappy.

The Blue Buffalo Wilderness dry cat food is the best at keeping your cat’s life healthy and long. It aids in maintaining its oxidative cycles and strengthens the foundation by enhancing their immune systems and muscle development. Blue Buffalo Wilderness is the real deal with delicious real chicken to feast your cat’s wild side.

#2 Purina’s Beyond- Natural Cat food

Purina Beyond is one of the best grain-free, adult dry cat food out there. It is all-natural, with up to 38% protein by weight. This grain-free recipe has its main ingredient, tuna, obtained from MSC certified fisheries from sustainable resources.

Fish, such as the Icelandic Char and Pacific Tuna, are this recipe’s core ingredient, proving to be a sound source of protein. This dry cat food is perfect for your furry feline, and you will probably need to add some extra kibble after they play with some of the best cat toys.


  • High protein content benefits the development of lean muscles.
  • The ingredients are sustainable and have traceable sources to ensure validity.
  • Complete balanced nutrients to benefit health and ensure the proper functioning of metabolism.
  • It has fish as its main ingredient, yet it does not have any pungent fishy smell.


  • Not suitable for kittens, as they get kidney issues accompanied by vomiting.
  • Due to its larger size, the food is not well suited for toothless cats or those with some broken teeth.
  • Not suitable for cats who have any eating disabilities. The pellets large and flat that may choke the poor soul.

The Purina’s Beyond Natural is favored by both the cat and their owners. As it delivers its promise of grain-free formula with no added preservatives, artificial flavors, or any hint of by-products. Its real fish without the smell! So, say goodbye to those stinky alternatives and choose this healthier alternative instead.

#3 Purina’s Fancy Feast – Chicken and Turkey

Having an indoor cat who is alien to other sources of food, needs your undivided attention. These felines are in dire need of the complete and balanced diet provided by the best food for indoor cats. Your best bet is Purina’s Fancy Feast. Not only is this the best dry cat food in its nutritional status, but it also delivers good taste too. It comes in diverse flavors, all adored by cats.


  • Manufactured by natural ingredients, no artificial flavors, preservatives, or any added fillers.
  • Its savory and crunchy flavor in different sizes and shapes attracts cats.
  • Specially made for indoor cats fulfilling their nutritional needs.
  • Peel and sealability of bags maintain freshness. Especially in high humidity areas. 
  • Price-wise, it is easy on the pocket, so it will not cost you your kidney if you own many furry friends.


  • Cats with broken teeth will not be able to chew the bigger pellets, which will lead to wastage of product.
  • This product is not fit for kittens, so the user will have to look for other alternatives if they have different aged cats at home, instead of relying on one source.
  • Cats are picky, so the user will have to browse different flavors to discover their preference.

The Fancy Feast by Purina is a brand you can trust for its provision of a complete balanced diet. Especially if the cat is not reliant on sources of food found outdoors. This dry cat food recipe has all the essential vitamins and minerals to replenish their body systems.

#4 Purina Cat Chow Chicken & Salmon Adult Cat Food

The Cat Chow Naturals brings forth a complete balanced recipe for a happy, healthy cat. It is packed with all the 25 necessary minerals and vitamins. Moreover, it has all-natural ingredients, with chicken and salmon being the stars of the recipe. The high-end protein content and Omega-6 boosts the development of muscles and benefits their skin and coat.


  • Purina Cat Chow can be given to cats of all ages, from kittens to adults, even pregnant cats benefit from it.
  • It is not pricey, so you do not have to invest major bucks just to keep your felines fed. 
  • It does not contain any element of fillers, artificial flavors, or colors.


  • Cannot be relied upon as the primary source of food for the cat, it can be used as a secondary provision.
  • This recipe has augmented levels of carbohydrates that can prove detrimental to the cat’s liver and kidney.
  • This recipe is not appropriate for inactive cats, as it leads to rapid weight gain.

No longer will you have to worry about stocking up different brands of cat food. Purina Cat Chow Naturals is appropriate for all life transitions of your feline fur friend. This dry cat food formula aids your cat in the initial phases of development and continues to augment health throughout adulthood.

9 lives was rated the best dry cat food in 2018, and since then has managed to stay on top, among others. This premium dry cat food comes with complete nourishment for your indoor cats. A proper mix of vitamins and minerals with the right amount of calories to maintain ideal body weight.9 lives is a high fiber dry cat food that strives to keep the cat’s digestive system on track. Adding to it, the recipe strengthens the development of lean muscle with its high protein mix.


  • Budget-friendly, a good option if you have more than one cat.
  • Fiber content reliefs in cat litter cleaning. No mess or waste of litter.
  • Advances the immune system to benefit the cat in different phases of life.
  • It does not add load on the cat’s urinary system, unlike other cat foods.


