Best Cat Door For Glass Reviews 2023

For cat owners, it is important to buy the best cat doors for glass. We humans can adjust with a few things here and there but animals need extra care. You cannot buy just anything for your pets. Now, indoor cats lack the amount of freedom outdoor cats have. Outdoor cats are free to roam around and when you go for a walk with your indoor cat it might feel a bit restricted. Although you cannot provide the same amount of freedom as outdoor cats you can install the best cat door for windows or doors for their convenience so they can easily reach their outdoor cat house.

Our cats are also part of our family so we need to provide them with a medium to move around in our house without our help. The cat doors are going to be the best thing you will introduce in their lives. The cat doors are designed specifically for cats. It is a small gateway for your cat for easy entry and exit. It is beneficial for the owners too as they can do their work or go to sleep without the need to open the door again and again. Remember to buy the best cat flea shampoo, a cat flea spray, or flea drops for cats because when pets go out they need a more thorough cleaning and protection against fleas.

Earlier when pet owners used to buy a pet door, the most common ones available were installed in walls or wooden doors. It was quite difficult to find the cat door for glass. Eventually, the market has got filled with an amazing range of cat doors for sliding glass doors and windows. Now, it is pretty tough to choose from the different types of doors. That’s the reason we have come up with the sliding cat door reviews. We have shared in-depth information about the various types of doors that can be installed on windows and glass doors. We are sure that by the end of this article you will find the best cat door in glass for your home.

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Best Cat Doors For Glass Compared

Best Cat Doors For Glass Compared
PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Cat Door75 7/8" - 80 11/16"Sliding doors and windowsAluminum4.3
Ideal Pet Patio Door77-5/8" - 80-3/8"Sliding doors and windowsAluminum4.3
Whiskers and Windows Cat DoorsHeight 46"-49"Sliding doors and windowsAluminum, Plastic4
Thermo Panel 2e SureFlap Pet Door74-3/4" - 80-1/4"Sliding doors and windowsAluminum3.6
Endura Flap Vinyl Cat Door75-80"Sliding doors and windowsAluminumN/A
Patio Pacific Cat Door22 3/4" - 25 3/4"Windows that open verticallyAluminum, vinyl4.3
Ideal Pet Products Window Pet Door7-1/2” x 10-1/2”Windows that open verticallyAluminum4.6
Cat Flap Fever IndustriesN/AWindows that open verticallyPVC trimboard4.7

Best Flap Cat Door For Sliding Glass Doors

#1 PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Cat Door

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Just read the name of the patio cat door for sliding glass doors again. Don’t you think the addition of the word freedom immediately attracts your attention? At least, it worked for us. They know what the door offers and we love the door. The PetSafe offers a helpline to guide you in choosing the optimum door for your cat. Also, once you have bought a door, you may need answers to your questions related to it. So go on and call them and they will be answered in the shortest possible time.

Key Points

The first thing to look at is the range of size. They offer large, small, medium, large-tall, and X-large size options to the pet owners. So we guarantee you that you will get a perfect size right here.

Once you choose the cat door’s size, it’s time to choose the patio door cat door’s panel size. Isn’t it convenient? So you get to choose both of them. One that matches the size of the glass door at your home and the one that matches the size of your cat.

For owners, who want to explore the color ranges there is an option to choose from white, satin, and bronze color.

Your kitty cannot be trained to behave properly at all times. Sometimes it will do things like scratching the door. For those cats, this one would be a great deal. It’s made to withstand rough usage. Also, the shatter-resistant property is a total win for us.

To make sure the temperature in your home is not affected by the continuous usage of the door, it makes use of magnetic closure. So the door will be shut the time your cat uses it.

For renters out there who are not allowed to make changes to the house, this one is a blessing. You can use the sliding glass cat door insert to perfectly work for the apartment. Also, it’s detachable so you can use it in another apartment easily.
Its do-it-yourself feature is wonderful. Just buy the patio panel sliding glass pet door for cats and dogs and install it in minutes on your own.


