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By MPLI • Updated: February 19, 2023

Almost every one of us has been to a zoo at least once in our lifetime and witnessed big cats stretching out on a limb tree. One can imagine why cats actually love hammocks!

When we talk about hammocks, it is not just the cats that happen to love them but humans as well, and why shouldn’t they? Hammocks are supposed to be relaxing, restful, and excellent for napping even more fun than the actual cat beds.

However, when it comes to creating a similar outside environment for an indoor cat for it to stretch out just the way they do it on a study, “tree branch” is a challenge.

This is exactly where a cat tree with hammock jumps in and is sure is handy. In this article, we are going to explore the main reasons providing your favorite feline with some of the best cat tree hammocks out there for indoor use. Even though, if the winter becomes too cold, your kitty will love a heated cat house for either indoor or outdoor.

We shall also look into each product in-depth and share key features that will help you pick the best cat trees with hammock. Follow us. But before diving into the best cat condos with hammock, you may want to check out our best automatic cat feeders. Together, these two cat furniture make sure your cat is entertained and fed on time, and with one of these best-rated cat cameras, you can check if they use them also when you are away.

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Our 10 Picks Of The Best Cat Trees With Hammock

Best Cat Trees With Hammock

Best Cat Towers With Hammock Comparison Chart
BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree CondoMultiple Kittens and Adult CatsMultiple Cushioned Perches36.6 x 30.7 x 62.2 inchesSisal Scratching Posts
FEANDREA Multi-Level Comfortable Cat TowerMultiple Kittens and Adult CatsMultiple Plush Perches21.7 x 17.7 x 56.3 inchesNatural Sisal Rope
AmazonBasics Multi-Level Hammock Cat TreeMultiple Kittens and Adult CatsMultiple Cushioned Perches25.6 x 61.8 x 19.3 inchesSisal Scratching Posts
Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree With Scratching Post & HammockMultiple Kittens and Adult CatsMultiple Cushioned Perches27 x 38 x 62 inchesNatural Sisal Rope Posts
Armarkat Cat Tree With Hammock ModelMultiple Kittens and Adult CatsMultiple Perches with Raised Edge42 x 26 x 78 inchesSisal Scratching Posts
POTBY-Multi-Level-Cat Tree Play HouseMultiple Kittens and Adult CatsMultiple Perches31 x 22 x 67 inchesNatural Sisal Scraping Column
Yaheetech Extra Large Cat Tree CondoMultiple Kittens and Adult CatsMultiple Cushioned Perches29.5 x 29.5 x 61.8 inchesSisal-Covered Scratching Post
Trixie Baza Cat Tower With HammockOne Kitten or Adult CatNo Perch16 x 20 x 16 inchesNatural Sisal Wrapped Scratching Posts
Catry, Cat Tree Hammock BedTwo Kittens or Adult CatsSingle Perch6.3 x 13.6 x 16 inchesNatural Sisal Scratching Posts
AmazonBasics Cat Hammock CondoOne Kitten or Adult CatNo Perch15.8 x 15.8 x 19.7 inchesSisal Scratching Posts

1. BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo


  • Easy to assemble
  • Multiple hideaway houses
  • Cozy hammock with jingly balls
  • Sisal scratching post

Amongst the best cat trees with hammocks, the first one on the list is from BEWISHOME. This is a perfect cat tree condo to keep multiple cats entertained. This model from BEWISHOME is going to prove a great help for you. Furthermore, the condo features two cushioned platforms for your cats to relax both and play.

The condo is both roomy and enjoyable that allows your babies to sit and even look out the window, sisal scratching posts to prevent your cat from crawling up your furniture, a cozy hammock, interactive jingly balls that they could play with the entire day and several layers that shall keep them occupied by climbing up and down.

If you happen to have a large cat, then this is going to be huge fun, and if there is a little one, then sure is a perfect one for it.

The condo is made up of super solid material that will allow your babies and large cats to climb up and down without the condo falling to either side. The balanced design allows the cats to leap off and on with ease. In addition to that, this cat mansion comes with a wall anchor strap that could be used for additional stability in case if multiple cats happen to be using the condo.

