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By MPLI • Updated: February 9, 2023

Being a pet owner, it can be heart-rending to see your cat getting sick and in pain. After all, he’s your little companion and you don’t ever want to see him suffer.

However, there are times it’s more than just heart-rending – it can be a little bit unpleasant when your cat gets infected with a range of intestinal parasites throughout his life. These parasites are called worms, with some are considerably more dangerous for your cat than others.

Regardless of what parasite is in your feline, it is imperative to treat your pet as effectively and quickly as possible. That’s when the appropriate dog and cat dewormer role comes in. To help prevent infections, you should also consider a cat ear cleaner.

Dewormers are oral medications – chewable or tablets. Most worm parasites in cats target the intestinal tract. And these worms are roundworms, whipworms, tapeworms, and hookworms. These works target numerous parts of the intestine and stomach.

Let’s first understand how cat dewormer works. The dewormer paralyzes the pest or dissolves the worm, resulting in releasing its bite, falling through the intestinal tract, and passing out in the pet’s stool.

Most dewormers help in removing the infestation within two to three weeks. In short, worms are no more hassle to treat if you pick the safe and effective dewormer for your cat.

We overlooked a plethora of cat dewormers so to present you with the very finest of these products. After conducting our hard research, we come up with 10 of the best cat dewormers you can consider purchasing for your cat. In this post, we will even help you to pick the right dewormer.

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Best Dewormers for Cats Compared:

Best Cat Dewormer Comparison
Bayer Tapeworm DewormerTablets3PraziquantelCats & Dogs
GOODGROWLIES Dewormer for CatsDrops2oz/60mlBroad SpectrumCats & Dogs
VetaHelp Labs Dewormer for CatsDrops2oz/60ml100% NaturalCats & Dogs
Pro-Sense Liquid Dewormer Solutions for CatsLiquid4 fl oz/118mlPiperazineCats
Wowpaw Dewormer for CatsDrops2 fl oz/60mlBroad SpectrumCats & Dogs
HerbalVet 10 Tablets Cat Intestinal CleanseTablets10100% NaturalCats
Herbalpet Natural DewormerTablets3100% NaturalCats
Excel Liquid Roundworm Dewormer for CatsLiquid4 fl oz/118mlPiperazineCats
FurroLandia 8 in 1 Dewormer for CatsDrops2 fl oz/60mlBroad SpectrumCats & Dogs
Pawesome Dewormer for CatsDrops2 fl oz/60mlBroad SpectrumCats & Dogs

Top 10 Best Cat Dewormer Reviews:

Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer

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11 new from $16.98
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When it comes to eliminating tapeworms effectively, look no further from the Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer. It is one of the finest products available out there for deworming cats.

Unhappily, your cat’s grooming habit puts them in danger of ingesting fleas infected with tapeworms, especially if you don’t use the grooming combs and your cats don’t wear a flea collar.

However, this cat dewormer product is in a non-coated tablet that is easy to crumble up and blend in your cat’s food bowl. Therefore, you can give it to your pet straight, and it may pass down easier if it’s mixed in with your kitty’s favorite dinner.

The active ingredient include is Praziquantel, a medication known to be extremely effective for eradicating tapeworms. Each pill includes 23mg of this active ingredient. If for any reason you end up misdiagnosing tapeworm, then this medicine is absolutely safe for your cat with no parasite.

It has fewer serious effects than broad-spectrum medication. The only drawback is that your pet may experience salivation or diarrhea, but rarely.

In addition to that, it doesn’t come in liquid form. Therefore, if your cat hates to consume pills, then you need to hide it in their meal.

You can squash and sprinkle it over your cat’s food, add a little water and then, mix it up. Your little one will not even smell or notice it.

It’s recommended for cats six weeks and older and available out there over the counter without a prescription. This medication may be a little more costly than some, but it offers excellent value as best cat dewormer for tapeworms. It can treat worms with a single dose and so, it makes the treatment process comfortable and easy for your cat.


• No need for a prescription.
• Fast-acting.
• Affordable.
• Minimal side effects.
• Easily administer directly in your cat’s mouth or mixed in food.


• Not safe for cats less than six weeks old.
• Treats tapeworm infestations only.
• Not available in liquid form.

GOODGROWLIES Dewormer for Cats

 in stock

Whether it’s about treating tapeworm, hookworm, whipworm or roundworm infestation, GOODGROWLIES Dewormer for Cats is an effective one. This is the best dewormer for cats and dogs, kittens and puppies, senior cats and dogs of all sizes and breeds.

