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By MPLI • Updated: March 3, 2023

Everybody knows that cats are natural hunters, scratchers, and climbers. And these things are their basic instincts which can’t be met when they are living indoors. For your cat to be happy in her home, playing and exercising freely is a vital thing. It is apparent that you can’t take them for a walk every time they want to play. So, the next best thing would be buying a cat condo.

As you browse the internet, you’ll come across the best cat trees & condos. This would be the only plausible way the cats will have their own playground. Both cat trees and condos will serve the purpose and allow your adorable pet to wander around it all day long. And you don’t even have to worry that they will damage the furniture. From various nooks for privacy to space where they can relax and sleep, the condo will be their home. So, you need to choose the best cat condos and trees for your feline.

The condos don’t acquire more space than available, and you can put them in any corner of the house. As soon as you get the tree or condo, your cat will fall in love with its new home. We have compiled a list of top 10 best cat trees and condos so that your sweet, naughty little pet always gets the best.

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Best Cat Condos Comparison

Best Cat Condo Comparison
NameDesigned ForStyleHammockColor
Feandrea Multi-Level Cat TreeAll cat sizesMulti-levelNoLight gray
Vesper Cat FurnitureAll cat sizesV-High BaseNoWalnut
Premier Large Cat Pagodas TreeAll cat sizesCondoNoGray
BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree CondoMedium and small catsCondoYesLight gray
Go Pet ClubAll cat sizesMulti-levelYesBeige
Yaheetech Cat Tree CondoMedium and small catsMulti-levelNoGray
AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat TreeMedium and small catsMulti-levelNoBeige
Feandrea Cat TreeLarge catsCondoNoLight Gray
Armarkat Classic Model Cat TreeAll cat sizesCondoNoBeige
Kitty City Large Cat BedAll cat sizesDouble-storyNoGray

These Are The Best Cat Condos You Can Buy:

#1 Feandrea Multi-Level Cat Tree

To give exclusive luxury to your cats and give them a cozy home, you can choose Feandrea Multi-Level Cat tree. Who doesn’t love their own house? This multi-layered condo offers 2 rooms for napping and 3 perches where your cat can rest and watch over the house. There is even a slope on the condo that adds up more fun.

Constructed by CARB-certified natural particle boards, the condo is strengthened with battens at the bottom to provide stability to the entire structure. Anti-toppling fittings are also included for the double security of the condo. SISAL covered scratching posts are also added to make sure that your cat gets the best cat tree ever. This allows nail scratching and promotes exercise, a must in any cat training. Furthermore, Feandrea will also provide professional customer service before and after the purchase.

This condo is appropriate for all the super active cats and others as well. The padded platforms and poles covered with sisal ropes will give your cats ample opportunities to play and scratch. There isn’t even a slight possibility that they will damage the poles as they are capable of withstanding constant scratches. And to keep this great condo clean and odor-free, use one of the top cat urine removers.


  • Covered in pet-friendly plush material
  • Suitable for cats of all sizes
  • Premium quality and professionally designed condo
  • Made of compressed and glued cardboard with high density supporting tubes to avoid wobbling
  • Multi-level spacing with enough area to play, jump, and nap
  • Easy to assemble and cats love it


  • The condo is costly as compared to its counterparts
  • The smell of glued cardboard might bother you for a while
  • There are no written instructions for assembly just pictures

#2 Vesper Cat Furniture

If you are looking for a cat tower for large cats that is elegant yet practical, then Vesper will be the right choice. The condo comes in a variety of styles, including V-Cube, V-Base, V-Double, V-High Base, and V-Tower. Plus, there are several color choices available so that your cat will get the most beautiful play area. This piece of furniture will satisfy your cat’s daily activity needs.

There is a cube cave with two platforms filled with soft memory cushions. Just by looking at the condo, you will agree that it can be an excellent spot for cat hangout. Every cat owner knows that cats can be very demanding. Hence, the Vesper cat furniture converges innovative design, meticulous workmanship, and cat-friendly materials for best results.

As you are buying a cat condo for large cats, you must pick the model according to your aesthetic taste. The line of furniture is a combination of cozy cubes, tunnels, and platforms, along with strategically placed scratching areas.

No matter which model you choose, but we can assure you that all cat condos are adorable and multi-functional. Give your cat the enticing world it needs for playing and resting whenever it wants.


  • The condo provides a classic, cozy, and comfortable space for the cats
  • You can choose from a variety of models and colors
  • The design is sleek, and cats adore the minimalistic house
  • The tree is durable and of great quality


  • All models are pretty expensive
  • Assembling the furniture can be difficult sometimes
  • The customer service is not as reliable as you expect

#3 Premier Large Cat Pagodas Tree

When you can pick the best cat tree for large cats and small ones at the same time, there is nothing better than that. This fully assembled handcrafted cat tree will remove all the hassles so that you can have the best playground for your cats.

