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By MPLI • Updated: December 2, 2022

Do you keep outdoor cats? Ready to give your favorite feline friend a comfortable place to sleep on the nights they’re resting outdoors? An outdoor cat house is just the thing you need to keep your cuddly buddy safe and comfortable when it sleeps outside of your house.

There are many good options for outdoor cat houses available to pet owners, but getting the best outdoor cat house is not as easy as it might seem. There are many factors to consider: price, accessibility, comfort, insulation, sizing, and more. With so many cat houses promising so many different features and price points, it can feel very overwhelming to pick the best one.

One of the best ways to ensure that you’re picking out the right outdoor cat house is to read the best outdoor cat house reviews and see what other people have to say about their experiences with the top outdoor cat houses on the market. Check out these top rated reviews and see which might work best for you and your pet!

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Best Cat Houses For Outdoor Use Comparisons

Best Outdoor Cat House Comparison
Petsfit Outdoor Cat House with Escape Door and Stairs30" x 22" x 29"NoAll cat sizes4.3
ROCKEVER Outdoor Cat ShelterN/ANoAll cat sizes4.2
Petsfit Outdoor Triangle Cat House with Escape Door19.7" x 19.7" x 20.9"NoMedium cat sizes4.6
ecoFLEX Albany Outdoor Feral Cat House21.8" x 19.1" x 20.2"NoAll cat sizes4.6
Palmar Kitty Kat Condo Outdoor Cat House20W" x 251H" x 23L"NoAll cat sizes4.6
Kitty Tube The Outdoor Insulated Cat House w/Pet Pillow24" x 24" x 23"NoMedium cat sizes4.6
PUPPY KITTY Cat House Insulated Foldable Pet House20.5" x 14.2" x 16.5"NoAll cat sizes4.5
K&H Pet Products Outdoor Kitty House18" x 22" x 17"YesMedium cat sizes4.6

Best Outdoor Cat House Reviews

Petsfit Two Story Weatherproof Outdoor Kitty Cat Condo

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This sturdy, cute, and functional cat house is made with thick red outer planks of wood designed to look just like a barn. The constructed wood is anti-rot and durable, outdoor tested wood that can last for up to three years.

This outdoor cat house is certainly one of the best outdoor cat houses because it’s sturdy, spacious, and two-story, allowing cats who love jumping or playing to sleep comfortably and securely. The interior and exterior are insulated but easy to clean, so your cat will stay warm at night and comfortably protected from anything that might be looking to cause problems.

When cold weather comes, you can easily put a heat mat, blanket, or pillow in the house to provide even more comfort for your pet. This cat house designed for outside use is also painted with water-based paint, which is safe for your pets, will not need any extra protection from water, and will not peel.

In addition, this cat house for outside use is a big and spacious model that can comfortably house up to three cats. Because of its solid wood design, the cats can stay and play inside without fear of damaging the house. The roof of the house is made with asphalt to make sure that it can withstand rainy weather or snow and transmits heat easily to help your cat stay cool even in the sun. Your cat house for outside is also raised off the ground to keep it from getting soaked when it rains or snows, and the top can be lifted for easy cleaning and access.

It also includes two doors: one in front of the entrance and one underneath to help the cats escape when there are predators or simply when they want to play. A ledge on the second story allows your cat to jump, play, or rest comfortably as well. This outdoor cat house with an escape door and stairs is easily the best cat house for outdoor use.


  • Durable, asphalt roof for protecting from rainy weather and heat
  • Waterproof paint and roof
  • Two story design for elevation variety


  • No slatted floor for ventilation
  • Bulkier outdoor design

ROCKEVER Outdoor Cat Shelter

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This sturdy wooden cat house is another top recommendation for best cat houses for outdoor. It comes with just enough space for your cats to stay and play, as well as an escape door in the rare event that there’s a predator on the prowl. This cat house for outdoor is big enough to accommodate two or three cats in the winter, especially if they are cats that like to snuggle, making it great for multicat households.

The house comes with a removable floor that allows for easy maintenance as you can easily remove it to clean it. In addition, it is designed with ventilation and accessibility windows to make it easy for your cats to look out and get a view of life outside if they want. The windows can be protected by acrylic sheets to make sure that the house stays warm during the winter.

