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When she entered my house, her future home, Minou wasn’t really looking for the best cat tree. She was a 10-year-old lady who lived all her life on the street and when the volunteers went to feed her and the rest of her colony, she finally decided her street stint was over.

She clung to one of the volunteers’ leg and begged to take her with them, away from the colony where her sweetness was seen as weakness and her food taken away with scratches. At the time, I was doing cat foster care, and this is how Minou came into my life.

Her arrival was defined by a heartbreaking crying of fear and an immediate search for a safe refuge. During the first week, she remained hidden in a corner underneath a table, with only some minor peeping out when I lured her in with the food I found she liked.

After a week of solitude, Minou started coming out of her hideout to sit behind me and watch me until I’d notice her. Her foster care time with me was almost over and a new family was waiting to adopt her. But after seeing how scared she was after that first week under the table, I couldn’t manage to let her go.

From when she decided I was worth her company to the moment she reached the rainbow, Minou was the queen of the house, and our giant cat tree her castle.

Why are cat trees and other pet products important?

We all love our cats, but let’s be honest, we also love our furniture. Despite Minou being so jealous and possessive towards her human property (me), I kept doing cat foster care, so my house was an open space and cats of all ages and sizes kept coming and going.

Minou hated it, but since I had rescued her, I found unfair to ignore the other needy cats. Even adopting another sweet cat for when I was out wasn’t as appreciated as I would have expected.

While Minou, as the queen of the house, has access pretty much everywhere, she was very careful not to let the newcomers anywhere too “private”. In addition to that, I wanted to keep my couch as new as possible for my human guests and my blankets in a good condition.

If you, like me, are a cat lover, trust me, you need a cat tree. Cat towers will help your home furniture to stay new, your sofa beautiful, your blankets all in one piece and your wooden table polished.

What are you going to find on mypetlikesit.com?

As hopeless cat lovers as we are, here at mypetlikesit.com we are going to recommend the best dog and cat towers, litters, boxes, food, and toys you can spoil your cats and kittens with. We will suggest different types of modern cat supplies depending on the size, price and obviously the preferences of their guests.

Some of the best cat trees also have a lovely cat hammock, and our furry friends love it, especially the kittens that want to play and get naughty.

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