This cat house is easy to assemble and will adjust well amongst your furniture without putting the room’s look off. Assembling it is simply a piece of cake, which could be done by just following the instructions on the manual.

Finally, the condo is made up of such plush and comfortable material that your cats will find it difficult to leave the house. With so much relaxation and comfort in one place, this cat tree furniture with hammock and scratching posts will help prevent your carpets, rugs, and furniture from being scratched.

2. FEANDREA Multi-Level Comfortable Cat Tower


  • Cat tree condo available in two colors
  • Cat tower with hammock and sisal scratching posts
  • Features a luxury hammock for napping
  • A perfect cat tree house for cats to play and jump

FEANDREA is the ultimate toy for your feline friend. If you have a friend that is coming over with his/her babies as well, then this is going to be worth spending time on or in. To start with, this condo has a lot of room and the addition of a plush hammock makes it comfortable as well.

It has a CARB certified base that is heavy-duty, keeping the entire tree standing solid and stable with safety straps to prevent the cat tree from toppling. Furthermore, the cat mansion features soft perches with a raised elbow to allow your cat to rest on its head while it is watching over the house.

Since everyone wants to protect their furniture from getting scratched, the reinforced posts packed by this tree tower with wrapped natural sisal rope is going to allow nail scratching and even exercising, making this cat tree the perfect spot for you to jump around. Stability is one of the major factors with it comes to cat trees. For that reason, this cat tree furniture with cat hammocks is CARB certified and strengthened at the bottom using battens for additional stability.

In addition to that, the cat tree also features anti-toppling fittings to allow double security.

3. AmazonBasics Multi-Level Hammock Cat Tree


  • Cat tree with that is both stable and safe for your pet
  • Scratching posts to satisfy scratching urges
  • Cat tree condo offering a bird’s eye view
  • An affordable cat tree
  • Simple cat furniture assembly

Amongst the best cat trees with hammocks, AmazonBasics multi-level cat tree has made it to the list. This cat tree offered by AmazonBasics is an activity tree that features cat trees from large to medium.

Furthermore, the cat tree house features cat scratching posts to keep the cats and kittens happy by making it easier for them to sharpen their claws.

This cat tree furniture with cat hammock keeps your cat and its claws busy in addition to keeping its mind content and occupied. You can place this cat tree near your cat’s favorite window and watch how the fun begins.

Another feature that makes AmazonBasics one of the best cat trees with the hammock is that it is a go-to spot, allowing your cat to release energy, relax, and even satisfying the urge to climb and scratch. Your furry friend is definitely going to fall in love with the habitat this cat condo offers.

Finally, the fiber construction of the cat tree is going to make it a ‘purrfect’ option for your cat to take great joy in by clawing the rope pillars and relaxing with a bird’s eye view by sitting at its spot.

AmazonBasics’s cat tree furniture with cat hammock offers privacy as well coupled with satisfying scratch-ability making it one of the best cat trees with a hammock for your felines. The quality and durability offered by the cat tower are amongst the best out there.

4. Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree With Scratching Post & Hammock


  • Cat tower with hanging mice or jingle balls
  • Cat tree house available in multiple colors
  • Modern cat tree crafted from plywood and soft faux fur
  • A large cat tree with easy to follow instructions and included tools

This cat tree furniture with hammock offered by Go Pet Club is amongst the best out there and for a reason. This cat tree offers plenty of space for your furry pets to relax, play, and take a nap in.

Furthermore, you can also hang toy mice or jingly balls with the cat tree so that your pet remains occupied. The cat tree house offered by Go Pet Club is sure to make you fall in love at first sight due to its beautiful colors and designs in addition to the durability offered.

Made from highly compressed durable wood and wrapped with faux fur finish that is of premium quality to keep your cats both warm and cozy, this is one of the modern cat furniture that you definitely want for your house.

The cat condo also features multiple scratching posts covered with natural sisal ropes, making it the perfect cat tree for scratching, climbing, and playing. With the tools and instructions included, this cat tree furniture with cat hammock is both fun and easy to assemble.