This product offers you an effective, a versatile and great option for treating worm infestations in your pet. It comes in a liquid form, making the treatment process easy and simple.

Your cat can easily absorb it – all you have to do is to add dewormer into your cat’s drink or food according to instructions. This is the best cat dewormer product you can consider buying if your cat has trouble consuming pills.

For cat owners looking for a natural formula to treat worm infestations, this is the right one containing no strong chemicals, no hormones, no preservatives, and no artificial flavoring. It contains only pure natural ingredients that help in deworming cats effectively.

The natural ingredients include pumpkin seed, black walnut, wormwood, oregano, peppermint, clove bud, etc. All the ingredients used in the product are made in the USA.

To bear in mind that some worms common in cats can be passed on to you. But, using this dewormer for cats on a regular basis can help you to prevent your pet contraction and protect your dear ones from plausible infection.

If you are looking for the best cat dewormer over the counter in liquid form, then GOODGROWLIES Dewormer for Cats is the absolutely right one to purchase.


• Treats hookworm, roundworm, tapeworm and whipworm infestations.
• Comes in liquid form.
• Contains natural and proven ingredients for the well-being of your pet.
• Sourced in the USA.


• Some users complained that it doesn’t work.
• Make the problem worse.

VetaHelp Labs Dewormer for Cats

 in stock

Another best over the counter dewormer for cats to treat a wide range of worm infestations is VetaHelp Labs Dewormer for Cats. With the help of this product, you can easily and effectively get rid of tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, pinworms, and whipworms.

It can be used in kittens & cats and dogs & puppies for safely deworming. It comes in a liquid form, making easy for you to treat worm infestation in your pet. You can feed directly or blend in your cat’s food. It helps to get the job done without causing any impairment.

There is no doubt that worm infestation can cause serious health issues. They can lead to nutritional deficiency, pain, and tissue damage. With this 100% natural dewormer for a wide range of worms, you can ensure the well-being of your pet.

Its advanced and natural formula – the plant and herb combination is highly effective for killing worms. It helps not only in eradicating the worms of adult and young stages but the parasite eggs also.

With this best over the counter cat dewormer, you can treat as well as control parasites. You are going yourself goodwill – protecting your cat and your dear ones too at the same time. In addition to that, it helps in preventing reinfection.

Moreover, it is US manufactured and GMP-certified dewormer. Its ultimate natural at-home treatment will certainly help you eliminate parasites and make your cat feel like herself or himself again. As it contains only natural active ingredients, then there is no need to worry about side effects.


• One solution for treating and preventing all common worms.
• 100% natural deworming treatment for pets.
• Works in cats and dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds.
• FDA and GMP certified.
• Easy to administer.


• Some users complained that it’s ineffective.
• Some users experienced some side effects on their pets.

Pro-Sense Liquid Dewormer Solutions for Cats

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Our cat dewormer reviews would be incomplete without mentioning Pro-Sense Liquid Dewormer for Cats. Needless to say, this medicine comes in a liquid form and is especially for treating and controlling roundworm infestation.

Happily, it is available at a very economical price. It is recommended to use the medicine for a cat six weeks and older having roundworms.

You can either feed your pet directly or blend it into your cat’s food or drink. After giving the first done, you should wait fourteen days before you administer another.

With this medicine, you can save yourself from the hassle of crushing pills. It contains piperazine citrate, which is known to be effective for killing roundworms. Piperazine citrate targets the parasitic worms to make sure that nothing is left behind.

Don’t give your pet too much (250mg of a teaspoon is appropriate), they may be at danger for an overdone and suffer symptoms – nausea, muscle tremors, and vomiting. Some pets may be able to bear this medicine well, but some have experienced side effects like vomiting.

The Pro-Sense Liquid dewormer is known to be the best way to deworm a cat as it acts quickly and you can witness the roundworms in your pet’s stool within 24 hours. Within a week, your little one should start regaining weight and turning back to being a healthy cat.

Another good point of this product is that it has an appealing smell and flavor. Moreover, it is easy and safe to use for kittens, but not ones under six weeks old. It comes with helpful dosing soon that makes the treatment process easier for you.


• Eradicated roundworm quickly.
• Economical price.
• Easy to administer.
• Rarely any side effect.
• Cats seem to like the taste.


• Treats roundworm only
• Pets may need re-administration.