You can unscrew these acrylic plates to let in better ventilation during the summer. The overall design is compact and cozy, making it perfect for smaller outdoor cats in need of protection and comfort. It’s easily assembled, cleaned, and stored, making it ideal in terms of comfort and use.

Asphalt shingles are used to treat and protect the roof, and an acrylic flap door covers the back. An asphalt rain top shelters the back to protect it from rain and all of these features help to make sure that the house can withstand rainy weather. As an affordable, compact, and versatile outdoor cat house, this is a top option for you.


  • Weatherproof
  • Can accommodate up to three cats
  • Easy to assemble


  • Designed for smaller cats under 18 pounds

Petsfit Outdoor Triangle Cat House with Escape Door for All Cats

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This triangle-shaped cat house is another one of the best cat houses for outdoor. It is also made with thick, durable wooden walls, which are anti-rot and designed to protect against weather or other issues. The durability of the wood ensures that this cat house can stay with you for up to three years of intensive outdoor use without needing any repairs, and with careful maintenance can last even longer. It also includes pre-drilled holes that make assembly and maintenance very easy.

The bottom floor of this waterproof cat house for outdoor includes slats that are not tightly slatted up against each other, so your cats can get sufficient ventilation during hot or humid days or nights. For this reason, your cat house is also very easy to clean and sanitize. This is also a handy waterproof cat house for outdoor and can take water or other elemental exposure without peeling because this paint is water-based paint and non-toxic for your cat.

This water-based paint is very safe for your pets, so you have nothing to worry about. The size of this outdoor cat condo is comfortable enough to fit up to three cats. Its solid wood ensures that the house will stay sturdy and steady even when your cats play. The asphalt roof of this waterproof outdoor cat shelter makes sure that it can survive rainy or snowy weather.

With an escape door, stairs, and other handy accessibility features in addition to its waterproof functionality, this is definitely one of the top cat houses for outdoors.


  • Waterproof cat house that’s perfect for outdoor use
  • Provides an escape route from predators
  • Durable and ventilated


  • Low to the ground and not protected from flooding or rain

ecoFLEX Albany Outdoor Feral Cat House

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This cat house stands out largely because it’s made of ecoFLEX, a non-toxic recycled plastic-wood polymer composite material that will neither warp, crack, nor split. You will find this cat house very easy to assemble and won’t need any tools or construction in order to successfully design and build it. In addition, this outdoor pet shelter is extremely easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is rinse it down with your hose or use a damp piece of cloth to clean it whenever it’s time for a good scrub.

This is also a comfortably insulated outdoor cat house that can perfectly keep your cats warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The ecoFLEX material built in this insulated outdoor cat house is so durable it can even last longer than typical wood. Featuring multiple entrances and exits, your cat can enjoy flexibility and functionality in their outdoor home easily.

These multiple exits and comfortable building design make it very easy for your cats to get out whenever they need to without making your furry friends feel like they have been caged. This insulated outdoor cat house is thoroughly weatherproof, bug-proof, and rot-proof, ensuring that it can withstand diverse weather conditions without getting damaged. For versatile, top-rated outdoor cat houses, this is one of the top options.


  • Durable, insulated outdoor cat house
  • Multiple exits for ease of movement
  • Easy to assemble
  • Weatherproof, Rot-proof, bug-proof
  • Easy maintenance


  • Expensive model

Palram Kitty Kat Condo Outdoor Cat House

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This rounded, hooded waterproof cat house for outdoor use is just what you need to keep the rain and snow away from your cat so they can stay comfortable in diverse weather conditions. This rounded hood helps to divert rain and weather, ensuring your cat is completely dry and safe inside no matter the weather conditions outside.

The condo snaps together quickly, making it very easy for you to assemble it without needing any tools. It’s designed with a plastic and non-porous construction that helps to ensure that fleas and mold are kept away from your pet and ensuring lasting cleanliness.

