Best Cat Doors For Walls Reviews 2023

Make Your Pet Happy With These Best Cat Doors For Walls

Buying cat doors for walls has become a crucial part of cat essentials. Outdoor cats live their life differently owing to the amount of freedom they get. They are not dependent on anyone and go wherever they wish to according to their needs. With indoor cats, the scenario is totally opposite. Once you bring them home, you have to give them proper time, love, care, and cat food. While focusing on these things we often forget their real needs.

We are talking about the freedom we all crave for. Your feline friend needs freedom just like we humans do. Coming to you each and every time they want to leave a room or move out in the garden to play with their cat toys may seem playful to you but it isn’t the same all the time. So, if you are searching for the best cat doors for walls here we have the best of them for you.

Moving on to the cat doors for walls review, we totally understand why you felt the need to do so. With the market expanding at such a high rate, you cannot waste your time in searching for the wall entry cat door. We have to deal with a hectic work schedule every now and then. Even if we decide to make an investment in the pet door for door and wall it will take us months to decide which one to buy. So read this article to get all the information in a concise and comprehensive manner and then decide for yourself.

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Best Cat Doors For Walls Compared

Best Cat Doors For Walls Compared
Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Door28" x 17" x 7"WallsAluminum4.4
Armor Flex Pet Door For WallFlap 6" x 11"Doors & wallsAluminum4.1
PetSafe Wall Entry Pet DoorFlap 5.25" x 7.5" - Frame 9 1/4" x 13"WallsAluminum, plastic4.4
PetSafe Telescoping Cat DoorFlap opening 5 1/4" x 8 1/8"WallsPVC4.5
Kitty Pass Wall Entry Cat Door10.9" x 1.5" x 13.4"WallsN/A4.5
LYNX Cat Door For Pets5.9" x 7.5"WallsN/A4.1
Ideal Pet Products Designer Pet Door1.5" x 7.8" x 7.8"WallsN/A4.2
CEESC Cat DoorsInner size 2.17" x 6.18" x 6.30"WallsPlastic4.2
Anti Mate Flap Cat Door For Walls7.6" x 2.2" x 8"Doors, panels, wallsPoly carbonate flap4.5
Depets Large Cat DoorOuter Size 9.9" x 9.2" - Inner size 7.08" x 7.48"Windows, doors, wallsABS plastic4.4

Best Cat Doors for Wall Reviews 2023

#1 Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Door

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It’s time to give your cat the freedom it needs through the Endura cat door. It is a rectangular shaped set up that is white on the sides. There is a transparent layer on the center that makes it easy for your cat to see through. With maximum positive ratings, we are sure this product is going to impress you too. If you are looking for a quick installation product then this product is of interest to you.

Key Points

All your insulation needs are fulfilled with this double flap door. It is designed to combat 50 mph winds and the temperature that ranges as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. While giving your cat freedom you are also maximizing your home’s insulation level.

Before delivering this extraordinary product, the manufacturer has tested the product through 3,000,000 trials. After the product successfully passed these tests without damage the product was introduced for our pets.

Even in severe cold or heat, the door won’t be damaged. The UV retardant flaps will stand still in extreme weather conditions. Also, the addition of polyolefin polymer maintains flexibility in extremely cold conditions.

You can install the aluminum frame securely into walls that are about 2 to 8 inches thick. Whether you are looking for a cat door through an interior wall or exterior wall it will work for both of them.

There are adjustable power magnets on three sides of the door so that the door stays shut during windy weather.


  • Super energy-efficient
  • Strong magnetic seal
  • No flexing plastics
  • Secure locking cover
  • Sturdy aluminum tunnel


  • The Endura cat flap is slightly opaque.
  • Overall Exterior Size: 13-9/16” width x 24” height
  • Door Opening Size: 10” width x 18” height
  • Weight: 19.6 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum and polyolefin polymer

#2 Armor Flex Pet Door For Wall

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Armor flex pet doors are not like any other pet door. They are ingenious doors that feature revolutionary design and comes with an airtight seal. You might have not seen such an amazingly designed wall doors with cat flaps in a long time. Here, we are reviewing the small pet door but you can also try the medium, extra-large, and large door options in this format.