Wowpaw Dewormer for Cats

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Wowpaw Dewormer for Cats is the best deworming medicine for cats as it is proven to be a quick and powerful treatment to eliminate common worms without causing any side effects. A decent mixture of pure herbs serves the safe cleaning of your cat’s system and enhances their overall wellbeing.

The product is recommended for puppies and kittens over six months old as well as adult animals. Wowpaw deworming treatment is powerful enough to eliminate most worms, which include roundworms, hookworms, trichinella, ascarids, and whipworms.

The product comes in a liquid form. You can give your cat for one more week even after all symptoms of worms are gone. This will ensure that your cat doesn’t get re-infection in the future.

The Wowpaw dewormer product will last for one month or even more and thus, you don’t have to make a new purchase if in case the problem gets back.

You can give it directly in your cat’s mouth and simply, mix it in your cat’s favorite food and drink. Mixing is helpful if you think that your cat quickly notices the taste and smell of the medicine.

Wowpaw is sourced in the US by the FDA and GMP-certified facility. There is no addition of synthetic, making the product 100% natural one to use at home for worm infestation treatment in cats. Some pet owners even claimed that their cats liked the taste of the product.

Not to mention, make sure to give the medicine in the amount recommended in the instructions labeled on the product bottle.


• 100% natural ingredients.
• Easy to administer.
• Works for all common worms.
• Suitable for cats of all ages, sizes, and breeds.
• Inexpensive


• Some users complained that it’s infective.
• Some say it’s toxic.

HerbalVet 10 Tablets Cat Intestinal Cleanse

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If you want to buy a cat dewormer alternative, then look no further from HerbalVet 10 Tablets Cat Intestinal Cleanse. It is a monthly cleanse that helps in promoting intestinal health.

With this product, you can prevent your cat from getting sick. One thing is certain that a monthly intestinal cleanse is the best alternative to the regular routine of your cat.

This product is recommended for any cat above six weeks of age or above 2 lbs. It comes in a tablet form and so, it is best to give with your cat’s good or after ten or 20 minutes after your little furry one has eaten.

The product is 100% natural containing organic ingredients, which include black walnut, clove buds, orange peel, wormwood, chamomile, pumpkin seeds, etc.

Cat owners looking for a natural product to promote their cat’s well-being, HerbalVet Pack Intestinal Cleanse is worth investing in.

Most similar kind of products needs multiple servings over successive days, but this one is a single-serving supplement. In other words, you can use it one time per month for the utmost effectiveness.

Unlike others, the product contains small pills and so, no more hassle for your cat to swallow pills. The HerbalVet worm medicine is made of small pills, which are very easy for your pet to swallow.

In fact, you can even break the tablets in half for oral administration or crush and mix it simply with your cat’s favorite food.

The best thing about HerbalVet is that they even provide free e-book for their users and e-book includes a comprehensive step-by-step guide for administrating the pills to your cats.


• 100% natural and safe ingredients.
• Suitable for a cat of any breed and cat above 6 weeks old.
• Smaller tablets.
• Treats common worm parasites & parasites.
• Cheap


• Not appropriate for nursing or pregnant cats.

Herbalpet Natural Dewormer

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Another natural and safe dewormer available out there for cats without a prescription is Herbalpet Natural Dewormer or Intestinal Cleanse.

The product is made from a decent blend of herbal ingredients including wormwood, mint leaves, cloves, walnut, cellulose, betel nut, etc and so, it is certainly safe to use for your pet. This one is effective whether it’s about treating and controlling tapeworm, roundworm, hookworm, nematode or whipworm infestation in your cat.

It is in the tablet form. So, it may be struggling for you to make your cat consume it. However, you can crumble the tablet and then, mix it with your cat’s favorite food. Needless to say, dry pet food may need slight moistening (add a little water) for a proper blend, making it easy for your cat to take medicine.

The reason why it is considered one of the best dewormers for cats is because of one-time treatment is needed only. A single done is enough for regular treatment. And make sure to give according to instructions – 1 tablet for 8.8 lbs cats.

It works quickly and effectively. In fact, some cat owners claimed that it starts improving their cat’s well-being within 24 hours.

Worms affecting cats can cause very serious health issues – tissue damage, pain, and nutritional deficiency. Happily, you can prevent it from happening by simply considering Herbalpet Intestinal Cleanse for your little furry one.


• Effective and fast.
• Works in a single treatment.
• Suitable for kittens & adult cats.
• Easy to administer.
• Safe and natural deworming solution.


