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By MPLI • Updated: March 5, 2023

Pet care is crucial, and it requires a lot of struggle, as well. If you are a pet owner, especially cats, then you might have an idea of how struggling it is to take care and clean your cat. You have to feed, bathe, and clean your cat on a regular basis.

Feeding your cat is not a huge task, especially because you can use an automatic cat feeder, but cleaning the cat’s litter waste is really a pain for many cat owners. If you are cleaning your cat litter boxes manually and you do not use any tools, then you must check the best litter disposal systems that are easy to afford and they are really helpful to keep all odor away from your beautiful house.

Along with these systems, you mostly need scoops to remove the cat litters. The cat litter scoops are as important as your litter disposal system itself. To keep everything clean and odorless, you have to choose the best cat litter scoop available in the market and insert one of the best cat litter pads inside the litter box.

There are various types of best metal cat litter scoop. Some scoops are smaller, while others are large in size. Some cat litter scoops are extremely light-weight, while other scoops are heavier. These differences matter a lot when you buy a cat litter scoop. But if you don’t feel like working too much, you can always buy a handy self-cleaning cat litter box that does the scooping for you.

This is a one-time investment for your cat litter box, so why not choose it with great care? The size of your cat litter box matters a lot, and you have to buy your cat litter scoop accordingly. Let’s have a look at some of the best cat litter scoops that we have chosen for you.

Best Cat Litter Scoops Compared:

Best Cat Litter Scoops Comparison
iPrimio Sifter Deep Shovel Metal Litter ScoopMediumNon Stick Plated
DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter ScoopMediumNon Stick Plated
CO-Z Aluminium Cat Litter Scoop With Flexible HandleMediumAluminumN/A4.8
Yangbaga Metal Long Handle Cat Litter ScoopLongStainless SteelN/A4.8
Sand Dipper Jr Cat Litter Scoop With Small HolesLongStainless Steel Basket, Aluminum HandleN/A4.8
SunGrow Cat Litter Stiffer Metal ScoopMediumStainless SteelN/A4.8
Gorilla Grip - Original Cat Litter ScooperMediumAluminumIncluded4.9
Booda Scoop'N Hide Litter Scoop For KittiesMediumPlasticN/A4.7

Quick Overview of Best Scoops For Cat Litter:

Our Picks Of Best Litter Scoop For Cats:

iPrimio Sifter Deep Shovel Metal Litter Scoop

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The iPrimio Sifter deep shovel is purely made from Aluminium metal. Due to its metal characteristics, this is one of the strongest and durable litter scoop product that comes with a ton of features. Another characteristic of this product is that it’s totally non-sticky, just like a pan in the kitchen.

The grip of this deep shovel is really strong, and it will never slip off your hands. The design of the shovel is just perfect to live all the litter’s cat waste. It’s easy to carry, and all the soiled litter waste will be quickly shifted to the pail. The sifter is not too thick and not too thin, and it helps to clean the litter boxes more conveniently.

The shovel is deep so you can use it if you own more then one cat. It will be easy to carry because there is no flexibility issue, unlike plastic litter scoops. The sifter shovel design is on point. It is crafted according to the needs of cat owners. Well-designed sifter makes the whole process easy, while a strong grip helps to carry your cat litter waste.

The water-proof handle and the aluminum material makes sure that the product works great for a long period of time. The buyers of this product are really happy with the deal. As metal litter scoops are relatively expensive but this scoop is worth it to buy because it will facilitate you for a long period of time.


  • Best Design
  • Narrowed Litter Sifter
  • Aluminum Material
  • Solid Grip
  • Deep Shovel


  • Slightly Heavier
  • The grip may fall off

DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop

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This scoop is massive. It’s larger in size so that you can clean up your cat litter box in one try. The scoop is heavy, but it is really strong and firm. The scoop grip is strong as well. There are no chances for this scoop to break too easily.