Key Points

Armor flex cat door comes in a white-colored frame with a horizontal strip format for the flap. If you look at it from outside it looks like a ventilation window. So if you are scared of intruders entering your house then this one won’t look like a door to them.

The patent-pending flap design is known to create an airtight seal. So you are getting a high level of extreme weather resistance.

There are individual locking segments that are precisely positioned by earth magnets. These interlocking segments are going to pivot relative to one another. So the cat flap will be horizontally rigid while providing vertical flexibility.

At a lower price, you are going to get high quality and innovative pieces of cat door in the wall. Trust us, these doors are far better than those plastic doors that you get at a cheaper price.


  • Metal frame with ABS composite flap
  • New and innovative design
  • Airtight seal
  • Heavy-duty construction


  • There is no secure lock option.
  • Overall Exterior Size: 10.88 (Width) x 17.75 (Height) in inches
  • Door Opening Size: 6.38 (Width) x 13.38 (Height) in inches
  • Weight: 7.0 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum and ABS

#3 PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door

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The PetSafe wall entry cat door is a perfect solution for those who want to give access to their cats to a section where there may not be a door. With a connecting tunnel, this cat door is a great solution for brick, siding, and stucco walls. It is a leading manufacturer in the United States for pet behavior and lifestyle products so we totally trusted it for providing a high-quality product.

Key Points

It comes with a do-it-yourself installation feature. To install at the right place you must mark your pet’s shoulder height on the wall. After that, make an outline with the help of a template. Now, cut along the traced template line and place the door into the wall. You must screw the frame properly.

For walls whose thickness is between 4.75 inches and 7.25 inches, the plastic telescoping tunnel will fit perfectly.

In case, you don’t want to let your pet move out then secure the door with the help of a slide-in closing panel. It also provides added insulation.

There are double flaps in the pet door that make sure the weather doesn’t affect the temperature at your home. In case of queries, you can even contact the customer care.

With pets, it is not possible to take care of all the things all the time. Just in case someone damages the flap then you can replace the flaps. So you won’t have to pay for the whole door.


  • Strong aluminum frame
  • Durable
  • Controlled access
  • Do-it-yourself installation
  • Energy efficiency


  • It is small in size so it is mainly suitable for small cats.
  • Overall Exterior Size: 9-1/4 inches (width) x 13 inches (height)
  • Door Opening Size: 5.25 inches (width) x 7.5 inches (height)
  • Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum

#4 PetSafe Telescoping Cat Door

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This product is an amazing addition to your house if you love your pet’s freedom. It’s the right thing to invest in so that your cat doesn’t feel restricted all the time. The whole set up is white in color other than the flap. You can see through the cat flap and it looks like a glass that is not transparent.

Key Points

If you are tired of handling issues that arise with bad weather then PetSafe is the right flap cat doors for walls to invest in. The double-flap design provides two-level protection against bad weather.

The Ultraviolet rays of the sun tend to weaken the doors that are of bad quality. Here, the PVC plastic frame is durable enough to withstand UV rays.

You can install the cat door inside the wall whose thickness ranges between 4.75 inches and 7.25 inches. In case, the wall of your home is thicker than 7.25 inches you can make use of extension kits that allow installation in them.

Whether you live in a house that has brick, wooden, or stucco walls this pet safe door will fit in all of them. With the help of instructions, it becomes really easy for you to install it.

It is the best alternative for whom it is not practical to install the secure cat door indoor. So go for the wall entry aluminum pet door.


  • U.S.-based customer care
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Controlled access
  • UV protection
  • Instructions included


  • The cat door for interior wall hinges may a bit noisy.
  • Overall Exterior Size: 9-1/4 inches (width) x 13 inches (height)
  • Door Opening Size: 5-1/4 (width) x 7-1/2 (height) in inches
  • Weight: 3.7 pounds
  • Material: Aluminum and PVC plastic frame

#5 Kitty Pass Wall Entry Cat Door

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The kitty pass wall door is the cutest thing you would invest in. If you find those typical square or rectangular doors boring and want to add something unique to your house then kitty pass is the one for you.

Key Points

The kitty door is designed like the head of the cat. There are two ears on the top that make it look really cute.

There is a smooth wide opening that allows cats to pass through safely. Also, for matching the door to the décor of your house you can paint it with any color of your wish. It is totally customizable.

You can keep the litter box in a separate section. So your cat can access the litter box whenever it wants without depending on you.