  • Drier as compared to other alternatives in the market.
  • It comes with added fillers, that lowers the nutritional value.
  • It comes with added artificial flavors to lure in cats, hinting filler content.

This top-rated dry cat food is best for cat owners on a budget. The essential proteins, minerals, and vitamins refrain the cat from gaining any unnecessary weight. 9 Lives high fiber dry cat food keeps the digestive system running smoothly and aims to build a well-guarded immune system. Promising a healthy and stress-free life for the cat and its owner.

#6 Purina Friskies- Swirlers Dry Food For Cats

Purina Friskies Swirlers dry cat food for adults not only offers total nourishment, but it also allures the cat to be drawn to its food bowl. We all know how picky eater cats can be. It comes in Chicken, Salmon, and Gravy flavors that are the most craved by our feline beasts. Purina Friskies dry cat food is best for indoor cats, that too in all phases of their lives.


  • Added essential fatty acids augment their skin health and transform their coat. 
  • Antioxidants in the recipe create a well-protected immune system
  • It can be given to al aged cats, from kittens to seniors.
  • Pocket-friendly, so best for those who are on a budget.


  • Makes the cat poop smell, the bad smell tends to linger on in the litter due to its contents.
  • It has a high moisture content, so it tends to clump together.
  • May entice cats, but rates low on the nutritional scale when compared with expensive alternatives.

The intriguing texture and flavor of the indoor dry cat food from Purinaallure cats towards food. Hence, no transitioning of food needed! These Swirlers offer impeccable factors that enhance the feline’s health along with transforming its coat to give a soft and smooth sheen.

#7 Purina Cat Show Naturals With Real Chicken Cat Food

It is researched that grain-free is the way to opt if you want your feline’s health to be solid. Containing all the natural mixture of ingredients, it negates having an ounce of artificial flavors, preservatives or added colors. Moreover, it comes with added Omega 6 that will enhance your cat’s coat and build healthy skin. Having all 25 essential vitamins and minerals, this dry cat food deems to be perfect for adult cats. 


  • Grain-free cat food is a better alternative for felines with allergies. 
  • Its grain-free recipe provides relief and nourishment to cats with sensitive stomachs.
  • Fortifies the body’s immune system, making t less likely for them to get ill.
  • Enhances the development of muscles and skin. 


  • It cannot be given to younger cats, as it does not cater to all ages.
  • Not economical, as compared to other brands offering double the amount of product.
  • Lacks enticing factor, cats do not prefer the taste.
  • It contains chicken by-product meal, which is not well received by many consumers.

This grain-free dry cat food alternative is one of the healthier options if you wish to enhance your cat’s health. With its high-quality protein content, it will be the foundation of strong muscles

#8 Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium

The Nutrish Super Premium is high-quality dry food, made from the authentic farm-raised chicken as its core ingredient. It has no added corn, wheat, or soy or any other poultry meal fillers. This premium dry cat food is free from all added preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors. The small and round kibble size eases the process of mastication for your cat, especially for a senior feline or one with missing or broken teeth. For a healthy gum and teeth routine, we recommend using the best cat toothpaste and brushes.


  • It has natural and real ingredients and is free from fillers.
  • Better suited to senior cats due to pellet size.
  • Added minerals, vitamins and taurine augment health in all aspects.
  • It can also be given to kittens, as this recipe will provide nourishment in the early stages. 


  • Contains Gluten, that will spike any allergies your feline may have and is not thoroughly digested by cats throughout.
  • Corn Meal in the recipe does not provide any nutritional compensation.
  • Makes the prone to dry, patched, and itchy skin, which will not be favorable for the cat or the owner.

Rachael Ray Nutrish is a good quality dry cat food best suited for your senior cats back home. The appropriate size and mix of all-natural ingredients help fortify their metabolic systems and strive to better their health onwards. When given to kittens, it provides the essential nourishment needed in the early phase of life.

#9 Iams Proactive Health Feline Food

Iams Proactive is the top-rated low-calorie dry cat food for your stuffed felines. The top-notch recipe has all the natural constituents, including real chicken and the essential minerals and vitamins, make their coat smooth and shiny. The high protein content supports lean body muscle buildup. Also, the kibble comes merged with a unique fiber blend to support your cat’s digestive system. Your feline friend will not only look great but will feel much more active too.


  • The unique texture averts plaque buildup, preventing further investments in vet appointments. 
  • Benefits cats in building lean muscle and maintain a smooth-running digestive track. Aiding it in losing those extra pounds.
  • Facilitates health of heart, by the use of calcium and potassium in the mixture.
  • Low-calorie dry cat food providing appropriate nourishment to overweight cats.
  • Supports your cast’s health in all phases of life.