The size of the scoops makes it really special. Its size is almost equal to a normal human head. The scoop is totally made from strong Aluminium material, which lasts longer than any other material. Although the scoop is heavy, it is balanced correctly by the providers. You will find it easy to lift from the grip. The product comes with a great finish and elegant design. The product is rust-free, so there is no need to worry about the rusty factor.

This product is really old, with a ton of happy customers. The sifter design is great as well, and it will help you to carry all your litter waste without leaving anything behind. As the cat litter waste is soiled, you have to use the perfect sifter in order to separate both the waste and the soil.

Your sifter should not be so thick or thin. It should be narrow enough that no litter waste can pass through it. Durascoop features a deep and massive shovel that helps to clean everything fast. The deep shovel is perfect for big litter boxes where there are multiple cats together.

If you are looking for a single cat litter scoop, then DuraScoop might be too big for you because it is specially designed to work for larger boxes. There are no comfort issues with the grip of this product, you can easily hold it, and this litter scoop gets balanced by itself.


  • Massive Size
  • Strong Aluminium Material
  • Good Sifter
  • Huge shovel


  • Heavy
  • Better for large litter boxes

CO-Z Aluminium Cat Litter Scoop With Flexible Handle

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Metal scoops are really amazing because of their durability and comfort. CO-Z is another cat litter scoop that is purely made from Aluminium material. Aluminum never rusts so quickly, that’s why most of the litter scoop products are made from aluminum material.

This CO-Z cat litter scoop is a bit flexible, and this flexibility is kept in the product for a reason. When you sift the cat litter waste, you can shake your hand a bit to easily sift it. The grip of this litter scoop is really useful. It is made of a special rubber material which will make your hand feel more comfortable.

The whole litter scoop is water-proof, and there are no chances of any rust or corrosion. This litter product is relatively light-weight than other metal litter scoops. The light-weight of this rigid product makes it easy for the cat owners to lift it.

The front edges are specially designed to reach every corner of your cat litter box. With the help of front shovel edges, you can easily collect the clumping cat litter waste. These edges are also helpful in breaking the waste material so that you can easily sift it by using the sifter.

When we talk about the sifter of this product, it’s really great and different. The CO-Z sifter is designed irregularly. This irregular pattern of the sifter makes your cat litter box even cleaner. With the help of an extra-long grip, you can hold more weight without any difficulty.

The ergonomic grip is simple and firm. A little flexibility in the grip can be seen, which is a part of its design, and it’s working. The 5.5 inches deeper scoop helps you to improve your efficiency by 100%. You will be able to do the litter box work 10x faster and tidier.


  • Aluminum Made
  • Long Grip
  • Deep Shovel
  • Flexibility
  • Irregular sift design


  • Slightly heavier
  • Really Huge

Yangbaga Metal Long Handle Cat Litter Scoop

 in stock

This litter scoop is special because of the different design and added comfort. The long handle is the main highlight of this product, and with the help fo this long handle, you can easily do all the litter box work by simply sitting on a chair. It’s difficult for some people to sit on the ground, and some people have back pain issues. So here is the best litter scoop solution for such people.

The long handle is not permanently attached to this cat litter scoop. You can easily detach the handle when you do not need it. The stainless steel is used for the construction of this product, which makes it a really strong and long-lasting product.

The stainless steel metal which is used for the construction of this product is rust and corrosion-free. You can lift heavy loads with the help of this product because it’s strong enough to bear them all without any problem.

The detachable system is really helpful for many people. The total length of this cat litter scoop with the long handle is around 33 In. This length is enough for anyone sitting on a chair trying to clean the litter box. Many of us face back-pains on a regular basis.

Some people are even unable to bend their bodies because of the severity of the pain. To solve these issues, you can use the extended long handle for better control and ease. There is no need to bend over as everything is made so easy with the help of this magical long handle.

There are two grips attached to this system. One grip is for the longe handle while the other one is for short handles, so it totally contains two grips, and both of them are made from easy to grip and comfortable foam. The foam used on the grip will not tear up so easily because it is made from high-quality material.