Your felines will be needing a place to play and relax at the same time. This cat tower is going to provide exactly that. They can take a nap, leap off or on, and play around as much as they can with or without cat toys since this cat play tower is going to help it stay active.

Furthermore, the condo featured by the cat treehouse is a perfect place for your cat to take a nap without being disturbed, thanks to perches with a raised elbow, allowing maximum support and safety to your car.

5. Armarkat Cat Tree With Hammock Model


  • Cat tree condo with neutral colors that will make it look great in any décor
  • One of the best cat trees promoting exercise and providing safety and support
  • A large cat tree that is easy to assemble
  • A cat climbing tower with natural scratching surfaces
  • A cat condo with wide tires to allow the cat to rest and play properly

Armarkat cat tree with hammock is the best cat tree house that you can gift to your feline. Since our fur-bearing companies are not easy with the furniture and certain upholstery related things, the Armarkat cat tree house offers the perfect place for your pets to play, nap, and even exercise.

This cat tower with hammock and scratching posts is perfect for strong instinctual behaviors such as climbing, pouncing, clawing, and hiding. Built one very strong and durable foundation, this cat tree house is perfect for even the friskiest felines.

In addition to that, this modern cat furniture features a modern design, irresistible scratching surfaces, and smart details to keep your kitty cat pretty much satisfied and occupied.

Not only will this cat post-match your cat’s personality, but also settle well amongst the furniture as well. This cat jungle gym, built with extra tall features to spare, will charm the explorers, kings of scratching, climbing and pouncing adrenaline addicts and, most importantly, champion nappers.

6. POTBY Multi-Level-Cat Tree Play House


  • A cat tower that is easy to install
  • A cat tree house with rounded edges to prevent injuries
  • Modern cat furniture that settles well with the dorm, apartment, and room, etc
  • A cat condo with increase stability to allow multiple cats to play at the same time

What we have next on the list is a cat tree that is in the list of one of the best cat trees with hammock and for all the right reasons. The POTYBY Multi-Level Cat Tree Playhouse is loved at first sight for your fur babies. This cat tower is excellent with its stability feature.

Its base plate happens to be a thickened design with a 0.6 thick base plate installed underneath to ensure maximum stability. By using the anti-dumping rope design, you can fix the cathouse with the wall so that if multiple cats happen to use the cat tree house, it could make it steady.

Furthermore, this cat tower happens to the multi-layer cat tree house that is made up of high-quality thick plush cloth, proving to be very soft and comfortable for the felines. The spacious compartments with comfortable swings are sure to keep your pets occupied and satisfied.

This is actually going to deter them from scratching your furniture while keeping themselves occupied by leaping off and on the cat tower. This modern cat furniture will settle well regardless of you happen to live in an apartment, house, and even a dorm. It is designed to settle well amongst every type of furniture.

When it comes to the safety aspect, this cat tower has round edges to prevent your pets from getting injured in any way possible. Lastly, what makes POTBY’s multiple level cat tree playhouse one of the best cat trees with hammocks out there is its CARB certification.

Easy installation through graphical explanation and all it takes is a maximum of 25 minutes of waiting for your cat to have the enjoyment of a lifetime.

7. Yaheetech Extra Large Cat Tree Condo


  • A large cat tree that offers professional and personalized customer services before and after the purchase
  • A cat scratching tree that protects your furniture by offering sisal protection
  • A cat tree house that is both stable and sturdy
  • A cat condo that happens to be both roomy and comfortable
  • A cat tower that allows design changing

When it comes to treating your pet the royal way, there is nothing better than Yaheetech Extra Large Cat Tree Condo. This cat tree shares the top ranks with others due to the number of features that it boasts.

These features make it unarguably one of the best cat trees with hammocks out there. The first thing that shall impress you is its Quality and protective materials that it offers. This cat tower happens to be a multi-level tower that is made up of good quality.

Concerning that, it has a 0.5-inch particle board, which is covered by soft plush covering along with reinforced posts that are wrapped with natural sisal rope to allow your pet to scratch as much as it wants and helps to sharpen its claws as well. In other words, you can now rest assured about your furniture not getting scratched.