  • A quick method of installation
  • Variety in size and color
  • Controlled access
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Flexible flap with magnetic closure


  • The product needs to be worked upon its insulation feature.

#2 Ideal Pet Patio Door

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The Ideal Aluminum pet patio door is the one that perfectly matches the expectation of a pet owner. With the Ideal Pet door, you will feel the same. The pet door manufacturer offers easy return policy to ensure the customers are happy with their service.

Also, the e-mail service works as a helping hand in case of doubt. Also, the manufacturer has shared a video demonstrating the whole process of set-up. It’s easier to understand the whole process after viewing it in the video rather than reading manuals.

Key Points

It is designed to fit the aluminum sliding cat door perfectly, provided you order the right size. The size availability is huge. You can buy the ones that are small, medium, extra-large, and super large size.

Installation of the pet door is quite a difficult task to do. That’s why pet owners refrain from buying them. Here, Ideal pet products are designed in such a way that without any sort of tool you can install it.

The silver and white color options are available. It’s the color of the frame while the glass is transparent. If you go on and check the reviews of other customers you will find a highly positive response for this one.

It is an affordable piece of cat flaps for glass patio doors. For those who keep shifting from one place to another, this is a great option as you can easily remove and re-install it.

The panel is adjustable so it’s not an issue for you. The range lies between 77-5/8 and 80-3/8. So just measure your cat’s size and choose the flap size that best suits it.


  • Variable flap size options
  • The ideal choice for rentals
  • Patio panel color options
  • No tool required
  • Affordable


  • The flap is a bit noisy

#3 Whiskers and Windows Cat Doors

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Whiskers and Windows cat doors is another interesting option you can try. Although the brand is not amongst the popular ones its quality and design inclined us to review this piece.

The glass is transparent but there is a slight color change when it comes to the flap. It looks like a grey colored flap but your cat can see through it. It’s great as your pet can easily differentiate between the fixed glass and flap.

Key Points

Whiskers and Windows cat doors offer a fast way to install the pet door so that your feline friend can make use of it immediately. The window insert will fit in the sliding door frame without drilling or cutting mechanism.

The thickness of the track should be at least one inches. If the sliding door is wider than this measurement then you will have to make adjustments to secure the door.

There is an interesting locking mechanism that works with the help of red and green sliding buttons. You can view the markings just below the buttons and control the access of the door for your pet.

The aluminum frame is available in black and white options. Also, due to moisture in the air, the doors tend to get corroded and lose strength. Here, the door is corrosion resistant so bad weather won’t have any impact on it.


  • Secure lock facility
  • White and black colors available
  • Four size options
  • Spring-loaded frame
  • Adjustable height


  • It doesn’t come with cutting template

#4 Thermo Panel 2e SureFlap Pet Door

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If you want to prevent strays, and other unwanted creatures from peeping into your house then you must invest in the Thermo panel cat door for sliding glass door. Its spring-loaded design ensures the installation is easy and you get the best cat door for your home. It features the most efficient dual-pane thermo-panel that in turn ensures optimum insulation.

Key Points

The Thermo panel cat door is meant for small dogs and cats. If your cat weighs around 15 lbs it can comfortably pass through the door.

You can choose the door that measures 74 ¾ -77 ¾ or 77 ¼ – 80 ¼ or 93 ¼ – 96 ¼. If you want, it is possible to cut the frame to make adjustments according to the sliding door at your home.

The addition of the microchip pet door for sliding glass door was necessary for the owners who are tired of dealing with strays.

Every pet owner is not interested in microchipping their pets. If you are one of those then you can use the microchip feature through the RFID collar keys. It is easy to program the key and register up to 32 pets. So, register multiple pets and use the same door for them.

There is a curfew mode that allows setting time for your pet. So your cat will be able to use the door for only the period you set for it. For safety, during odd hours of the day, you can use this mode.