The un-oiled sisal rope, sonic tubes, and a plush household grade carpet give a homey vibe to the condo. Even the rug comes in fresh and vibrant shades and textures. There is a number of perches where the cat can play freely. And no matter how much it scratches the surface, it won’t get damaged, giving you a long-lasting condo.

Creating high quality and low-cost cat tree for large cats is not as easy as it sounds. Hence, New Cat Condos design the cat furniture that is functional and has a longer lifespan. Playing, resting, sleeping, etc. is a part of a cat’s routine to keep them happy and healthy.

That’s why you need to provide your kitty with a place to do it all. They ensure that the furniture is built with strong, sturdy, safe, and comfortable materials. Your cat will get an unmatched quality home which is crafted precisely according to their needs.


  • The condo comes assembled saving your time and efforts in assembly
  • Your feline will undoubtedly find the condo intimidating enough to play with it all-day
  • Affordable and great functionality
  • Solid wood structure to provide extra stability


  • The house isn’t removable which makes it hard to clean
  • No chew toy comes along with the condo
  • Might be cramped for multiple kittens

#4 BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo

To get the best cat tree for big cats with hammock, you need to pick Bewishome Tree Condo. It is a roomy and enjoyable condo with 3 nicely cushioned large platform beds. In addition, there are 2 spacious hideaways with plenty of room for your kitties to sleep in. The pole holding the structure together is covered with sisal ropes that will deter your cats from clawing their hands into your furniture. With the super solid construction and well-balanced design, the condo gives a strong base for the cats to play around.

By adding the cozy hammock, interactive jingly balls, and multiple-levels layout for climbing up creates the perfect fun area for your pets. That’s why; this product is considered the best cat condos for indoor cats. Whether you have large cats or smaller ones, this tree will serve as their very own mansion.

Even the plush covering is composed of high-quality material to give a soft and comfortable finish to the condo. So, your feline family will have more than enough to do around the house and entertain themselves. The attractive look of the tree will complement your home, which means you can place it anywhere you like.


  • Comes with all the hardware and tools that you need for assembly
  • Suitable for small, medium, and large size cats
  • Quite affordable as compared to other condos
  • Ensure safety and quality for your pets


  • Cat owners still have some safety concerns about getting such a big house
  • The carpet stench might be irritating for a while

#5 Go Pet Club

If you need cheap cat trees for large cats, then Go Pet Club make condos that will fit in your pocket and still be enough for your pets. This beautiful tree is made from durable compressed wood, and you will see the Faux Fur that gives the tree a high-quality finish. It will keep your cats warm and cozy. The reinforced posts are wrapped perfectly with natural sisal ropes giving the cats multiple posts for scratching.

Overall, you will have a safe space inside the house where your cat can play actively, improve their climbing skills, and scratch their nails without harming any piece of furniture.

Go Pet Club is very well known for designing sturdy cat trees for large cats. Your cat will get both comfort and entertainment in the same place. This tree condo will keep your cat active and let them nap and play safely. As the tree is durable, you won’t have to purchase a new condo every year to give endless hours of fun for your lovely cats. All felines love having a playhouse of their own. This tree will provide them with a corner from where they can watch all over the house without any disruptions.


  • Quality and safety is assured by the manufacturer
  • Extravagant recreational space with comfort
  • Tools and detailed assembly guide is included with the product
  • Variety of models at affordable prices


  • The model can be more sturdy
  • Not enough space for sleeping
  • The bottom hammock doesn’t seem much use for cats

#6 Yaheetech Cat Tree Condo

For the cat lovers who like having tall cat trees for cats, Yaheetech Cat Tree Condo is one of the best products you can buy. Not only is the condo cheap, but it also has quality and protective materials. Covered by skin-friendly plush covering for the cats, the tree is composed of 5 inches particleboard and reinforced posts that are covered with sisal ropes. As you can see, you will get everything that your cat needs in its playhouse. From climbing to scratching, they can perform all activities without damaging other furniture in the house.

The condo comes in lovely and lively designs, having 2 spacious hideaway houses offering soft and warm lounging spots. The sisal ropes near the hideaway will help you to promote positive scratching habits. There are also 3 perches platform at the top so that your cat will be at the same level as you.

Cats love sitting around the house, watching over, looking out the window, etc. And the condo gives them the perfect space to do everything they love. To make sure that the tree doesn’t fall down when the cats play on it, anti-toppling fittings are also included in the structure.