This modern cat furniture and cat play tower happens to be both sturdy when it comes to construction as well as being stable. Anti-toppling fittings are installed for added security, and since CARB-certified natural particle boards construct it, you will not have to worry about this cat climber toppling regularly. Furthermore, the battens have been strengthened at the bottom to ensure maximum stability.

Being roomy and comfortable is another excellent feature of this cat playground. Offering large cushioned platforms for your pet or pets to play and, at the same time, relaxing with their legs stretched out. This is made possible by the raised edging elbow that allows your pet and pet friends to sit back and look through the window.

In addition to that, big condo houses are also included in this modern cat tree that allows privacy and sleep without any disturbance. The extra-large hammock and basket are sure to provide a cozier and safer napping experience for your kittens.

Another exciting feature of this cat jungle gym is its feature to change the hanging balls with things such as bells etc. to add to the excitement. You can remove them and install them according to your liking. The extended platform’s position could be changed either vertically or horizontally according to your and the pet’s needs.

The last feature of this large cat tree is the same as the best cat towers with hammock and scratching posts out there, and that is easy installation. All the hardware and instructions that you need to set up this cat tower is included. Not only that, its attractive look is sure to complement everything in its surroundings.

Yaheetech takes the game further by providing both personalized and professional customer service before and after the purchase.

8. Trixie Baza Cat Tower With Hammock


  • A mini cat tree that is easy to assemble
  • A kitty condo that is both comfy and cozy
  • A small cat tree designed to lounge and scratch
  • A cat tree that is affordable and cheap

The cutest cat tree on the list is undoubtedly the Trixie Baza Tree. This mini kitty condo is so cute that you are sure to fall in love at first sight. When it comes to the assembly of this cat tree, you will not find anything easier to assemble. However, once that is out of the way, the next noticeable thing is the sleek modern design resembling many cat trees out there, but the classic tree mold happens to be the most common.

The tree offers multiple levels, fuzzy carpet, and some rope or cardboard that is corrugated for scratching. If you really want to invest in your model, a springy toy or two would do the trick. But there is something else about it that brings the charm, and that is its size.

It looks as if this cat tree is designed to allow your pet to chill. The hammock is oval with a fuzzy fabric that is sewn onto a strong metal wire and suspending between two scratching posts. These posts are then anchored to a base that is covered with fur. The beauty of the hammock’s fabric comes from its plush faux fur in softy ivory, which will coordinate fantastically if you happen to have a pet that is of white and skin color.

The sisal-wrapped posts will allow your cat to scratch as aggressively as it wants without having to damage it in any way.

Furthermore, when it comes to entertainment, you can be sure that your pet is going to have a lounge experience. This modern cat tree allows you to hang a ball, bell, or anything of your liking. This will keep your feline occupied for hours while satisfying its entertainment urge.

While the best cat trees with hammocks are designed for interaction, the Baza tree is designed for clawing and lounging. You can expect your pet to relax all day and not leave its place even by giving it to treat bribes.

Perhaps the biggest feature this cat tree house packs is its size. It is great for small spaces and does not consume large areas. You can simply place it somewhere, and its ability to settle well with the furniture is going to make you look everywhere for it.

Last but not least, the retail price is worth mentioning as well. It is totally affordable and reasonable, considering the quality it packs. Since a lot of customers have found their pets interacting well with this cat tree, it makes it a reasonable purchase.

9. Catry, Cat Tree Hammock Bed


  • A cat tree made up of premium quality
  • A piece of modern cat furniture offering easy installation
  • One of the cheapest cat trees
  • A cat tree house that is both affordable and easy to move

The Catry, cat tree hammock bed with sisal scratching posts happens to be another affordable cat tree on the list. The biggest benefit of owning this cat tree is Catry’s more than 20 years of manufacturing experience in pet supplies and over six years of experience in pet supplies in the United States alone.

This factor alone is enough for going with this cat tree as the experience has a lot to tell by itself.

This cat tree house is made up of Fleece and Paper Rope, along with packing a stable material that is both long-lasting and strong. Its quality allows the cat tree to maintain its shape for years to come and provides your pet with a cool place to relax and rest.