For continuous operation, it needs 4 C batteries. These will last you about 6 months. For timely replacement of battery keep an eye on the indicator. Its light will keep flashing if the battery is low.


  • Microchip or RFID collar keys
  • Additional collar key available
  • Weather-stripping proof
  • Extra insulation value
  • Raccoon and curfew mode


  • It is costly owing to its magnificent features

#5 Endura Flap Vinyl Cat Door

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Endura Flap doors offer a pet door solution that is incredible. It comes with a white-colored frame and transparent glass. The door comes in two size variants i.e. 77.25-80.23 and 74.25-77.25. The most important step is to measure the track height correctly. In most cases, the sliding glass doors are of standard height but in some, the height may vary.

With Endura sliding panel doors the problem is a bit less as it comes with all adjustment ranges. Still, you must measure the track from the lowest point at the bottom to highest at the top panel. With Endura sliding glass door with cat door built-in, it’s quite easy to install and your kitty can enjoy its freedom from day one.

Key Points

The polyolefin flap is non-toxic. Also, the manufacturer has gone one step ahead by choosing the recyclable material. So we can save the environment and use the best cat door in the sliding door at the same time.

There is a lining of magnets on the three sides to ensure that the flap stays shut in winds up to 50mph. You can adjust the magnet strength according to your cat. It is amazing for training small to medium-sized cats.

Just like dual-pane glass, the dual-layer design will provide the utmost insulation. As the door will be tightly closed it will ensure there is no energy loss in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Endura flap doors are manufactured in the USA. It’s strong vinyl frame and tunnel combine to form an extra durable cat door. Also, there is a closing cover that comes free of cost as an additional benefit of security and peace of mind.
Its patented design makes it an idea flap door for both hot and cold kinds of weather. There is a pivot rod at the top to prevent cracking and tearing due to rough usage.


  • Recyclable door
  • Double-layer design
  • Durable frame
  • Flexible flap
  • Energy efficient
  • No-tools installation


  • There are only two size options

#6 Patio Pacific Cat Door

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With Patio Pacific door we are moving a step ahead as it is a cat door for sliding glass window. The concept seems new to many who haven’t come across such an interesting piece earlier. The Patio Pacific cat door is a vertical window cat door that comes in white color.

Various apartments do not offer sliding glass doors. If you are one of those who live in a house where there is a glass window and you want to give your pet freedom then the Patio one is for you.

Key Points

The patio door with a pet door built-in comes in five different sizes. They are 22-3/4-25, 25-3/4 -28, 28 ¾ -31, 31-3/4 – 34, and 34-3/4 -37. All the cat doors are available at the same price no matter what size you prefer.

Its flap is lightweight so your cats and dogs can easily push it. For small cats, we highly recommend the Patio Pacific cat door.

A tool-free installation requires a different type of design. That’s why the Patio Pacific pet door comes with a spring-loaded structure.

These days due to global warming the climate keeps on changing again and again. To stand the extreme weather conditions, the cat door is made with an aluminum frame. So you will get a strong and durable product for your pet.

Although the door doesn’t come with a locking mechanism you can still control its access. For this, you can use the security cover that comes along with this piece. Just cover the cat door whenever you feel it’s unsafe for your cat to move outside.


  • Versatile design
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Sleek look
  • Security cover included
  • Spring-loaded


  • The directions to install are not included.

#7 Ideal Pet Products Window Pet Door

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3 new from $125.40
3 used from $116.29
Free shipping

All of us look for convenience while buying the cat doors. Who doesn’t want a door that allows their cat to pass through the door with ease? It is just that we have to search for the right door with the right size.

Ideal Pet cat door for windows is just another example of a convenient cat door with a slight difference in color. Here, you won’t be getting that usual neutral-colored door. This door is slightly blue.