The position of the deep shovel is absolutely correct, which helps to lift up all the litter waste more efficiently. The sifter design is also well-crated, and it doesn’t leave any of the litter waste into the box. It’s neither too thick nor too thin. The sifter lines are balanced, and they are perfectly designed according to customer needs.


  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Long-Handle (Detachable)
  • Big Scoop
  • Easy Grip


  • Handle may loose
  • Difficult to reach the corners of the litter box

Sand Dipper Jr Cat Litter Scoop With Small Holes

 in stock

This is another long handle litter scoop product packed with a ton o features. The long handle litter scoop products are in demand because many people face back problems, and they are unable to do anything where they need to bend their body, or maybe you are healthy enough that it’s difficult to bend yourself. In these scenarios, you can go for a Sand Dipper Jr litter scoop that features a long handle.

This litter scooper is a little bit different from ordinary litter scoopers. It is made from stainless steel and light-weight aluminum ski pole technology. These two materials combine to provide the best rigidness to the product, and it lasts longer than any other product.

The biggest difference is its shovel design, which stands out from all other litter scoops. It is not actually a shovel but a stainless steel basket that is used to sift and clean up the litter box. This sifter has some drawbacks. It may not reach the corners of your litter box due to its shape. The product quality is obviously great, but unlike products, this one offers a different experience.

If we talk about Sand Dipper Jr’s Grip, it’s really firm, and it feels comfortable. The extended handle is long enough to work with great comfort. The problem that many people complain about is the size of the sifter basket, which is relatively smaller, and you need some extra time to clean up your portable cat litter box. The small basket makes it hard for the customers to scoop again and again. However, if you do not need much scooping, then this product can get the work done for you.

Another problem that you may face with long handle scoops is that these handles may unscrew so easily while applying the force. It’s even harder to scoop off all the litter waste because the shape of the basket is not made according to the litter boxes. However, you may use it somewhere at the send to collect the pieces of glass.


  • Good Quality
  • Back Saver
  • Long handle


  • Small Basket
  • Long handle loose screw

SunGrow Cat Litter Stiffer Metal Scoop

 out of stock

Another great product for cleaning up all of your cat litter boxes. SunGrow cat litter stiffer scoop is a smart tool that will help you to clean up your cat litter boxes easily. This product is lighter in weight and easy to use than any other massive, gigantic cat litter scoop product.

If you want to maintain your litter box nicely, then you should consider using this metal litter scoop along with the best litter disposal system. The combination of these two products will help you to keep away all the odors.

This cat litter scoop is purely made from steel, and with good quality steel, you will never face any corrosion or rust issues. The size of this litter scoop is neither too big, nor too small. The medium size of these products helps you to handle it without causing any pain in your wrist easily.

The product will never bend or crack up as it is made from good quality steel. The shovel is medium-sized, which is great for cleaning up small litter boxes. With the round edges of the shovel, it’s easy to scrape away all the dust.

The sifter is perfect as well. The sifter is not too thick, and it’s a bit narrow, which is great to sift all the soil to separate the litter waste. There is a hangup hole on the grip, which gives you an option to hang it up on any wall outside.


  • Light Weight
  • Steel Build
  • No Bend
  • Strong Grip


  • Litter waste may stick to the shovel

Gorilla Grip – Original Cat Litter Scooper

 out of stock

This gorilla grip litter scoop is really great because it is actually a non-sticky product. The product is made from solid aluminum, and it will last longer for some years, at least. This is a deep scooper with a strong grip.

The non-stickiness of this product makes it special. It’s important for some people that their litter scoop must b non-sticky because it is easy to wash, and if some litter waste messes it up, then you can easily rinse it off by washing this Gorilla grip once.

They include a free hanger that you can use with your wall to hang up the litter scoop by gorilla grip. The deep shovel is around 2 inches deep, which is enough to clean a normal sized litter box.

The grip of this product is comfortable, and the size is great as well. There are some spikes on the front of the shovels. These spikes help to clean the litter box more conveniently. Overall it is one of the best litter scoops for small pieces.