• Some cats may refuse to take it.

Excel Liquid Roundworm Dewormer for Cats

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When it comes to the best kitten dewormer for the treatment of roundworms, Excel Liquid Roundworm Dewormer for Cats is highly recommended to buy.

Proven to the highly effective against large roundworm infestations, this product has a delicious flavor that appeals to both kittens and cats.

The product contains a deworming agent – 250 mg piperazine that paralyzes roundworms so that cats can easily and safely pass them out of their body through their stool. Not to mention, this treatment doesn’t kill worms but instead helps cats in getting rid of them through their feces.

This dewormer is safe to use for kittens and cats over six weeks of age and it is extremely easy to direct. All you have to do is to give it directly or blend it to your cat’s favorite food or drink. Therefore, if your cat is a picky eater, then he may not notice the taste quite much.

Needless to say, it truly depends on the individual cat as some cat owners have had a hassle getting their pet to take the medication. However, the results of the medication have been witnessed within a few hours.

To make sure that the infestation is properly taken care of, you may like to direct a second dose after thirty days of the first treatment to prevent re-infestation. But, be cautious with the dosage requirement as giving your pet too much could cause side effects like vomiting or nausea.


• Easy to administer.
• Effective and safe to use for the treatment of roundworms.
• Very affordable.
• Obtainable in 4-ounce.


• May not be suitable for all cats.
• Works only for roundworms.

FurroLandia 8 in 1 Dewormer for Cats

 in stock

FurroLandia 8 in 1 Dewormer for Cats provides a safe and easy way to help your little furry friend in getting rid of harmful worms. This deworming product contains natural ingredients, which include wormwood, apple cider vinegar, black walnut, pumpkin seed, etc.

It is another option for car owners worrying about their cat ingesting chemicals due to deworming. It is suitable for cats as well as dogs, offering great peace of mind that you being a pet owner seek when it comes to deworming.

Like most of the other deworming products, this one effectively protects you and your loved ones from plausible infestation. Moreover, you can keep your environment worm-free by using this product. In fact, it is a cost-effective solution to regularly keep your friend worm-free.

The name suggests that it provides better and more comprehensive treatment as it helps in getting rid of hookworm, whipworm, roundworm, tapeworm, Strongyloides, and trichinella effectively.

This vet dewormer works for cats and dogs of all sizes. Like others, it is sourced in the USA and GMO-free. That’s why it is in the list of top 10 cat dewormers to consider. Needless to say, it is available in liquid form, making easy for your cat to take the medication. And make sure to give the dose as instructed. For 50 lbs cats, one full dropper per day is recommended.


• Made of natural ingredients.
• Vet recommended.
• Effective and safe.
• Suitable for cats of all sizes.
• Get rid of all common worms.


• Some cat owners complained that it’s not effective.

Pawesome Dewormer for Cats

When it comes to natural cat dewormer, Dewormer by Pawesome can’t be ignored at all. This one natural yet effective treatment for cats can treat all common types of worms including tapeworms, whipworms, roundworms, and hookworms.

It contains a powerful natural formula with no chemicals, no preservatives, no hormones, and no artificial flavoring. The formula helps in eliminating worms utilizing the natural powers of plant extracts and herbals, which include walnut oil, seed oil, wormwood extract and a lot more.

Regardless of your pet age, breed and size, you can consider buying it as it is suitable for cats as well as dogs of all sizes, age or breeds. In other words, it will work for kittens as well as puppies and senior cats as well as senior dogs.

It is no wonder that in comparison to tablets or powders, liquid medication is fast to absorb and easy to use. The dewormer by Pawesome comes in a liquid form – you can give it directly or simply add it to your cat’s favorite drink or food.

For appropriate serving requirements, make sure to review the chat labeled on the bottle. Giving medicine too much can have serious side effects.

The dewormer by Pawesome is vet recommended and meets the highest manufacturing standards throughout the world. All active ingredients included in the product are sourced in the USA.


• Natural deworming solution for your cat.
• Work for tapeworm, hookworm, whipworm and roundworm infestation.
• Apt for cats of all breeds and sizes.
• Effective and inexpensive
• No side effects.


• Some cats may refuse to take the medication.
• Some users say it doesn’t work.

A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Right Cat Dewormer

Unhappily, intestinal parasites are not rare in pets, especially cats and dogs throughout the globe. No matter whether your cat stays outdoors or indoors, you’re probably to have encountered worms before.