Key Points

With Ideal Pet products cat doors, you can choose between five-door sizes. The small is of 5 x 7 inches, the medium is 7 x 11-1/4, Extra-large is 10-1/2 x 15 inches, and chubby kat is 7-1/2 x 10-1/2.

The installation is super easy with the white finish aluminum construction. It’s of the finest quality so it will do the job for quite a long time.

There are a lot of pet doors available in the market that offer advanced features but they are toxic for your pet. Here, the manufacturer assures that you will get a non-toxic product for your pet keeping its safety their priority.

An additional benefit is the one year warranty associated with the product. At an affordable price, you are getting a product that doesn’t require additional expenses on repair for one year. Now, that sounds like a great deal.

For cats that weigh between 2 to 25 pounds, this cat door is an apt choice.
There is an installation video of the Ideal Pet cat door added for your comfort.


  • Different size available
  • Superior quality aluminum construction
  • Rigid flap
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Unique color and design
  • Aluminum window pet door


  • There is no locking feature

#8 Cat Flap Fever Industries

 in stock

First of all, we would like to appreciate the efforts taken by the manufacturer in helping the animals. Honestly, when we read that it offers 5$ from every purchase as a donation for the welfare of animals we ordered this product. After buying the cat door for sliding glass window, we got to know that it is amazing.

When doing something good for others you get good in return. It is difficult to manage pets at times as they are dependent on us. So buying the Vertical window cat door insert will ensure their freedom is not taken away.

Key Points

The cat door in the glass window comes in a white-colored frame and body. There is a cat flap at the center while both sides are solid in white color.

It is made with durable material i.e. solid PVC base. If you live at a place where there is monsoon most of the time you will rejoice to buy this cat door. It is moisture-proof so it won’t absorb water in a humid climate.

The door is a quick installation piece. You won’t have to cut your window according to the size of the cat flap. All you need is to fit the door directly without any sort of tools in minutes.

It is strong and unbreakable. Your kitty won’t be able to damage it while playing around and scratching.

You can lock the door using the red and green colored movable switches. There are four signs below them to understand the various settings of the lock system.


  • Install in minutes
  • Made with Solid PVC base
  • Mold resistant
  • Moisture-proof
  • No split or breakage


  • It requires a minor fix above the cat flap to avoid weather stripping.

list of best cat doors for glass windows doors

Keep These Points In Mind When Purchasing A Cat Door For Glass

Sliding Door Or Window

Here, we have shared two categories of cat doors. One is for the sliding door and another is for the window. Both of them are made of glass but you have to install them differently.

The sliding door ones take the vertical space of the door while the window one takes the horizontal space. You have to decide whether you are ready to install them vertically or horizontally.


You are going to use the pet door for your feline friend. They are playful and mischievous. So you cannot buy a door that breaks by one hit of your cat. The door must be really strong and raw materials should be of high-quality. So your cat can use it roughly and still it serves the purpose it is bought for.


The measurements of the cat door and your pet should match. You cannot buy a cat door that is large for your kitty. It will provide a gateway to the intruders. First, measure your cat around the waist and the height from the floor. It will give you an idea of the size of the door you want.

Check out the availability of sizes. There are small to large-sized doors available that you can buy for your kitty. The best cat door for the window or door is the one that comforts your cat in passing through.


The cat doors are available in a range of colors. It could be satin, white, bronze, and more. If you want a specific color then you can explore the color range otherwise neutral colors are best to go for.

We would suggest you keep it your least priority as the usage of the door matters more than its appearance. So take a good decision by choosing the sliding glass cat door that works best for your kitty.


Pet owners should think a lot before investing in stuff meant for their pets as it is a one-time investment. It’s better you invest in a high-quality product because it will ensure you don’t have to invest in the door again and again. Our list of reviewed products is sold by reputed brands and comes with additional benefits too.


While searching for the best cat door for the sliding glass door or the window, it’s important to check the locking mechanism. Although the main purpose of buying the kitty door for the sliding glass door or otherwise is providing freedom you may need to impose restrictions.