  • Easy to assemble and have grace
  • Reliable customer service is available for queries regarding the product
  • Sturdy and stable which is a priority for the condos and trees for cats
  • Easy to clean and dry up due to the well-ventilated area
  • Comes with a safety strap for extra stability


  • The product isn’t suitable for large cats
  • The instructions are hard to understand
  • Pretty unstable without the safety strap
  • Low price led customers to think that the product is of bad quality

#7 AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat Tree

Featuring a basic yet highly effective design, AmazonBasics is a multi-level cat tree that will give your feline a personal space around the house. If you buy this cat tower for big cats, then you will be disappointed as it is mainly designed for medium and small-sized cats. The condo is multi-tiered to provide several platforms for your cat to relax, climb, and play.

The condo will prevent your cat from roaming around the house, exploring things they shouldn’t touch. As a result, the carpet, curtains, and other furniture around the house will stay safe and sound. The scratching posts are made from natural jute fiber to ensure that the cat can scratch its nails safely.

The condo comes in neutral tones so that it will match your house décor. The durable and long-lasting construction will act as a perfect playground for your cat. Instead of looking at all corners of the house, the cat will have a deluxe scratch-friendly environment for entertainment and to keep themselves busy.

You can choose among a variety of styles, such as Condo, dual condo, hammock, multi-level, step ladder, tunnel and platform, and a few others.


  • Satisfy your cat’s urge to scratch and climb
  • Interactive play design with a sense of privacy as well
  • Quite affordable with multiple functionalities


  • Customers state a design flaw that can cause serious harm to your cat
  • The chemical odor will take longer to fade away
  • Some customers might feel disappointed with the quality

#8 Feandrea Cat Tree

Made and designed for a couple of cats, Feandrea Cat Tree will be a cute little condo for your pets. The perch is widened at the top to give prime quality relaxation for your feline friends. The thickened scratch and stretch posts wrapped with natural sisal rope will enable the kittens to scratch their nails without damaging any furniture around the house. This cat tree for multiple cats serves as a perfect hide-out and napping spot for the active kittens.

To maximize stability in the structure, the bottom is strengthened with battens. Moreover, anti-toppling fittings are added that will prevent the structure from wobbling. Along with all the essential features, you will get reliable and professional customer service from Feandrea. One of the great things about this model is that it will fit even into smaller homes.


  • Extra-large plush perch with detachable mat
  • Anti-tipper and thicker sisal rods for extra safety
  • Easy to assemble and ample space for your cats to sit together
  • Great value for money


  • The condo doesn’t have any balls or toys to play
  • The product won’t last as long as expected

#9 Armarkat Classic Model Cat Tree

As far as the list of high-quality cat trees extends, Armarkat Cat Tree will be a solid choice for all cat lovers. Offering a hidey-hole, perches, and a ball toy is all your cat needs to keep it engaged throughout the day. The condo is covered with faux fur and pressed wood board material giving a rich finish to the product. Armarkat is known for designing pet-centric and friendly products. So, you can stay relaxed knowing that you are not only buying a visually appealing material but also getting a sturdy base.

Only pet-friendly materials are used to manufacture the product, thereby assuring the quality. Additionally, the tree is designed in such a way that it will last for a long time. And in case you somehow lost a component, or it gets damaged, you can get replacements as well. As far as the assembly process goes, you can quickly build the condo as it has a less complicated structure. You can place the condo near a window or glass door so that your cat will have a skyline to enjoy and a place for climbing and playing.


  • Super easy to assemble and offer excellent stability
  • Great product at affordable price
  • The condo is tall enough to give a complete view of the house


  • The low price is not a big selling point for the product as customers think it marks a lower quality
  • Suitable mostly for young kittens, not the adult cats

#10 Kitty City Large Cat Bed

To get a cat tree for small spaces, you can consider buying Kitty City Cat Bed with a stackable cube design. There are several options you can choose from. You can buy a cushion, a double story condo, an outdoor house, or a single story tree as per requirements.

All cats love having their own corner in the house, and this condo is exactly what they need. Even though the condo doesn’t come with small and cute hanging toys, it is still enjoyable. The sturdy fabric walls will assemble easily and can be brought down as well.

It comes with plush polyester pillows that are removable and washable in machines. You can get creative with the cubes and build a fort your cat family. Even for the condo set, you can choose to have two sets of double story cube or one set of double story cube and others. Space is enough for the felines to cuddle and look around the house.


  • Easy to assemble and carry around the house
  • Machine washable covers and cushions
  • An outdoor cube is also available for the pets


  • Not a sturdy condo and have a very powerful chemical odor
  • The condo is more like a living space rather than playing area

There is an unending list of options to choose from as you look online. Therefore, to pick the best cat condo on Amazon, we are offering some help.

Buying Guide To Pick The Best Condo For Your Cat:

To buy cat trees & condos for large cats, you need to understand why cats love condos so much. For the felines, a cat tree is not designed so that your cat can sleep, eat, drink, or poop there. The primary function of the condos is to give the cats a place where they can play and enjoy.