Whenever this happens, you must visit your veterinarian and get a prescription for a pet wormer as soon as possible. This is the ideal thing to do if it’s a serious infestation.

A mild infestation can be treated at home using an over-the-counter product. But there are some things to keep in mind.

Determine the type of worms

There are different types of dewormers available out there. To bear in mind that getting the right dewormer for your cat requires determining what type of worms they encountered. The most common ones include:


These infestations usually occur when your pet ingests a flea that carries tapeworm eggs. During the period of infestation, your pet is deprived of the nutrients it requires. It can ultimately cause them to become sick and lose weight. Tapeworms are quite common with fleas in your house. You may witness segments of worms in your pet’s feces. Your cat may suffer from loss of appetite and diarrheas


They are too common in cats and it is vital to catch and treat them as soon as possible. Cats generally get roundworms if they end up eating roundworm eggs. The symptoms of a roundworm infestation are loss of appetite, general weakness and a bloated stomach.


Here it comes a scary one and cats get through ingested eggs. However, it can also be gotten by walking on soil that is hookworm contaminated. To bear in mind that, this type of parasite is shed via feces and can transmit from one pet to another through the shared litter box. They are not visible to witnesses and thus, must be diagnosed and treated by a veterinarian.

If you’re not confident about what type of worm your little one has, you should go to your veterinarian before considering any treatment.

Choose the best treatment option

Now, it comes to the treatment option – finding the type of dewormer best for your cat. To ensure that your pet is properly treated, it is important to get medication to treat your cat’s unique parasitic infestation. Keep in mind that medications are specific. In other words, a medication that treats tapeworms might not affect the roundworms or hookworms.

Thus, it is best to consult your vet before trying to treat worms. However, if you are attempting your own research, the right dewormer is one treating the specific worm your pet is infected with and treating it effectively and efficiently.

Look for the following chemicals in the dewormer, if it is not the natural one;

Pyrantel pamoate – treats hookworms and roundworms (paralyze their bodies).
Praziquantel – effective for tapeworms (it starves them until they ultimately disintegrate).
Piperazine – paralyze roundworms so they can come out through your pet’s body.
Broad-spectrum – a broad-spectrum dewormer is a decent option if you can’t determine what type of work your cat has. It contains a blend of both Pyrantel pamoate and Praziquantel, letting them destroy common intestinal parasites.

When buying dewormer for your cat, cat trees with hammock, or other medicines and furniture, you should keep your pet’s safety in mind. So, check out the plausible side effects of a medication before using it. Most importantly, the treatment will work only if you are able to get your pet to consume it.

Therefore, it is best to go for a medication that you can give in their food. And liquid medicine is a decent investment for oral medication.

In addition to that, it’s also important to ensure that the medication is recommended for a specific age range. For example, there are cat dewormers that aren’t safe to use on kittens. Thus, make sure that the cat dewormer you pick is suitable for your cat’s age.

Some Final Words On Cats’ Dewormers:

Keeping your little friend worm-free is a vital part of ensuring your cat is happy and healthy. If preying on your pet wasn’t terrible enough, some types of worms can really spread to humans – one more reason to keep attentive about treatment and prevention when necessary.

A dog and cat dewormer doesn’t essentially have to buy with a prescription. In fact, there are several effective over the counter treatments available on the market. But, they do require you to identify what type of worm your pet is dealing with.

With the above reviews of cat dewormer and buyer’s guide, it is now definitely easy for you to make the right purchase.

Nevertheless, make sure to seek advice from your vet if you aren’t sure about the appropriate treatment for your cat. If you have any questions, drop a line in the comments section below. And don’t forget to check out our best cat feeder guide if you are often outside of the house.

9.8 Total Score
Best cat dewormers!

Keeping your little friend worm-free is a vital part of ensuring your cat is happy and healthy. If preying on your pet wasn’t terrible enough, some types of worms can really spread to humans - one more reason to keep attentive about treatment and prevention when necessary.

Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer
GOODGROWLIES Dewormer for Cats
VetaHelp Labs Dewormer for Cats
Pro-Sense Liquid Dewormer Solutions for Cats
Wowpaw Dewormer for Cats
HerbalVet 10 Tablets Cat Intestinal Cleanse
Herbalpet Natural Dewormer
Excel Liquid Roundworm Dewormer for Cats
FurroLandia 8 in 1 Dewormer for Cats
Pawesome Dewormer for Cats
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