Sometimes it is important to control the way the door functions. Especially when you are out for some work. If you go out for a meeting and don’t want your cat to move out then lock it.


The cat doors for sliding glass doors do come in a varied price range. It could be really low or too pricey. Make a note of the things you are looking for in the cat door. After that, set a budget and look for the doors that best match your budget. If the door is extraordinary you can make slight changes in your budget. It will save your money in the long run as it won’t demand many repairs and serve you with the best features.

Best Cat Doors For Glass – FAQ

How to protect your home from the cat door for sliding door intruders?

You cannot stop buying pet doors as it is an undeniable convenience but you can take necessary steps to avoid theft. It is a pretty common concern but with proper precautions, you can avoid the problems. The first and most important thing you can do is avoid buying an oversized door. Measure the size of your cat and buy the door that is appropriate for pets and not for burglars. Your motive should be to provide the perfect sized door to your cat.

Pet owners avoid the benefits that are associated with advanced cat doors. The cat door for glass doors is available in a more secure form. There is a microchip that detects that your pet is around and opens the door only for your pet. Also, the door closes just behind the cat so that no one enters through the cat door. Also, you can lock the door to work as only moving in or moving outdoor for added safety when you are not around.

Another thing that you can concentrate on is the pet door installation. You must install the sliding cat door at a location that is not easily visible to anyone. Burglars roam around on streets to look for entry gate or any entrance that they can use for theft. If the door is installed at a place that is a bit hidden like behind a plant or on the backside it will save your home from intruders.

How to train your cat to use the pet door?

Once you install cat flaps for the glass doors that are big enough for your pet, it is time to train them to use the glass door. In the beginning, you need to remove the flap or tape it so that it remains open. Once your cat notices the hole it will itself pass through the door. You just have to lure the cat near the door. Make sure you don’t push the cat to pass through the door otherwise it will never learn how to use the door.

Once your cat knows that it has to pass through it, you can fit the flap or close the flap. You can tie a piece of pet food with a thread. Slowly, you must move it through the door. Now, your cat will also pass through it as it already knows there is a hole in it. In this way, you can reward your cat each time it passes through the door. Soon your pet will get used to the mechanism of pushing the flap and passing through the door, which can be very handy if you wish to keep the litter box outside.


We have reviewed quite diverse cat doors for you. There are standard ones and also a pet door for sliding glass door so based on your requirement you can choose one. If you install the microchip cat flap, you are sure that only your cat enters your house. Also, the cat door in the glass window is added for ones who don’t want to make changes to their sliding doors. The options for the window are less but we found the best on the market. We have shared the cat doors that range from 50$ to 400$ so that each one of you finds a door for their kitty.

If you look at the color variations we have included white, brown, black, silver, and blue colored cat doors. These provide you with an option to buy the doors that best match the décor of the house.

In case, you want to share your experience with these doors then feel free to share your views. We would love to know what you have to say about these cat doors. Also, feel free to contact us in case of queries related to the cat doors. We will try our best to answer the queries in the least possible time. Do check other cat doors reviews that we have written, specifically the cat doors for walls.

9.9 Total Score
Best cat doors for glass!

We have reviewed quite diverse cat doors for you. There are standard ones to Microchip pet door for sliding glass door so based on your requirement you can choose one. Also, the cat door in the glass window is added for ones who don’t want to make changes to their sliding doors. The options for the window are less but we found the best on the market. We have shared the cat doors that range from 50$ to 400$ so that each one of you finds a door for their kitty.

PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Cat Door
Ideal Pet Patio Door
Whiskers and Windows Cat Doors
Thermo Panel 2e SureFlap Pet Door
Endura Flap Vinyl Cat Door
Patio Pacific Cat Door
Ideal Pet Products Window Pet Door
Cat Flap Fever Industries
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