In addition to durable construction and protection, the floor of this insulated outdoor cat house comes with a comfortable carpet to make sure that your pet stays warm during the winter and cool during the summer and provide them with a place to keep their claws in shape (if they need to). The palboard manufacturing material of this warm outdoor cat house makes it a comfortable and waterproof cat house for outdoors.


  • Raised floor so it stays warm and dry
  • Easy to assemble
  • Designed to keep out mold and fleas
  • Waterproof and insulated


  • No back escape door, only one exit
  • No scratching accessibility unless separately added

Kitty Tube The Outdoor Insulated Cat House w/Pet Pillow

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The Kitty Tube is a fully insulated outdoor cat house that comes with a custom pet pillow that provides a safe, comfortable, and dry home for your pet. Another top option for the best cat houses for outside, it also includes an awning with a gasket over the main door opening with a clear detachable flap door to protect your cat whether they’re in or outside of the Tube.

There is a vent cap on the lid that has been included to help ventilate the area and avoid increased humidity that could cause condensation build-up. In addition, the Kitty Tube also comes with a Scratch Guard and moisture resistant interior surface that won’t house mildew, bacteria, mold, or cat spray/urine. A vapor barrier interior helps to reduce condensation and create ideal ventilation for yourself.

The awnings that are included over the top handle/ventilation spaces make it easy for you to leave them open in the rain or snow and preventing weather from sneaking inside. It also comes with a slightly elevated bottom layer, which includes a drainage system to allow for easy elimination of waste.

The Kitty Tube has a removable top lid that you can easily take off for cleaning access and maintenance needs. The post-consumer recycled content that builds the Tube itself makes the house environmentally friendly. The smooth interior and one-piece construction makes it easy to clean with a simple spray of the garden hose.

The dome lid on the Kitty Tube ensures that your pet stays dry even when there’s very heavy rain. The geometric shape resists wind and is naturally preferred by cats, making it comfortable and preferred by one and all. The one-door design allows easy passage for your cat but will also help to keep away predators, ensuring your cat is totally protected at all times.


  • Insulated and warming for your cat
  • Withstands intense weather and damage
  • Drainage system allows for easy elimination of waste
  • Moisture-resistant surface to keep out mildew
  • Environmentally friendly


  • No escape route for the pets in the event of predators

PetsFit Outdoor Cat House with Escape Door and Scratching Pad

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This sturdy condo with scratching pad, terrace, and comfortable escape door is the perfect home for your outdoor cat. This is a durable outdoor cat house for summer and winter, which provides sufficient ventilation and warmth for your cat. It is made with high-quality EVA material to ensure its durability and maximum protection for your cat’s safety.

With strong posts but a slightly elevated surface, your cat’s house is protected from rain or snow but still stable and firmly planted on the ground. The comfortable padded indoor surface ensures that your cats feel safe, warm, and comfortable at all times. In addition, this cat house comes with an exit door to make sure that your cat does not feel trapped and can move about as it likes, plus a top terrace for cats who like elevation.

You can easily assemble this outdoor cat house and keep it safely insulated without needing to use any tools. The waterproof roof and siding makes this a totally waterproof outdoor cat house and helps to keep away the rain or snow. With so many top-notch features, this warm outdoor cat house is easily one of the best cat houses for outdoor.


  • Elevated terrace
  • Warm and insulated
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable


  • Expensive
  • No exit door

K&H Pet Products Outdoor Kitty House

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Whether you want to place your cat’s home in a barn, a porch, a garage, or anywhere at all, this cat house for outdoor is the perfect solution. It comes in a heated and unheated version based on your climate and designed to suit your cat’s preference. This cat house is made with 600 denier nylon that has a vinyl backing, making this ideal outdoor cat house waterproof.

The heated version comes with a Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed as well as a completely safe heat pad. The roof hangs over the two doors to ensure that your cats are warm, safe, and dry. It comes with two exits to make sure that the pets can’t be trapped by predators. The hook & loop fastener walls and a zippered roof make it extremely easy to assemble.

This warm outdoor cat house also provides enough room to keep your cats perfectly comfortable 24/7, and as an outdoor cat shelter it’s large enough for multiple cats, making it a great refuge for all your outdoor friends. It comes with a heated bed to keep your cats comfortable and warm when the cold comes. The waterproof fabric and unique overhang roof design work to keep cats warm and dry.