  • Falls in the list of expensive cat foods, hence not economical.
  • Bag does not state the origin of ingredients, that draws in some doubt.
  • The change in packaging, from a paper bag to polymer, fails to seal food adequately.

This low-calorie dry cat food will aid your cat to live a healthy and proactive life. A cat with special needs, be it weight or urinary issues, needs as an equally special diet. This premium dry cat food ensures your cat stays in ideal shape through all of its life phases.

#10 Diamond Premium Recipe – Maintenance & Balanced Food

Diamond Premium Recipe is an exquisite blend of protein and fats articulated for moderately active felines. This low carb dry cat food is stocked with Probiotics, Omega Fatty Acids, and Antioxidants. It serves adult cats a complete and balanced nourishment catering 30% protein, 15% fat along with fiber for the proper functioning of digestive systems.


  • Ingredients are extracted from known sustainable resources.
  • The recipe is scientifically proved and formulated under strict protocols to ensure quality.
  • The small size of kibble assists cats to chew ad swallow easily.


  • Other brands have high nutritional value for the given price.
  • Not suited for kittens.
  • Smooth texture supports plaque formation.

The scientifically tailored low-carb dry cat food is perfect for adult cats that are moderately active. It strives to keep their body in ideal condition for them to live a long and happy life

Dry Cat Food – What to look for 

Choosing dry cat food is both easy on the pocket and stays fresh for longer, though there are certain factors that you must make sure of first:

  • Natural Ingredients:
    Brands should offer natural ingredients. Recent research has validated grain-free dry cat food to be a healthier alternative. You need to make sure your cat food has no ounce of artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors. As this can prove to be detrimental to the cat’s health. Beware of poultry by-products as they may seem to be filling their stomachs but are of zero nutritional value.
  • Balanced Diet:
    You need to make sure the packaging states that it is a complete and balanced diet. This factor is vital for indoor cats, as they only depend on one source of nutrition. Furthermore, you need to keep an eye out for the proportions of the recipe. It should contain the vitals, including minerals, vitamins, proteins, and fat. Carbohydrates carry no nutritional value and should be in trace amounts as they just hold the mixture together.
  • Pocket-Friendly or Expensive:
    Quality dry cat food with only proteins and fats will cost more as compared to the cheaper ones. An inexpensive formula may be an attractive alternative, but it has the most amount of fillers. These provide the least nourishment and may cause kidney problems in the long run. As mentioned above, there are options available that provide proper nourishment at an affordable price. Good quality cat food will provide essential nutrients in a small amount as compared to many bowls of cheaper dry cat food. 
  • Vegetarian Brands:
    put it this way, you being a vegetarian does not imply that your cat is too. Cats are strict carnivores. Hence, when you see a label mentioning lots of veggies, you are not to consider that for your cat. Meat on itself can be deficient on certain minerals and vitamins, so picking a good quality dry cat food will be far healthier. Nutritional supplements may be a way to cover deficiencies but are disliked by our feline friends.
  • Cat Specific:
    Essential detail you have to be careful of is cat-specific cat food. Be sure to check the label before picking it out. Some dry cat foods are just meant for adults and not for kittens. Other varieties include proactive, moderately active, senior-specific, or pregnant specific. If you have a variety of cats, it is best to pick the brand which caters to all phases of life. If your cat has special needs, for instance, allergies or a sensitive stomach, you need to pay special attention to the details mentioned above. As any wrong step would end at the vet.
  • Expiration Date:
    Tiny detail is the expiry date. Make sure that the manufacture date and expiration date are clearly labeled. Feeding your cat expired food will cause it to vomit everywhere. It will deter the cat’s strength, instead of augmenting it.
  • Kibble Shape/ Size:
    Kibble is meant for senior cats who have fewer teeth as opposed to the larger kibble well suited to younger cats.


Choosing dry cat food can be pocket-friendly, but a tiny blunder in selecting the wrong type will cost you an arm and a leg, trying to fend off the repercussions. A cat eats to fulfill their nutritional needs.

If they are eating a lot of low-quality cat food, it clearly states their dietary requirements are not being met. Always go for what is best for your cat’s health. Otherwise, you will end up endangering a poor soul and waste loads of money at the vet. If you like to take your cat out for a walk, make sure to check out our best cat strollers.

10 Total Score

Choosing dry cat food can be pocket-friendly, but a tiny blunder in selecting the wrong type will cost you an arm and a leg, trying to fend off the repercussions. A cat eats to fulfill their nutritional needs. If they are eating a lot of low-quality cat food, it clearly states their dietary requirements are not being met. Always go for what is best for your cat’s health. Otherwise, you will end up endangering a poor soul and waste loads of money at the vet.

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Purina’s Fancy Feast – Chicken and Turkey
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Purina Cat Show Naturals With Real Chicken Cat Food
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