With all the tools and instructions included, assembling this kitty condo should not be a problem. The sturdiness of the material used is sure to guarantee you that it shall not break even if a mid-sized puppy happens to use it as well.

Furthermore, the size of this cat tree is small and will not become an obstruction in anyone’s way. It is lightweight and could be moved and tucked behind anywhere whenever required. Considering its quality and the retail price, it is one of the best options amongst the best cat trees out there.

10. AmazonBasics Cat Hammock Condo


  • A mini cat condo that is durable and easy to assemble
  • Simple and modern design
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Features a hammock that is elevated

There have been several reported cases where people have switched to this affordable option after their pets had destroyed other scratching posts, but this one seems durable. One of the owners was reported saying that their pet had clawed the cat tree all day, but it didn’t tear or left any mess on the floor.

Not only that, some pet owners have found it surprising that their pets have found this mini cat tower a perfect place to relax and chill. The hammock, on the other hand, pulls the attention of your pet and pets and keeps them relaxed by offering long-lasting durability and quality. Since its introduction, the AmazonBasics cat hammock as received positive reviews constantly mainly due to its unique design, plush carpeting, and chipboard that is sturdy.

What’s more, scratching posts of this cat tree is made of natural jute fiber to ensure durability, thereby attracting more fans by each passing day.

It shall hardly take you around 3 minutes to assemble it, and its size is perfect for a mid-sized pet as well. The hammock happens to be super soft, and the scratching posts well made, which constantly makes the fur babies pull towards it. The cat tree also allows you to hang a springy ball or jingly bells to keep your fur babies entertained.

Considering its height, you should not be surprised if you find your pet or pets hanging with the tethering toy as it is easily reachable and provides optimum entertainment according to its retail price.

Buying Guide For Cat Tree Furniture With Hammock

It is vital to comprehend a few things when you are buying a cat tree for your pet. Take a look at the mentioned below:


The design of the cat tree should be such that it provides comfort and a perfect relaxation point to your pet. Choose one that has no sharp edges so as to save your pet from an injury.

Therefore, it is suggested that you go with cat trees that have hammocks especially of round or oval shapes. In addition to that, the fur quality should be premium, offering a place for your pet to play and have fun at the same time.

Cat’s Personality

Going for the right cat tree largely depends on your cat’s personality. It also depends on the size and age as well. While some pets prefer relaxing and chilling on a cat window perch, others spend most of their time leaping up and down.

Therefore, if you have a pet that is running around, chewing toys and scratching things the entire day, you might want to consider buying the cat tree in accordance. However, if your pet likes its privacy, it is better that you opt for a cat tree that has multiple cubicles in it.

Scratching Surfaces

Cats have different preferences as well when it comes to scratching. Some may like scratching the wood while others carpets and rugs etc.

In case if you are not aware of what your pet prefers, choose a cat tree that offers several options.


Sturdiness is the most important aspect. Regardless of the type of cat tree you wish to purchase, you should make sure that it is sturdy and durable.

You want to make your money worth it and that is only possible if the cat tree lasts for a couple of years. Therefore, make sure that the cat tree is sturdy enough and that it does not topple. Cat trees featuring anti-toppling support is going to be the best option.


These are the 10 best cat trees with hammock that you can go for. Make sure to choose one that has all the characteristics your cat loves. Last but not least, I suggest you take a look at our picks of best cat litters and our top picks of cat litter mats.

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Cat trees with hammock!

These are the 10 best cat trees with hammock that you can go for. Make sure to choose one that has all the characteristics your cat loves.

BEWISHOME Large Cat Tree Condo
FEANDREA Multi-Level Comfortable Cat Tower
AmazonBasics Multi-Level Hammock Cat Tree
Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree With Scratching Post & Hammock
Armarkat Cat Tree With Hammock Model
POTBY-Multi-Level-Cat Tree Play House
Yaheetech Extra Large Cat Tree Condo
Trixie Baza Cat Tower With Hammock
Catry, Cat Tree Hammock Bed
AmazonBasics Cat Hammock Condo
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