Due to the open door, you won’t have to do much to train your cat to use the door. With just two or three short training sessions your cat will start using the door.
You must mark the bottom center of the door on the wall. After that, use a pair of scissors to cut out the paper template. Next, line up the template on the wall and mark the area with a pencil. Just saw along the marked area and the best cat door for walls is ready to use.


  • Safe and cute options
  • Doesn’t require much training
  • Template is included
  • Semi-gloss white finish
  • Re-paintable


  • It is a cat door for interior wall as you cannot close it.
  • Overall Exterior Size: 8-1/2 (wide) x 8-1/2 (high) in inches
  • Door Opening Size: 7-1/2 (wide) x 7-1/2 (high) in inches
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Material: ABS

#6 LYNX Cat Door For Pets

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Don’t you love buying unique pieces for your home? Your cat is part of your home and it deserves a cat door that looks beautiful and serves the purpose at the same time. We are talking about the Lynx cat door through an interior wall that is our absolute favorite amongst the various cat flap reviews we have shared till now. Finding the best cat door for walls is not easy but a unique one seems easy with this piece.

Key Points

The Lynx interior or exterior cat door for wall boasts of unique cylindrical design. With this touch of fun, your cats are going to love moving in and out. You are giving your kitty freedom with this stylish pet door.

It is an unbreakable and scratch-resistant cat door. So let your mischievous cat try the tricks to damage the door but they won’t succeed. The built-in screws are going to keep the door in place for many years to come.

For easy access, you can create a private getaway for your cat. Just install the door in the basement, pantry, laundry room, garage or more.

You won’t need a handyman experience for cat door to install on the wall. You can follow the instruction manual and the cutting template for installing the door. It can also be installed in the doors.

The lynx cat door comes in black and off-white color options. So you can choose the one that matches your choice.


  • Scratch-resistant
  • Unbreakable
  • Versatile
  • Beautiful design
  • Noise reduction strips


  • Due to the ear like structure you have to careful while cutting the section.
  • Overall Exterior Size: 8.4 (width) x 5.9 (height) in inches
  • Door Opening Size: 7.5 (width) x 4.7 (height) in inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Material: Blend of high-quality materials

#7 Ideal Pet Products Designer Pet Door

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Whether you live in a place with hot weather or cold weather we have the right cat door for you. Here, we have reviewed the medium-sized ideal pet door but you can buy small, extra-large, or super large-sized door too. There is a difference in price range based on the size you select. So buy an appropriately sized door that falls in your budget.

Key Points

It is a medium-sized cat door, so your little kitty or young cat can make use of it comfortably. For large cats, you will have to order another one.
Whether you want your cat to move between rooms or move out to the garden the cat door is an apt choice. It is suitable for interior or exterior walls.
Once you buy the cat door you won’t have to invest more for installation. It will save your money as all the hardware is included.


  • Hardware included
  • Easy to install
  • New designer cat door
  • Strong


  • The quality of the cat flaps in walls is average.
  • Overall Exterior Size: 8-3/8 (width) x 15 (height) in inches
  • Door Opening Size: 7-1/4 (width) x 13 (height) in inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Material: Plastic frame

#8 CEESC Cat Doors

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If you want to buy a multifunctional cat door then CEESC would be a suitable option. It will fit in interior doors, exterior doors, cupboards, windows, and can generally be a good cat door for glass. The cat flap door for interior exterior walls is white in color with a transparent flap. There is a black-colored layering on the outside of the flap.

Key Points

The CEESC wall entry cat and dog door comes with 2 pack of screws with 8 in each pack. In one pack there are short screws and in the other one, there are long screws. You have to screw in with both the screws to prevent crack out problems.

There is a knob-style switch to lock the door for your convenience. There are four modes that include move in only, move out only, fully open and fully locked mode.
There are fixed grooves with snap tabs to prevent stripping due to bad weather.

ven if the brush strip comes off you can easily put it back into the groove.
In the sales box, you will get a step by step installation instruction. Also, the presentation video for reference will give you a complete idea of the installation process.