Cats are delinquent animals, and they are very disruptive in nature. They need constant attention and care of their owners. And that’s why you need to give them something that serves as a small paradise for them. Hence, the condo or tree is an ideal place.

Before you make a decision about the good cat condos, we would like to help you figure out the qualities you need. Whether you have one small cat or multiple ones, a small apartment or a big house, there are many things that need to be considered before the purchase.

A lovely tree or condo will allow your pet to play, exercise, scratch, and relax in the same place alongside keeping your house furniture intact. So, here is a buying guide to help the cat lovers to pick the best cat condo or tree.

What to look for?

To choose the best cat house, you need to narrow down the needs of your cat. You must provide them a place where they can climb and perch, the surface they can scratch, toys to play with, and the room where they can relax when they are tired. Keep all these things in mind, and you will be able to determine which condo or tree will be suitable for your kitties.

The two main things you need to focus upon are explained below:

1. Proper Size & Construction

When it comes to best cat condos, the first and foremost thing you should analyze is the size of the condo. It is important that you have enough place for the condo; otherwise, your apartment will only get crowded. Plus, you don’t need to pick the biggest condo or tree that will cover huge space.

You can easily buy condos of different sizes and designs that will fit your living space. The cat condos for large cats will be big, and the ones for small cats will be small in size. So, you never have to worry about finding the right size for your pet.

The best cat tree needs to be sturdy and must have a stable construction to manage the weight of your cats. This rule mainly applies to the people who own multiple cats, and they are big in size. For a small kitten, any tree would be perfectly fine. Just ensure that they are correctly constructed and portable.

2. Opportunities for Playing & Exercising

The main reason to buy a condo for cats is to give them a place where they can play and exercise. You can easily pick stylish cat condos online with discount offers and get all the features you want. While you are choosing the condo, look for a piece that has multiple levels for climbing and perching & some areas that cats can scratch without harming the furniture.

Having a private room or sleeping area would be a great addition. You can stick to small trees and condos if your apartment is not big. But if you have more than enough space, then there is no harm in going for the biggest cat tree ever. After all, your cat needs ample space to have fun throughout the day.

Why should you buy a Cat Condo?

Purchasing a cat condo comes with plenty of perks. For one, your kitty will have a convenient place where they can improve their climbing skills and sharpen their claws. The best cat condo will give your pet seclusion and privacy as well in case they ever need it. Summing up all the reasons, here are the main ones that would convince you that you need a cat condo or tree in your house.


Whether you prefer or not, cats need to sharpen their claws. If they can’t go outside to do that, then they will find a piece of furniture inside the house to dig in their claws. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have exclusive furniture for the sole purpose instead of letting the cat sharpen their claws all over the house.


All pets need to exercise daily in order to stay healthy, and so does your cat. If you don’t want to get an outdoor cat condo, then pick the sturdiest cat tree for them to climb and perch. Exercise will be good for their mind and body, and they will stay in the best shape.


The quality cat trees typically come with cat toys such as balls, ropes, etc. All cats, regardless of their age, love playing with furry and soft toys. So, the small hideouts filled with comfy materials would be the best way to keep your lovely cats entertained.


When your cats are tired after playing all day, they will need a safe and secluded place to relax and nap. That’s why cat condos are trendy among cat lovers as well as cat window perches.

Standard Features That Must Be Present In The Condo

As you understand the importance of having the best-rated cat tree in your home, make sure that the trees have the features listed here as well. The condo will do great if they have some fundamental aspects including:

  • Perches
  • Toys
  • Ladders
  • Hanging Rope
  • Lounging Platforms
  • Sleeping Tunnels

Apart from these features, you can look for additional functionality like a hanging bed, multiple levels, etc. Large size condos are most likely to provide most of the everyday activities, which makes them more suitable for cats. But that doesn’t mean that the smaller cat condos are not as good as the big ones. If the winter becomes too cold, your kitty will love a nice heated cat house to stay cozy and warm.

The size is just a matter of preference and depends on the number of cats you have. So, pick the best cat trees on Amazon, and you will have a fun space just for your cat in the house. Compare the characteristics and prices and purchase the one that fits your budget as well as your cat’s need.

Some Final Words

As you review the best deals on cat trees and condos on Amazon, the decision-making will be more comfortable. This buyer’s guide will help you understand what your cat needs and how you can provide the specialized care it deserves.

Once you get your condo, you will be able to fathom that buying the condo is the best choice you made. Invest in the product that is durable and enjoyable, and you’ll never have to stress that your cat is feeling bored in the house alone.

9.8 Total Score
Best cat condos!

As you review the best deals on cat trees and condos on Amazon, the decision-making will be more comfortable. This buyer’s guide will help you understand what your cat needs and how you can provide the specialized care it deserves.

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Premier Large Cat Pagodas Tree
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AmazonBasics Multi-Level Cat Tree
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Armarkat Classic Model Cat Tree
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