The heated version comes with a simple zip together design and a rigid exterior that can hold up to any weather conditions. It also comes with an extreme weather design that’s made to stand up to durability and makes this waterproof outdoor cat shelter perfect for keeping outdoor cats warm even down even in the lowest of temperatures. A K&H Small Animal Heated Pad keeps half the floor warm so the cat can warm up when they need to and cool down when they’re not. Versatile, handy, and valuable, this is a great option for you.


Best Outdoor Cat House Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking to buy an outdoor cat house, there are some things you need to keep in mind. If you have outdoor cats, this is definitely a great way to keep your pets warm and safe, especially if winter is drawing near. If your neighborhood has a lot of stray cats, you may also want to get one to provide them a place for protection and comfort.

Generally, a cat house will protect your outdoor cat, especially from tough weather conditions like snow, rain, and heat. It can also protect your cat from other dangerous animals, insects, fleas, and mold that could cause diseases or injuries. If you’re strongly worried about fleas, especially if your cat house is home to mostly fleas, you can always use one of the best cat flea treatments such as flea collars, flea shampoos, or cat flea sprays, otherwise you can protect them with blankets or other tools to help keep every cat safe.


Your cat outdoor shelter should be easy to assemble and use as few tools as possible to set up and take down. Some people can easily work with tools to set up their cat’s outdoor home. However, if you’re not very good with power tools, you may want to buy an outdoor cat house that easily snaps together without needing tools to save you time and energy.


If your neighborhood has freezing temperatures and snow, a heated cat house may be your best pick. Make sure to check out how much energy the heating element needs to run well. Your cat may also need to get used to it before you place the cat there to make sure they’re comfortable and adjusting well to the heating elements.


An insulated outdoor cat house will give your cat optimized temperature equilibrium in their home. An insulated house traps warm air during the winter and traps cooler air during the summer. Cat houses with thicker walls are a good idea if you want insulation and protection in all weather.

Escape Door

This is a very important factor because larger predators can sneak in and intimidate your cats quite easily. If a predator does find its way into your cat house, your cat may be in serious danger. An escape door gives your cat a quick exit when these predators arrive, saving your cat’s life or protecting it from injuries.


A good cat shelter is spacious and comfortable to give your cats plenty of rooms to get comfortable and feel safe. If you have multiple cats, a bigger house with more levels is definitely a good idea. You should remember, however, that the bigger the house, the less warm it is and the more difficult to clean. To be sure that your cat will fit in the house, make sure your cat can stand up and turn fully as well as lie down and stretch out fully inside the house.

Manufacturing Material

Weather durability is always important. A wooden or plastic cat house with an asphalt roof is good for the backyard as these materials are sturdier and offer more protection. A fabric crafted house may be a good idea if you’re keeping the house in a basement or porch. Make sure the material that makes up your cat’s home is best suited to the environment it will be kept in.

Weather Protection

It is extremely important that your outdoor cat shelter is watertight. Watertight or waterproof outdoor cat houses should sufficiently protect your cats from snow, rain, and condensation. If you live in an area with frequent snow, freezing, or flooding, a version that is lifted at least a few inches from the ground is a great idea to prevent moisture from soaking up the cat condo.

Cleaning Ease

Every good cat owner should be cleaning and maintaining your cat’s house from time to time to keep the cat healthy and its living conditions safe. This means that you need to get a cat house that is easy to clean and maintain. If the house comes with cushions or a cat bed, make sure that they are made from materials that you can easily wash. Cat houses with removable floors and roofs also make the cleaning and maintenance process a whole lot easier, so you might want to get those.

9.9 Total Score
Best outdoor cat house!

If you're looking to buy an outdoor cat house, there are some things you need to keep in mind. For starters, you need to ask yourself if you really need an outdoor cat house. If you have outdoor cats, this should be a good idea, especially if winter is drawing near. If your neighborhood has a lot of stray cats, you may also want to get one.

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Kitty Tube The Outdoor Insulated Cat House w/Pet Pillow
PUPPY KITTY Cat House Insulated Foldable Pet House
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