  • Convenient lock
  • Improved weather-proofing
  • Thoughtful screws
  • Easy to install
  • Fits in multiple sections


  • The product is a bit pricey.
  • Overall Exterior Size: 7.56 (width) x 8.46 (height) in inches
  • Door Opening Size: 6.18 (width) x 6.30 (height) in inches
  • Weight: 13.6 ounces
  • Material: ABS

#9 Anti Mate Flap Cat Door For Walls

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The Anti mate cat door is an old manufacturer that is selling this door for a really long time. If you go on and check the reviews of this door then most of the pet owners have claimed that they are satisfied with the quality of this product. We still wanted to check on our side that whether this is really worth investing in or not. We were happy that this product actually delivers what it says.

Key Points

The Anti Mate cat flap comes with an exterior rain seal. It is provided to protect the door and home from damage due to heavy rain.

It is a white-colored door with a cream-colored flap at the center. The use of high-quality materials makes it strong and sturdy.

You can use the four-way locking system to restrict your cat’s door usage. The green and red-colored switch are easy to use. You must move it according to the instructions and set them accordingly.

The layering of brush strip on the outer layer of flap prevents energy loss. Also, the door opens and closes silently due to this strip.


  • 2-inch trimmable section
  • Four-way locking
  • Brush strip for low energy loss
  • Durable polycarbonate flap


  • The door is small in size for large pets at your home.
  • Overall Exterior Size: 7-5/8 (width) x 7-7/8 (height) in inches
  • Door Opening Size: 6-1/2 (width) x 6-7/8 (height) in inches
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Material: Polycarbonate and ABS

#10 Depets Large Cat Door

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4 used from $15.92
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With Depets cat door your cat will be extremely happy. If your pet is happy you are automatically going to feel better and it will reflect in your behavior. With the red and green switches you can restrict the door’s access. If you put them on the left your cat can only exit while on the right the cat can only enter the house.

Similarly, if the switches are moved to the middle section your pet is free to move in and out while on the extreme side they function as a closed door.

Key Points

In the package, you are going to get a large cat flap door, 8 screws, installation instructions, and screw caps.

In case, you are not satisfied with the size of the door you can cut the flap of the door too. With the help of scissors or saw you can cut it about 1 to 3 mm.
It is one of the cheapest options when it comes to cat doors. Its transparent flap will make it easy for your feline to look through the door. The silent closing feature is an added advantage.

Due to the use of ABS plastic, you are going to get a weather-resistant product that is durable. Its surface is also smooth.


  • Four switch modes
  • Complete instructions included
  • Easy to install
  • Thoughtful design
  • Assured quality


  • The product quality is average
  • Overall Exterior Size: 9.25 (width) x 9.92 (height) in inches
  • Door Opening Size: 7.08 (width) x 7.48 (height) in inches
  • Weight: 1.14 pounds
  • Material: ABS plastic

Cat Door For Walls – Our Guide For Buyers

best cat doors for walls review comparison installation

A cat door is a convenient way of letting your pet in and out. So if you want to take full benefit of investing in a cat door then buying the right one is the only choice. Here, we have shortlisted some points that will help you in shortlisting the cat door for the exterior wall or interior wall.

Flap Size

The size of flap matters as you are planning to buy the door for your cat to pass through. In most of the cat door descriptions, you will find the information about the size of the flap. The cat flaps in doors are designed for small kitties to large cats. You have to measure the cat’s size and match it with the flap dimensions. Buy the cat door whose cat flap is slightly bigger than your cat. It will make sure that your cat is comfortable while using the cat flap for walls.

Door Size

Here, the door size doesn’t mean the flap size. We are talking about the whole set of cat door that will be installed in the walls. It is the actual size that you need to cut in the wall to make space for the cat door.

If you live on rent then your landlord won’t permit you to make changes beyond a certain limit. Even if you own a house, it’s always better to get an idea of the door before making a purchase. You can cut cardboard of the same size that is mentioned in the description and place it on the wall to get an idea of the door size.

Access Control

If you are new to this concept of installing a flap wall mount pet door then you might not know about this feature. Earlier, the cat doors for walls were solely designed for the purpose of moving in and out. They didn’t consider the fact that pet owners will have to restrict their cats in certain circumstances.

Let’s get into the details. Some of the cat doors for wall come with security features. Either you can lock the door manually through the combination of a switch or rotary switch. Another type is with a microchip cat flap that identifies the cat if you have registered it on the door. For convenience, some of them also come with a collar key as all the cats do not want to be microchipped.