  • Non-sticky
  • Fits corners
  • Durable
  • Deep Shovel
  • Free Hook


  • It may bend a little

Booda Scoop’N Hide Litter Scoop For Kitties

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If you do not want to buy metal litter scoops, then you can go for plastic ones. These are great, but they are not as durable as metal litter scoops, but still, they hold some good characteristics.

The deep bucket scoop is the main highlight of this litter scoop product. By utilizing the deep bucket, you can store your cat litter waste for some time outdoors. This plastic litter scoop is easy to click, but the litter waste may stick to it.

It’s way cheaper then metal litter scoopers, so if you are looking for a cost-effective option, then this can work fine for you. With the help of this product, you do not need to scoop again and again.

The large bucket will help you to scoop instantly, and then you can easily clean up the soiled litter waste. The build quality of this plastic litter scoop is good, but it may bend if you put heavy loads on it. So keep it with great care if you are going for a cost-effective option.


  • Cost-Effective option
  • Easy to Use
  • Deep-Bucket Scoop


  • Plastic may bend
  • Less durable than metal litter scoops

best litter scoops for cat waste

Buying Guide To Find The Best Cat Waste Scoops:

Why Do You Need Cat Litter Scoops?

The reason is obvious. Your cats feel uncomfortable when their litter boxes are filled up with waste. This can lead to many problems. Your cats will smell bad all the time, and you will be unable to live in your house. Who loves dirty cats? Everyone wants their cat to look beautiful and smell free.

If you do not clean your cat’s litter box and litter mat, then the odor will surround your whole house. To prevent all these scenarios, we purchase cat litter disposal systems to clean our cat’s litter waste box regularly. This is the best possible solution. Along with the disposal systems, we use cat litter scoops to carry all the waste to our pail. And using crystal cat litters make scooping much easier.

Are Litter Scoops Handy to Use?

The comfortability of your litter scoop is important because you are going to use it on a regular basis. There are various litter scoops available online, but you have to choose the best option, which is made perfectly for your usage.

Some litter scoops have weak plastic handles, these scoops break too quickly, and they are never recommended. To purchase a comfortable and a good scoop, you have to look for the following factors:

  • Well Design
  • Strong Material
  • Easy to Use
  • Light-weight

If you own more than one cat’s, then you have to look for bigger litter scoops because your cat’s litter waste will not be easy to handle. Always go for the most convenient option that suit’s your cat litter box.

There are some scoops that offer a rubber grip that makes it easy for cat owners to handle it. These tiny things create huge differences in your day to day usage.

When buying the best kitty litter scoop, the material of scoops matters a lot as well. If the material is not good enough, then your scoop may crack too soon. There are basically two types of materials used to make these cat litter scoops:

Metal Litter Scoops:

The metal litter scoops are mostly made from stainless steel and aluminum. These two materials are really durable. The metal scoops are mostly a bit expensive because of their rigidness and materials, but if you invest in a good metal litter scoop, then it will last you for years.

Plastic Litter Scoops:

The plastic litter scoops have a flexibility problem. Some scoops are made from good quality plastic, while others might break too soon. Plastic litter scoops are light-weight, cheap, and easily available. There are many color options for you to choose from.

9.7 Total Score
Best Cat Litter Scoops!

There are various types of cat litter scoops. Some scoops are smaller, while others are large in size. Some cat litter scoops are extremely light-weight, while other scoops are heavier. These differences matter a lot when you buy a cat litter scoop. This is a one-time investment for your cat litter box, so why not choose it with great care? The size of your cat litter box matters a lot, and you have to buy your cat litter scoop accordingly. Let's have a look at some of the best cat litter scoops that we have chosen for you.

iPrimio Sifter Deep Shovel Metal Litter Scoop
DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop
CO-Z Aluminium Cat Litter Scoop With Flexible Handle
Yangbaga Metal Long Handle Cat Litter Scoop
Sand Dipper Jr Cat Litter Scoop With Small Holes
SunGrow Cat Litter Stiffer Metal Scoop
Gorilla Grip - Original Cat Litter Scooper
Booda Scoop'N Hide Litter Scoop For Kitties
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