In most of the doors, a simple installation process is used. You have to measure and cut the wall according to the size of the door. After that, use the screws to fit the door in the wall. In case, you buy something that is difficult to install, you may need to take the help of a professional. You must also read the template or watch a video for guided installation. You should look for options that are as easy to install as possible. As convenience matters.


The cat doors come with varied shapes of flaps. They are available in U-shaped, Square-shaped, and cat-shaped flaps. We personally felt that the square-shaped cat flaps are comfortable to use as compared to other options. You can buy a cat flap for wall based on your choice.


The wall mount cat door comes in varied colors. Although we are buying the cat door for our pet we don’t want to mess with our home décor. Another point to consider is your stay at that home. Renters may need to stay in one place for one year and at another place for another year. So you have to consider these points. Choosing a neutral-colored cat door is a safe option. So look for a white or cream-colored door.

Benefits Of Cat Doors

Minimizes Accidents

If your cat doesn’t get what it wants it tends to behave strangely. For instance, If your cat wants to move outside and you are not around, it will start scratching the door. Sometimes cats will throw things here and there. During such instances, cats tend to hurt themselves or damage your home. With cat flaps for walls, your cat will enjoy its freedom and you won’t have to pay for accidents.

Combat bad odor

We do love our pets but we cannot avoid the fact that our house smells a bit weird due to them. You cannot restrict them to enter only a specific room but you can control their littering habits. If you are going to keep the litter box outside then your cat can comfortably use it by moving out through the cat door. Buying the best cat door will help you achieve that.

Involvement in physical activity

With doors installed in our house, the cats just need to walk through while with cat doors they need to jump and move out. So in a way, they are getting involved in some sort of physical activity. If you install cat doors for exterior doors and walls then your cat needs to walk all the way to the door for going outside. For lazy cats, this one would be a great investment. Just make sure you are using a good flea treatment such as a cat flea shampoo, cat flea spray, or the best flea drops for cats to keep your pet always clean.


The convenience is not only applicable to cats, even we are involved in it. Your cats will get a chance to move in and out on their own. They will be happier and this will reflect in their behavior also because it will be easier for them to reach and rest in their outdoor cat house. Similarly, you can do your work or involve in any activity that requires continuous focus without the need to go and open the door. In fact, this has been a major reason for people getting involved in buying the cat doors.

Cat Doors For Walls – FAQ

Why should I install a cat door in the wall?

Installing a cat door in wall is beneficial in various ways. If you spoil a door it needs to be replaced but a wall can be patched up. So this is a far better option as compared to the ones for doors. Also, the wall is firm even if your cat uses it in a rough manner the wall won’t be damaged.

Are cat doors in walls a good idea?

Yes, it is definitely a good idea. Why would you make changes to a door that even you are going to use, if a cat door can be installed in walls? We totally love these doors as they give your pet a separate area for moving in and out. Also, the walls stay in one place making it difficult for your pet to damage it.

Final Thoughts

Coming to the final conclusion of best cat door reviews, we think we have shortlisted the best flap cat door for walls. Initially, we were hesitant as it required making changes to the wall but the idea was totally worth it.

We came across some amazing manufacturers that provide high-quality products at an affordable rate. Although we have included high-end doors too that is totally up to you whether you want to invest in them or not. We have reviewed the magnetic pet door for a wall to the brush stripped ones to ensure varied features are included in this article.

If you like any of these doors then go ahead and purchase them as you won’t regret doing it. In case, you want to share your experience with the cat doors for interior walls and doors or exterior walls we would love to know about it. Do share your review on this article too.

9.8 Total Score
Best cat doors for walls!

Buying cat doors for walls has become a crucial part of cat essentials. Outdoor cats live their life differently owing to the amount of freedom they get. They are not dependent on anyone and go wherever they wish to according to their needs. With indoor cats, the scenario is totally opposite. Once you bring them home, you have to give them proper time, love, care, and food.

Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Door
Armor Flex Pet Door For Wall
PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door
PetSafe Telescoping Cat Door
Kitty Pass Wall Entry Cat Door
LYNX Cat Door For Pets
Ideal Pet Products Designer Pet Door
CEESC Cat Doors
Anti Mate Flap Cat Door For Walls
Depets Large Cat Door
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